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Okay sushi order placed

And duplicate post made

So the later casual RP window totes works, we stayed late after game and I still got back by like 7:30 local time

The only bad news is I stream Saturdays at 10 so I'd only have a couple hours but that's at least SOME RP time every week :D


there's a delivery sushi

there's a delivery sushi place ;p they're awesome - so i can RP and get susho delivered... muahahah


Yeah, there is a place not

Yeah, there is a place not too far away which is nice. And plus when I done I can go across the way for coffee

But after this week it was booze or sushi XD


Sorry for taking forever to

Sorry for taking forever to respond. I decided to get sick for like a week for a lark. Wasn't all that fun though. 1/10 would not recommend.

On a more serious note, yeah. I figured it was probably that I just took things too literally. Though it also depends on what things are a metaphor too. Since I tend ot be really interested in metaphors for mental stuff going on with the character. Which is why I like Silent Hill so much. Since the entire city tailors itself to each person who enters and creates one giant metaphor from the person's psyche. (Which is also why I'm so mad that the series went so downhill after 4 and we'll never get Silent Hills)

Both that, and the fact that I am not really all that great at actually putting ideas into practice is in part due to the fact I've never really had any real classes for this kind of thing. I've kinda just been winging all my writing ability since day one.


For IaC and anyone else whose

For IaC and anyone else whose looking at getting jobs with coding: - i'm seeing more companies use this as interviewing questions instead of silly-ass whiteboard questions. it also looks like there's some decent challenges here for testing your skill / developing it - enjoy!