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given how slow the site has

given how slow the site has been over this year for very valid - omg 2018 wtf reasons - i think it's reasonable to assume ash time limits can/should be lifted a bit - mostly b/c it's just not fair to come down on ash's when the rate of play is out of their control


No, you're not.

No, you're not.

I've been holding it up. I remember logging in a while back and checking because I'd been waiting on GE I think, and then one day I saw it and now here I am.


HUGS kesh it's been a rough

HUGS kesh it's been a rough year for everyone i think - and... shit . - lemme check to make sure i'm not holding people up again kicks self for that


supposes she should spend

supposes she should spend some time re-reading the Northern Hemisphere stuff and ... posting for the first time in probably almost a year at this point...


Then I have times where I

Then I have times where I play two games at once....


Yeah there are somegames where I have to set an alarm or its a case I know the time frame is - I can play this until I get tired


guuuuuuh re class / game

guuuuuuh re class / game desing :-/ booo

yeah my biggest issues tend to be getting started ont hings, so i always always always have a todo list like 3 miles long. video games end up on the lowest section of the todo list so... yeah :-/ probably for the best that i've not started an mmo


nodnods yeah many mmo's don't

nodnods yeah many mmo's don't even have clocks, like all time tracking is ingame time. WoW is one of the few that does have a clock though its always tiny.

When I go herbing I loose all sense of time. Though I managed to develop habits from playing wow during work to like basically force myself to break away. Guess being in band had some help, as the best way I can think of it is I can keep track of beats that way which also tracks time XD

Oh it does - but worse, it fucks over a lot of smaller servers/teams

like EVERY mythic raid team on our server is hurting. WE are the most progressed and we are only half way through...
But the issue is there is a lot of individual responsibility, and if you have peopel that need extra help and not on the 'good' class specs for the fights... hahahaha...yeah good luck


nodnod see- this is why I'm

nodnod see- this is why I'm flat out forbidden from playing Eve Online - cause I will lose ALLLLLLL sense of time / reality

mmph, ok - yeah that class play over player technique... i suspect that'd get boring fast :-/


And yeah when it comes to mmo

And yeah when it comes to mmo's if you have issues with linear time alraedy.... then time management in general with a mmo will be an issue.

They utilize alot of things as do Casino's do to destroy certain senses of time for more focus on the game goals to keep you playing. Though with a mmo its easier to break that illusion, but if say get really sucked in for a story on a quest line ot get hyper focused on your goal then kiss time out the window XD

Oh I am still maining my priest. I just now... heal, everywhere. Disc is fun in raids, but in dungeons was hoping to get some shadow play. So that limits my play access a lot. Though in 8.1 shadow is getting buffed some, so yay.

yeah this bring the class not the player did not end well in BC, but I think all those devs are gone now... so here we are


Yeah the normalization might

Yeah the normalization might sound good in theory but it just means people get locked out of participating b/c of major decisions like race and spec rather than being able to adapt and overcome based on play styles -_-


If I could manage with all my

If I could manage with all my friends would be ok. but schedules, and so many of them have quit games cuz of time issues or interest issues.

For WoW my raid team is prolly the most people I know still in the game, with a few hand fulls of people.

And with blizzard going back to bring the class and not the play philosophy, thats mucked shit up since I enjoy my shadow priest


Honestly I'm kinda the same

Honestly I'm kinda the same way with grouping -_- I'm willing to give it a go to help with content that can't be solo'd but in general I'm kinda terrible at it over the long-term, I'm finding

Which sucks because I have lots of friends I really should enjoy grouping with but fear of playing badly and fucking up their dungeon runs and stuff always eats my brain first


I have a dragon bard XD

I have a dragon bard XD
though leveling my astrologian, and then red mage jobs.

But yeah at this point, I am not really looking for any more groups or crews.

Waiting to see what happens with the team, though I doubt I will find another one (assuming I can find any more fun in that game). Especially as my dungeon running group has semi sidelined me? and sort of don't play as much.

So atm I am rotating between WoW, Guild Wars 2 (though I am kind of stuck there and need a party ><), and FF14

least ff14 you can pug all the old content.

Just seems like anytime I get in any group either I get overwhelmed pull I don't belong and leave to make space, or it falls apart. ><

RE MMO - yeah unless you have like a way to firmly put in rules its way easy to get sucked in. TBH I dunno how I manage it, but I also do a lot of things so I try and make time for what I can. Just actually publishing some of the things is a different matter XD (like some of the stuff I worked on for her but I just keep forgetting to post )


Yih, I made a lalafel for a

Yih, I made a lalafel for a second, I might have to go back to that

I'm giving BfA basically one more chance with 8.1 to see if the story heads in a less awful direction, if not I'm probably gonna drop it


well the brightside is I have

well the brightside is I have a job to bury myself in, so just been doing that >.>

though I do have a lot of catch up in ff14 so just been soloing that XD