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Limbo is our primary OOC location. It's the break-room of the site, and a good location to get to know your fellow players. It is considered a strictly OOC location - so you area allowed to post on your personal account in this room. This room is a great location to ask for casual RP, or coordinate more complicated plans between players. During a session it may also be used by the A/SH to coordinate players or answer OOC questions during play.

Otherwise, the same Site Policies apply in Limbo that apply elsewhere: Be nice.


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yeps - and actually kinda

yeps - and actually kinda serious about that - the kittens have been Really snuggly all day so i need to find out what they did to get all guilty-snuggle at me


sorry, phone.

sorry, phone.

That's cool. No idea if that's a good car or not. So long as mine goes forward and has heat/AC, I'm content.


just stares..

just stares...uncomprehendingly, What is a rear riser?