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Reminds me of the end of the

Reminds me of the end of the last Xmen film. It ended and the final scene played and everyone was like WTF, and some guy stood up and said "I'm a geek and I know what the hell was going on, sucks to be you."


Don't worry didn't ruin

Don't worry didn't ruin anything. But least now you can be like one of maybe 5 people in the theater that knows the dog's name now XD


perches on GE's head.

perches on GE's head.

So don't spoil it for those of us that haven't seen the movie!


That's not a spoiler. He's

That's not a spoiler. He's not in the movie.

Well, technically he is. But it's only for a few seconds and anyone who didn't know who he was would think he's just some dog.


I liked it in 3D, but yeah I

I liked it in 3D, but yeah I can see the point of not wanting to see in 3d.

I enjoyed the movie. The last snippet scene I laughed so hard, and then had to explain it to my husband.


I'm hoping to see it next

I'm hoping to see it next week. Only know about the post credits scene because it was leaked earlier in the week.


I am catching up on some

I am catching up on some things since I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy, I may be able to join after a lil bit