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Miles watched the store owner

Miles watched the store owner and HECTORR as they bickered, still trying to figure out why it was that the metal man needed those items in the first place, but also simply watching the interactions of 'people' who lived in the city. Maybe everyone here bought those things for whatever reason. He wasn't sure.

Then the metal man looked up at him and mentioned buying his wings and he gulped. "Uh... they're not for sale... sorry." He said, slowly moving away toward the open window of the shop just in case he needed to get away.


The store owner brought what

The store owner brought what she had and HECTORR bickered for a while, until the owner decanted a few of the products into new jars, to meet HECTORR's very specific expectations of what sulfur jars should look like.

As they were wrapping up, HECTORR paused underneath Miles.
"HECTORR will PURCHASE your WINGS please. Could you please ESTIMATE THEIR MASS?"


Miles continued to hug the

Miles continued to hug the ceiling as he watched the strange metal man head over to the counter, tilting his head slightly as he heard the requested items and trying to figure out whatever it could be that he needed the for. Though he wasn't exactly all that fantastic with plants and alchemy, so there wasn't much he could guess that it could all be used for. "I don't think they sell garbage here." He muttered to himself as he hovered above the metal man. Because that was what about a third of the requested items were.


HECTORR continued perusing

HECTORR continued perusing the items, then finally rolled to the counter to specifically request items.



Miles was still unsure ow he

Miles was still unsure ow he felt when it came to being in the city. Though one can't exactly know something like that within their first day anyway, so it wasn't as if he had reason to know. But he wanted the uncertainty to go away, whether it meant finding he hated the city or that he liked it.

He almost missed the shop at first, so focused on his thoughts that he didn't realize he'd found what he was looking for. Luckily, he spotted it at the last second and was able to course correct. Heading in through an open window he stuck close to the ceiling, not wanting to be seen by whomever was inside the shop. As he looked around the shop though he spotted HECTORR and froze, moving slowly until he was right about the metal man, and thus hopefully out of it's view. After all, folks didn't tend to look up all that often.


HECTORR peruses the shelves,

HECTORR peruses the shelves, then peruses a second time. It's difficult shopping, as its memories of each item is of it in its natural, unprocessed form, or in an odd-shaped bottles, and the odd-shaped bottles on these shelves rarely match the odd-shape from memory. HECTORR therefore processes and re-processes each view of each item, mentally rotating and inverting it, to see if the bottle shapes match. Frustrated when the findings conflict with the label on the shelf, HECTORR tries again.


Za peered into the contents

Za peered into the contents of yet another jar, before that got pushed aside...and of course right on off the shelf as well.... more crashing, which it just caused an even more distressed sounding cry come from the back, a bit closer.

Then as Luk finally gives her the answer, she stops flinging stuff and peers, with a long hmmm coming from her. Then she just breaks into cackling.

"Bye bye!" she waves to Raine and Luk as they run quickly away from the scene and for good reason. For no sooner did they exit, the poor shop owner comes out and basically starts freaking out - and rightfully so.

Then of course as soon as they caught sight of Za, they mistook her for a kind of bat, considering the mess and all, maybe the thing got stuck. So they reach over grab a broom and wave it at her to shoo her away. "ACK HEY, watch that, eeeeeeeeeeeeeee." she blurts out trying to protect herself from the broom, and then she quickly takes flight and worms her way on out the way she came in before the shop keep could process they wasn't swinging at a bat. Leaving a rather large...and soon to be rather nasty mess for the poor shop keeper.

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Raine was midway setting

Raine was midway setting silver on the counter by the time Lukacs had even said anything. After all... if she was gonna run away from a mess, she might as well pay for what she was gonna bring with her. "Another time!"

With that, Raine made a very quick retreat from a very nasty situation.


Lukacs smiled just a little.

Lukacs smiled just a little. Like... yeah he's having a bit too much fun entirely at this point. And there was the sound of footsteps thumping and a soft distressed cry from the back of the shop - something about 'skunk-burr'. Lukcas dropped a few silver on the shelf where he'd snagged the mint-balm from.

And finally took pity on the pixie.


Though with that advice given, and the sounds from the back, he turned to Raine. "Perhaps another time - I... suspect -" He nodded towards where there was an oozing oil making it's way towards the skunk-burr - "That. Will be even more unpleasant."

"Another time -" He nodded to her and to the pixie before making his exit quickly...

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"whaf uf eean ahifihahaon afe

"whaf uf eean ahifihahaon afe ef eefeee?" She asks...still holding her tongue, and looks at him for a moment. She finally lets go of her tongue, for a moment just making an ugh face, cuz this stuff really did not taste very good. Then she waggles the tea leaf at him. and then makes a frustrated groan before flinging her leaf on off as well.

"Well how do I fizzz it......." she whines out and starts rummaging through other items on the shelf. Sending on down a flurry of rolling papers, some more dried mushrooms, a couple of small herb sticks as well - trying waving each one at the pink spot on her wing, before flinging it on off the shelf.

"I am being careful, they need better beetle guides. I mean really what kind of shop doesn't have a beetle guide." she looks over at the bee that has just kind of been floating around. "don't give me that look, you give terrible directions." and a couple of blank labels goes tossed on behind her, floating to the floor.


More things starting to fall

More things starting to fall over... Zan was creating quite the mess. Raine imagined it wouldn't be long until the shop-keeper came by and put an end to this madness. Still, with both herself and Lukacs involved in the conversation, Raine worried they be blamed partially for all this.

"Er-... either way... don't you guys think we should b-be... just... a little more careful? I mean... no offense, but I doubt you have money to pay for everything you just toppled over...."


Ah perfect, exactly as he's

Ah perfect, exactly as he's planned. Now if he could get her to balance on one foot... "I believe agitation may make the dye set more deeply..." He commented, at this point well into 'total bullcrap' ranges, but amused nonetheless.


She honestly has no idea if

She honestly has no idea if they have it or not. For as much of an experiment she runs her mouth on being about the 'big ones' she is still kind of clueless, especially when it comes to matters on the surface.

As luk responds she stops waving whatever tea leaf she had picked up and turns to look where he pointed. "Oh, well that is silly, they should put up a sign or something. really."

then as he mentions the tongue, she grabs it....with her pink hand... how she has survived... and pulls it out to look at it. She now brings over the leaf and waves it at her tongue. So yes, we have a teal bat fairy thing, holding her own tongue in one hand and waving a tea leaf at it with the other...


He opened his mouth to warn

He opened his mouth to warn her off of licking the pink then sort of shrugged to himself. It was unlikely to kill her and there would be a lesson learned. And it may make for some amusement later...

Lukacs squinted at her at the description, that plant, that mushroom really. He knew. It was a below ground plant but why the herbalist would have - well - no matter - "They do not care for light - " He pointed towards the back, "The shop keeps a dark room for those plants -"

He sidestepped a box of tea as it came down, wincing at the impact, and side stepped a few more bits and boxes - and one ring of garlic. These thankfully a bit less breakable glass but still not something you wanted to have land on your head.

"Now your tongue is turning pink -" He observed mildly.


"But I didn't break the jar,

"But I didn't break the jar, the floor did." then at the mention of tracking down thieves she grins wide. "Thats ok, they will bring it back...." she said with a low cackle.

As Lukacs points out the parts of her that touched the goop are turning pink. She blinks...peers at her fingers and brings her wing around. She hrms for a moment, and pokes the wing part. Of course in the worst decision making process ever....she licks her own wing, and it was not a pleasant taste. sticking her tongue out and making a loud blech noise....she seems calm...and then starts running up and down the shelf.

"EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee get it off get it off." which also probably causes some none jar items to go falling off the shelf. Course in the middle of all that she stops, looks over at luckas. "I was looking for my favorite snack, its like this big. she says making a little box with her hands. a little bell cap, had pale green spots with a pale blues body, slight yellow glowy. Find them realllllly deeeep next to the soft purple lichens. but they are reallllllly tastey." and then back to grabbing what looked to be a random leaf of something form the shelf she was on and then held to her wing. "go away." she says to the pink part in a very authoritative manner.


When Lukacs handed her the

When Lukacs handed her the balm, she was far more than grateful. She took a bit of it, testing to see how strong it was before she applied any of it. After all, overloading on either end of the spectrum was a bad idea.

When Zan made her complaints, Raine couldn't help but feel some sympathy. Some jars needed to be sealed extra tight. Sometimes, it was hard enough for her to get it... let alone someone with such small hands. "Well... b-but breaking the jar means you can't close it now. What if you want more later and other people with small hands took advantage and steal the rest from you? Then you have to get more... a-and track down thieves too."


"Your fingers are turning

"Your fingers are turning pink." Lukacs observed mildly. Then glanced at the jar he'd caught and quirks an eyebrow. "And your wing."

He was starting to breath more through his mouth than his nose given the skunk-burr and glanced across the row of smaller jars nearby. He did need to pick up a bit of this far later, but in the meantime, he cracked the seal on a small jar of extra strong mint balm and smeared some under his nose then passed the jar over to Raine for the same if she wished.

"... is there something you are looking for?" He remembered her from the stick poking incident but it occurred to him he hadn't gotten the pixie's name in all of that.


Mixing random things could be

Mixing random things could be awesome. Then again she kind of enjoyed watching the big ones running around in a panic....

With her wing now de-gooped, and the shelf having one less jar thanks to it... who needs gremlins when Za is in town...really this poor shop keeper. She was about to once again repeat the process when a voice distracted her.

First she looked at the bee floating around... peered at it, didn't sound the bee voice...has she been practicing...and then another voice rang out. She eeked on out to the end of the shelf and peered over. Recognizing luckas whom tried to poke her with a stick - she gave him a pointy toothy grin and wiggled her fingers at him. "I have been told there is no help for someone like me." she just beams, and then cackles

"Well they should put their stuff in not so stuffy jars, I mean those lids are very hard to get off and I have little hands compared to your giant ones I mean look at this cute little fingers" she now wiggles them at Raine.


When the foul smell followed

When the foul smell followed the sudden crash, Raine wished she hadn't gasped so suddenly. She raised her free hand over her mouth to cover the smell as Lukacs went for the saving catch. Meanwhile, Raine's own focus was now on Zanvrafiel. With what courage she had, she "shouted" up at the fairy.

"Ex-excuse me! Could you please be m-more careful?"

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And he makes catching the

And he makes catching the glass jar look... smooth. Simply jutting a hand out and catching it in the center of his palm. He placed the jar carefully on a shelf (and won't THAT be fun later - mislabeled components and all).

"Do you need assistance?" He called up to the top shelf.


A fairly stoic face even as

A fairly stoic face even as he looked down at the shattered jar to make a note to himself of a) where the glass was to avoid stepping in it, and b) what was in the jar in case it was something that would combust, gas off or otherwise be a danger on exposure. He wrinkled his nose - skunk-burr. "... that will be... unpleasant in a few moments." He murmured

The second jar he makes a grab for to try to keep it from hitting the floor - mixing random things on the floor - when one of them is skunk-burr - is not something he particularly wanted to experience.

I figure a target 25? :)


The next jar she had gotten

The next jar she had gotten into, and yet another lid rolling on off the shelf and too the floor. She is quite the messy shopper. She looks over at her bee friend, and well buzzing to ti "Why are you looking at me like that, they should make it more easier to open if they don't want it on the floor duh." yeah she talks bee, she is good with the buzzing.

Though as she reaches in, she gets something a bit goopy, and nearly falls in the process, so now her hands, and a wing is covered in the goop. She sticks her tongue out as its very squishy and icky and yeah. She pulls her hand out. "Uggggghhh, they are almost as bad as as Roarky, he kept the worst stuff in those damn jars of his." with that she shakes her wing quickly, along with her arms and sends goopy stuff flying everywhere.


As Lukacs explained, she took

As Lukacs explained, she took mental notes in her head. The tea was certainly a far better idea... probably healthier too. It was also a good thing Lukacs had mentioned the issues of potency. By the sounds of it... she certainly would have overloaded, especially with the sugar... "Dilute in alcohol by drip, and a tea solvent... sounds perfect! Thank you."

Raine offered Lukacs a smile just in time for him to mention the swarming. She was about to gulp in fear just before the shattering jar jump-scared her. She jumped a few inches as she darted her head. "EEP!"


"Yes, very. It is the time of

"Yes, very. It is the time of year for swarming." He murmured a bit worriedly.

Then back to the fungus in his hands as he listened to her. A stimulant. Hm. "Stong tea would complement the effect." He murmured. "Use alcohol to extract -" He held the mushroom up before passing it back to her, "Alcohol will draw its nature out best. But dilute by drop into the mix or you risk the heart -" He thumped against his chest in an increasing beat. "Over working."

The buzzing is now starting to sound like clinking against glass and thumping as well and Lukacs finally turned to look towards it directly. Only to see a glow and flicker of wings. "Ah. I see."

He nodded towards the high shelf where Zan was buzzing about. "I believe not bee nor wasp." He stepped to one side as a jar came flying off the shelf to shatter on the floor nearby.


With that she turns her

With that she turns her attention back to the stuff that was on the shelf. Which was mostly mushrooms and lichens and stuff. She works her way around the jars, wiggling one in particular open, though not having a very good hold on the lid, that goes flipping through her hand, then rolling around on the shelf and then right on off and to the floor. She peers on over... "Ooopsie." and then turns her attention to the contents of the jar, which was some lichen type stuff. She slowly pulls it out, sniffing it then giving it a lil lick. Which shortly after that she makes a very twisted face of disgust and flings that off the shelf as well.


"... well bees are larger

"... well bees are larger than wasps. That's... still a... rather large noise though."

"You don't think... there's a nest in here, do you?" Raine shot Lukacs a half frightened, half concerned look. Wasps or bees... never a good idea to get too close to the hive.

She tried to distract herself from the thought, though continued to dart her head around in case a hive was about. "I was thinking a stimulant brew- a ground ginseng base with apple juice for sugar and flavor, and maybe something else infused just before sealing. Do you... have any suggestions? For the base or for the infusion-... that is."


Lukacs smiled again. "Neither

Lukacs smiled again. "Neither could I. But I did see many new plants - and... attack pumpkins." He said that with a bemused 'how my life has some to this' tone before shaking his head.

He nodded to her, "Yes. It sounds larger than a wasp -"

He blinked in surprise as she held the mushroom up in front of his nose, eyes crossing for a moment before both hands lifted to carefully take it from her. Turned it over to check the gills on the other side, the connection of the plant to it's roots. "Hm -" He nodded as he identified the fungus.

"There are many options." Poison or cure. "But what are you intending?"


When the little mushroom goes

When the little mushroom goes dark once more, Za lets out a rather loud awwwwwww. She just nods her head at steph, it was a good try though. "Well you tried, so thank you for that. I will crack this problem one way or another!" she said with a little cackle

"That is true, hopefully they remember. Sometimes the big ones are a bit too forgetful." then as Steph flutters off, she waves her off, and peers at the mushroom again then with a huff, and then kicks it off the shelf. That will teach that mushroom not to glow and not help her and stuff. She watches it go flying off and crosses her arms.

A moment later a bee floats on by, Za looks at it. "What don't judge me, it wasn't cooperating."

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