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I love that the alien you

I love that the alien you decided to go with was Starfire.

Also DC has mechanical with Cyborg and then whatever GL would count as.


Not the type of

Not the type of classification of ability.

Yes, one has mutants, mutates, mystical, technological, and natural.


Note the difference between

Note the difference between Super Hero and super powered Heroes

Captain America, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Spiderman, are all Super Heroes. Wolverine, Black Cat, Blade are super powered Heroes.


I usually tend to prefer the

I usually tend to prefer the situations in which Superman goes "evil"

What I read of Injustice was actually pretty good.


"heh my distinction is less

"heh my distinction is less about their abilities and more about their psychology."

Ah, well in that case ignore everything I just said.


In Marvel the superhumans are

In Marvel the superhumans are either Mutants (People who got their powers through mutation. Xmen, Franklin Richards, The brotherhood) Or Mutates (people who got their powers through external stimuli (Spiderman, Hulk, Deadpool)

There are also some mutants who are also mutates due to external stimuli activating a secondary mutation. Beast is the main example that I can think of.


Suicide Squad usually draws

Suicide Squad usually draws from those serving a life sentence. If they succeed, they get paroled or life gets cut down to X years


Seems Captain boomerang

Seems Captain boomerang finally decided it was a bad idea to try and fight the flash.


this Suicide Squad has

this Suicide Squad has Deadshot, Harley Quinn (the psychotic crazy version), King Shark, Captain Boomerang, Killer Frost, and Black Spider.


My main problem with Batman

My main problem with Batman is he never seems like he is actually stressed out by having to be good enough to be a part of a team of superhumans.


I think so GE, though reading

I think so GE, though reading the wiki article, I'm not so sure now.

DC animated rocks. DC literature...more like rocky. Though I do prefer DC heroes being called super heroes. Marvel just has super powered heroes, but not super heroes save for a few individuals...Captain America, Fantastic Four, some of the other Avengers.


I still need to finish

I still need to finish watching Justice League Unlimited. Got most of the way through the first season then got distracted with other shows.

I don't know that I would call Batman well rounded. Though compared to the other members of the JL he certainly is.


That's been mine, too. I

That's been mine, too. I shouldn't be surprised, I grew up on Batman The Animated Series, which is still one of the best cartoon shows period.

I just keep forgetting Batman is DC, because he's a complete, well-rounded character with complete, well-rounded adversaries...


The animated stuff by DC is

The animated stuff by DC is usually slightly better than the marvel stuff in my experience though.


"It's a dancing llama. Your

"It's a dancing llama. Your argument is invalid."

Also yay, Suicide Squad!

More and more I'm realizing that, while I love Marvel's actual comics more, the DC Animated Universe is pretty freaking boss, even if their comics are...problematic


Watched Batman: Assault on

Watched Batman: Assault on Arkham lastnight. And the 2nd in the current stream of Marvel Animated movies, Iron Man and Captain America: Heroes United. Love the humor in the Marvel ones. Hulk and Iron Man was a riot, was laughing my ass off at the airplane scene in the first one. Cap and Tony, funny too, just different kind. As for Bats, well, it was actually more about the Suicide Squad than Batman


That sounds like a sweet perk

That sounds like a sweet perk. :) I approve of this work.

And I'd actually gone in with my asura so when he danced, I did too, only I was the same height as him. Hee hee. My friend was like "We've been here for 5 minutes, let's go." To which I tactfully replied "NOT UNTIL THE TIMER RUNS OUT! IT"S A DANCING LLAMA!"