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Green Grape Inn

The Green Grape Inn is located in Haven Croft and is considered semi upscale, but accessible.

There is a clear sign outside: No unauthorized magic allowed

The main room of the Green Grape Inn is a lively area, it is round with lights pouring down on the center from the hanging lamps between the many plants and flowers that adorn other hanging plaques from the roof. The outside ring is kept in dim light, and all around the branches and delicate leaves from the hanging nature pour down in gentle waves. Candle lights light every table, and to the north is a dancing floor, with a separate alcove for musicians. The doors for the kitchen, bathroom and office can be found in the northwest, and in the west is the bar, filled with a rich selection of drinks and exotic beverages. In the east side are doors leading to the garden and bath area, and the stairs to the guests hall.

The management office is cleverly hidden on the first floor, just off the main room.

The Garden and Bath RP Chatroom is located on the east side of the Green Grape Inn, full of exotic and beautiful flowers of different types year round. It is well maintained with little pools, bridges and benches placed throughout to add to the atmosphere. A high stone wall borders it on two sides, with the GGI and the bathhouse forming the other sides. A single gate allows access in and out, if not entering or exiting through the GGI building. A fair structure across the garden from the GGI, there are a few private baths, small, single or double person tubs, as well as two large communal tubs that can fit half a dozen or so people comfortably. Hanging plants, a few statues, and steam seem to be the décor. Hot and cold water is provided by the harried sparse staff, as well as towels, oils and soaps.

The guest hall can be found by going up the stairs that lead to the beginning of a large hall. Five doors are on either side of the hallway, each leading to a guest room. At the end of the hallway a large mirror has been placed, giving you a view back behind you into the rest of the inn.

Each room is a quite large room. It has a mirror, a dresser, a night stand, an oil lamp and many other things in it. The bedroom area is separated by fine wooded screens. Each room has it's own fireplace, couch, chairs, desk as well.

The luxury suite area can be found by continuing up the landing takes one to the suite area. This has a total of nine rooms, eight very large, and one at the end of the hall that is massive. The extra space was achieved by adding spreading the length of the building, rather than stopping against the music hall, as the second floor does. The main eight suite rooms are meant to be incredibly upscale with marble touches, a few statues, lots of mirrors, full balconies with enclosed areas for privacy, lavish baths, and roaring fireplaces. Divans, spacious beds and gossamer curtains are the norm.

The master suite, as it is known, is available by request and has two bathrooms, a sitting room, a drawing room, a library, family room, and three balconies: one for the dining room, and one for each bedroom. A butler and maid come with this room. Discretion is key.

Security and Staff

The Green Grape is currently being managed by Kari Blackwood, whom is a distant cousin of the original owner of the Green Grape Inn. Having found a copy of the original deed she came to town looking to work with the current owners, only to have found them missing. She ended up taking over after talking with a couple of advocates and accepting to pay some back taxes. She is a very charismatic woman with sharp features and dark brown hair. While there have been some snags her take over, it has been barely noticeable to the patrons as she didn't believe in messing with what has already been successful.

There are two guards on duty during the morning and afternoon shifts. Then, at night and on weekends there are three guards. During nights and weekends, typically, one guard will monitor the dance area, and the other two will take the main bar, and garden area. On occasion a guard may go undercover.

There is always a healer on staff and with a 60-80 might.

Guard's Stats and skills.

    Life- 35, End-35, Str-35, Dex-35, Int-30, Spr-30, Cha-35.
    Crowd Control and Spot: 30, trained in how to read a crowed and bring it back under control, and general awareness (discover, convince, discover).
    Combat Training and Control: 35, in the nutshell able to take someone down with out killing them (damage, avoid, weaken) .
    First Aid: 25, the ability to treat wounds in a non-magical manner, thus being splints and bandaging (repair).
    Disguise: 25, the ability to alter there appearance so as to hide there true identity (conceal).


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"Well I am very good at this

"Well I am very good at this game." she said with a wry little wink in Seryi's direction.

"Aye, but he is also particular, so damned if he does, damned if he don't."

She looked over to where the bird was 'looking "Oh that? Actually that is tame, but aye he is making a bit of a show. Wants to show how hard he worked to hide it and find it." she said amused.


"Aye" she hummed a bit thoughtfully as she looked into her wine as if it had some of the answers before finishing it off. "There are perks to either as well as downsides. I just need some time where I can consider it all before committing. i do not like giving my word and going back on it, even if over something beyond my control. "

What had started off as a ill tempered night quickly soothed over with just the right company and show from the bird.

Yes thank you! :3 get some rest and until next time


"It is. And you're winning."

"It is. And you're winning." Arturo said. "Or he's gotten way too much sun today." He said with a snicker.

"Idle wings..." Arturo said with a nod. "He needs a hobby. Other than just ruling the city and borrowing from the neighbors of course."

"Ah, yes." He said with a laugh. "It would have likely been the whole dining set if they'd left the window all the way open."

As Scaramouche seemed to be making quite the show of how unfair he found his punishment, Arturo looked over. "Bit dramatic... Even for him." He admitted.

"Yeah. I imagine once they get things moving it'll be all the rage." He said. "That's going to be very cool."

He nodded. "Still lots of time to decide, it sounds like. Plus Leigh will probably understand no matter what you choose." He said gently.

The wine and cheese were definitely hitting the spot, although what had made the end of the day the most pleasant was definitely the company. Arturo was very lucky he'd come in today. It seemed like the best sort of luck.

Thank you so so so much for the RP! It was awesome possum! :D


She laughed a little. "I

She laughed a little. "I thought that was the new game now that the wee ones had scampered off. she said oh so innocently and yet not....

"Aye, and there isn't the kind of busy-ness to keep him occupied as there is for me."

She laughed a little. "My only hope is he snatched them from an attempt of an outside tea and not through an open window. Course if the window was the case I probably would have more then just tea accessories to try and return."

It was apparently that right now Scaramouche was moving the foliage himself. He was still trying to play out his pout for as long as he could....

"that and play to those with larger coffers at the offer of something exclusive for a high price, can't beat that kind of marketing really."

She shrugged at Arturo's question of participation. "Honestly I haven't thought much of it right now."


"You're going to make him

"You're going to make him blush again." Arturo said with a wink in Mo's direction. But the praise was well earned. He did seem to have rather magic fingers. Likely in all senses of the word.

That was hard to get used to. Arturo understood that. "It's that sort of antsy feeling... I can see where he's coming from." He said. "It takes time, so hopefully..." He trailed off slightly. He just hoped it didn't plague either of them too harshly.

"He's been busy. An extremely productive two weeks." He said with a laugh. "The mismatched tea cup and saucer tell a very elaborate story of pilfering. I like that." He said with a glance over toward where the rustling bushes were still likely waving around.

Arturo nodded. "It seems like a good system all around. I imagine that they're interested in extending the offer to a bevvy of places as well. Get people pulled in that may normally patronize one and suddenly they're more inclined to expand their horizons."

"That's really very wise of her." Arturo said. "I imagine it will change a lot in terms of clients... Do you think you'll participate? Or are you thinking of passing on it?" He asked curiously.


Her grin just widened. "And

Her grin just widened. "And with hands like those whom wouldn't be?"

"Aye, he is sort of boxed in, which doesn't help. I mean I don't blame him, but he has had a wee bit of trouble getting adjusted to a more, settled, life style." She said with a slight worried sigh. Seryi would be aware of her concerns, after all he was helping the bird adjust in his own ways when he could. The two of them did make quiet the pair, but old habits and all.

She nodded "Aye stop any rumors in the bud before things get worse." she paused to think for a moment. "Lets see, there was one neighbor whom's weather vane had a detachable arrow that he slid off with once. Then there was one time he came back with a gate lock pin. an assortment of clothing left out on lines, a tea cup, a saucer from a different set. Someone's pen, and a small tea pot."

"That is just the past two weeks that I have noticed."

She leaned back in her chair and nodded with a slight humm of agreement. "Aye, each buisness doesn't have to go all out, expensives are shared accordingly and it means more opportunity for those that can get promoted into providing said services. Not to mention a chance for more lucrative clientele for them as well."

" I do not think they are in the final stage, but beyond the preliminary. They seem to be crafting exactly what levels of membership and a rough idea on what would be offered. Leigh has already started talks with some of us that work the second floor to make us aware and offer the opportunity as she just did not want to spring it on us blindly you know?"


Arturo snickered. "What can I

Arturo snickered. "What can I say, I'm a fan of education." He mused with a little chuckle.

"He can't just flee the scene of the crime as he is prone to do." He said with a little nod. "Cause I've seen how good he is at the snatch and grab. He's got a lot of speed in escapes."
Arturo laughed heartily. "Oh, I'd imagine he'd be a master of misdirection even when trying to be honest." He said. "He's a little feathered puzzle box."

"That's wise. That way they know that you've got an eye on him so they can feel safe in coming to ask if something specific got borrowed." He said. "I've got to ask, what's the weirdest thing he's taken lately though? Anything really delightful?"

Arturo's eyes widened and his jaw dropped. That was fantastic. "Oh, that's brilliant!" He gushed. "Hell, that'd benefit everyone! Have they gotten to the fine detail stage, or is it still too early in the planning for that?"


She gestured towards Arturo.

She gestured towards Arturo. "See he gets it."

She nodded her head. "Aye for the most part, and also being more stationary means his usual antics get picked up after a bit, so more of his normal fun gets ruined when others shoosh him off."
She just sighed a bit. "If ever he was, I would be shocked and perhaps think of it a ruse of sort. Although what that bird thinks and what is , are also likely different things."

She chuckled a little. "It would make things easier, half the time they didn't even realize they were missing something. I likely don't have to do it, really, but again I err on the side of caution considering past experiences and all."

"Ohhhh. So word is some of the nightly entertainment businesses may be working on a sort of a, high end membership deal which will be available among them all. Offering certain, expensive services which they can use at any of the participating locations in Ramsalon and Ghoul."


"It does. And there's no

"It does. And there's no substitute for a good teacher and many long hours spent learning at their feet." Arturo agreed with a gentle chuckle.

"Aaah, just the good old fashioned type of jealousy then. Attention. Rather like those kids learning cards earlier." He couldnt' hold back the smirk. "You're saying that he's not forthcoming with why he does what he does?" He teased.

"They should set up baskets near the door that you can just slip the pilfered items in with little sorry notes." Arturo said. "That way you can do it whenever and you don't have to worry as much about scheduling the returns of the goods. Plus there's not the face to face worry either."

"Mostly luck. I caught her on a good hiring day." He said with a wink. He'd known plenty of others who hadn't been quite as fortunate that were definitely better performers than he was. "So, what do you have in the works with nightshade? I hear they're still clipping along?"


A wicked grin came to her

A wicked grin came to her lips. "Well if it is eaves dropping you are worried about darling, I can arrange for that to be a not an issue at all. Besides nothing like sneaking a little something improper right, under the noses, or table for a bit of a rush aye?" she said with a wink.
She then looked over at Arturo. "And they do say practice makes for perfection..."

"Mmmhmmm." she hummed into the glass at seryi's little what me act as she took another bit of the wine.

"Well, it is because he seeks my attention, he isn't used to sharing as much considering usually we are too busy going place to place and they such. Here our business is ascribed to people and work of the sorts. So when he gets a bit of energy and the such." she just gestures. "honestly its like asking a child why as well." she said with a short laugh.

"It will at least for a little bit, or unless I can find something to help entertain him that doesn't involve needing to knock on the neighbor's doors to return appropriated items..."

She tisked at Arturo. "Luck has nothing to do with it. Considering the demand and how its been met. And aye, sharing a bit more time between Nightshade and there as some new arrangements were being worked out as well."

thanks bast!


"Late night lessons... Early

"Late night lessons... Early morning lessons... It's a good way to wake up and start the learning process." Arturo agreed with a nod to Moreaaiwe. Surely she could eventually get Seryi to blush so much he looked like he had a bad sunburn.

He grinned over at Seryi. "Don't worry. You're safe now. No little ears listening." He teased gently.

"I think that I'm likely to use the wrong term there eventually. Hopefully I only end up with some sheep and not something far worse." He added with a chuckle.

As she pointed over toward the rustling, Arturo nodded. "Aaaah, I see." He mused. "Do you think the lesson'll take?"

Arturo nodded to Seryi's question. "Aye, they haven't kicked me out yet. Though not through any real skill on my part, but sheer luck."

Thank you so much! This was absolutely awesome! :D Goodnight!


"Oh but demonstrations are a

"Oh but demonstrations are a whole other matter..." Seryi smirked, finally back on his game enough to get the ears back under control and banter back. "Those are more a late evening private room conversation though -"

"Oh good -" Seryi's eyes followed where Mo pointed, noting the rustling and occasional soft caw sound. "That does make things easier then -" He did mock a 'what me?' at the suggestion that they were teaching each other tricks. Of course he wasn't making the bird more clever (except when he was).

"Ah, yes - that makes perfect sense really." He wrinkled his nose at that, "Better safe than sorry in those regards..."

"How are things at the Orchid, I think you're both still playing yes?"

i am about to fall over over here so i think i'm gonna have to make this one my last one - so assume theres bread and cheese and wine and small chat all on my end here ;)

thank you both, this has been an awesome evening :)


She couldn't help but to grin

She couldn't help but to grin as she noticed the additional hue coming about Seryi's ears as Arturo seemed to catch him. "I hear making sure a proper and thorough demonstration and instruction with said hands would be quite needed hmmm?"

THough as Arturo mentioned the pixie and fleece. "Careful, the wee fairy would then be likely to try and give us all a sheep friend in that case."

She settled back in the chair taking a draught of wine, with a bit of a grin. "Oh no worries, I know -exactly- where the book is, she said pointing a pinky towards where there was a bit more rustling... as it would seem Scaramouche was there, but still pouting. "This is one of those more, earn your forgiveness kind of deals."

Though as Seryi mentions taking lessons, she just raised a slight brow. "If it isn't evident alreayd, I believe the both of you already are learning from each other...." she quipped

She shook her head "Aye I don't believe they will, be and it isn't due yet fortunately, but I haven't read it and I dislike not having borrowed property on hand. The last thing I need is for certain, accusations crop up. Perhaps just a wee bit paranoid tis all."


Seryi didn't strike Arturo as

Seryi didn't strike Arturo as a man who blushed a lot. So as he did, it was very hard not to double down. Arturo figured Mo's influence was just rubbing off on him a bit. "Oh, I imagine you'd be more tempted to bet something else. But she could fleece a whole city with that charm of hers." He said with a smirk on both accounts.

Arturo nodded to Seryi's suggestion. "The plants out here can be pretty deep. So yeah, if the need arises, count me in as extra eyes." He offered as well.

Arturo winced just slightly. "Yeah, they can really hide a lot." He agreed. "He certainly set up quite the game for himself. Do you have any clue as to why he'd hid it like that? Perhaps something other than just his usual whims?" Although as she mentioned jealousy, that seemed pretty fitting.

"Awww..." He said, looking over to where Scaramouche was. "Why does he get more anxious?"


It wasn't often that Seryi

It wasn't often that Seryi blushed, but Arturo did seem to catch him out this time - the slightly pointed tips of his ears pinking up a bit. "That it is - at least from me. No promises about the pixie."

Seryi chuckled into his glass, "There's days I could take lessons from that bird. Too smart for his own good sometimes."

"Still, hopefully they won't be too upset with it being over-due so long as it does come back. If he doesn't come back with it though - I'll be glad to go searching if you need the extra eyes?"


She chuckled a little thanks

She chuckled a little thanks as Seryi brought forth the earned spoils to share, quickly scooping up a bit to begin snacking on.

"Well you can, you just have to know other means of which to earn the upper hand." she said with a wink.

She laughed a little. "Well pending on their mood, that would be the least of teh worries my dear."

She nodded her head at Arturo. "Aye one of the smaller volumes he was able to make off with, and this year the garden has a lot more larger blooms, and while he is not small thing, he still knows how to squeeze into unseen places for a good hide."

"My thoughts too, pleasent enough when on good terms, but rather not risk a good relationship aye? More of a bit of jealous. Warmer months he gets more anxious and the such."


"Oh, thank you." He said,

"Oh, thank you." He said, taking a piece of cheese and bread as it was offered. That helped hit the spot in a very nice way.

"I imagine that bosun was extremely confused. In awe and annoyed." He agreed. "Yes, there's a lot that can be done to entertain with hands like that..." He mused before taking a drink.

Arturo smirked. "Yes, and now I've seen exactly how good Seryi is, so I know to never ever try to play against him." He took a sip and smirked. "My candy money is safe."

"We did just teach Stephyr how the game worked... I'm not sure if she totally understood all of the subtleties, but she could take that knowledge back. I will pretend that I had nothing to do with this wave of troubles they're likely to have."

He watched Scaramouche. "A small book then?" He said. "A big book might have been turned in to the desk by now."


"And cheese and bread - cause

"And cheese and bread - cause we earned it -" Seryi slid the plate into the center for everyone to share.

"I'm pretty sure by the time I left that ship the bosun wasn't sure if he wanted to strangle me or make me teach him some new tricks for the next voyage -" Seryi shook his head, chuckling, "It was fun though - and useful for entertaining, yes?" Amongst other things but he wasn't going to get into that in such a nice place as this and all.

"Ooooh - please - no - I don't want to even start to imagine. I wouldn't be able to pay rent off the innocent tourists at the Chance anymore -"

"Eh?" He raised an eyebrow, then nodded, "Aye - Morts are good people from when I've dealt with them - but definitely not to be crossed. I take it he' did a bit of hoarding, huh?"


She gave Seryi a soft thanks

She gave Seryi a soft thanks as she settled into the seat he offered her. Taking the moment to try and relax, but it has just been one of those days and all.

"I see, so that would explain why everyone is still wearing their clothes, even regardless s of all the wine and cards." she teased slightly, though chucked at the mention of the fairy.
"Well I suppose there are worse things to be confused about, and perhaps it is a touch safer for the time being. Just imagine the choas the fairies could reign in the Last Chance alone if they had a better understanding and a bit of motivation...."

"A book I had borrowed from the Mortuaries. While they are less likely to be upset over it, still rather not risk it with some of their eagerness in experimentation..."


As Moreaaiwe came over,

As Moreaaiwe came over, Arturo scooted over to make sure that she could sit comfortably at the table. "We're having wine..." He agreed with Seryi, pouring her a glass. "There were children and three card monty. It was excellent. And now we have earned this wine."

"Yes they really are." Arturo said raising the glass in toast to that one. He smirked. "I expect it in installments. I'd like to spread it out so I can invest prudently in fudge."

"That does seem like a good way to learn. Hopefully you picked it up just fast enough that you didn't have to swab the deck." He said with a chuckle.

Scaramouche looked so sad. Arturo looked over. "He's... looking for something? Not just looking like he got caught?" He was a fixture at work, and today he definitely looked sulky.


"But oh the sleepless nights

"But oh the sleepless nights are fun - at least at first -" Seryi winked, letting the innuendo out now that he wasn't surrounded by a gaggle of sponges. "Done, thirty percent of nothing... carry the nothing... gets you..."

He glanced down as one of the waitstaff swung by with his over due cheese plate and bread rolls. ".... well timed bread apparently. As for practice..." He shrugged, "Long journey by sea up from home to here. It passed the time and made for some entertaining banter at least, yes?"

As Mo joined them, Seryi's manners took over for a moment and he stood to pull her seat out for her before settling back down. "Ah, this? Just the aftermath of a small game of wholesome family three-card fun -" Seryi leaned backwards to palm a third glass from the bar to settle at a seat for her, "One of the kids noticed my shuffling and next thing I knew there was a crowd... it was fun. I think Stephyr is going to be even more confused now about card games though."

He eyed the raven as it fluttered off sadly to poke around the bushes. "... what did he get into this time?"


She stood there for a moment

She stood there for a moment as Scaramouche seemed to pout all the more. It was apparent he was in a spot of trouble, not all that much but even still. Finally with a rather loud sighing caw perhaps enough to match those of the wee ones taht had just scampered away from their table... He finally took off to go get what he had hidden.

Once the bird was off she sighed a bit herself and pinched the bridge of her nose. Needless to say the day has been a bit of a headache if tracking all sorts of losts to be found, with some rather nosy and yappy kinds about.

Though she was about to go find a table, when Arturo's gesture caught her attention, which wasn't far off from noticing Seryi was also out and about.

Some of the grumpiness remained as she walked over, but at least for the time being some better spirits had come to her mood.

"Well what do we have here?"


Arturo smiled gently as he

Arturo smiled gently as he mentioned striking him dead. "Well, you start with the right partner, I suppose..." He mused. "Everything after that is guess work and sleepless nights." He said with a little chuckle. He took a long drink of the wine at that point, punctuating the sentence with a bit of a start on the glass instead.

Arturo shook the offered hand. "What can I say, I'm a master bait... No, hold on..." He trailed off. "I'm not going there right now." He grinned brightly. "I'll take a thirty percent take."

He gestured over the glass. "I have to ask how long it took you to get that good. I've never seen anyone move like that... And I've seen some experts." He admitted.

Before he could look away, he noticed that there was another familiar face in the garden. "Oh! We're gonna need another glass." He said, gesturing over to where she'd come in with a very sulky raven.


The blond still looked like

The blond still looked like his lower lip was a mosquito landing pad and he had the jaw out arms crossed thing going but at least he wasn't whining out loud anymore even as his sister tugged him along on their way out. The rest slowly disbanded as Seryi sent them along to parents tables or back to running around in the street like they had been before...

He breathed a sigh of relief as the last one scampered off and picked up the glass of wine - "... strike me dead before I have any of my own..." He shook his head, sipping the glass. "I wouldn't even know where to start."

He offered a hand to Arturo, "Couldn't have managed that without you though - you play good bait -" He saluted with the wine glass, "So my thanks and what take of candy money I owe you -" He chuckled into the glass.


Moreaaiwe had needed to

Moreaaiwe had needed to return to the Grape's garden once more, sadly less for a bit of leisure spent among the newly seasonal blooms and more for what a certain raven has hidden among them.

It would seem while she was occupied with the mystery of the rather, terriblish would be love letter, Scaramouche had decided to make off with one of the smaller books she was lent and hid the damn thing within the garden itself..

Fortunately she has the skills to keep what is once lost from being lost from too long, and honestly she couldn't complain on needing to make another trip to the Grape, as tehre were far worst places that raven could have hid the book.

Still the whole jealous behavior was still getting a tad bit of a grumble as she walked in with a sulking raven upon her shoulder a bit of a curt words as once she entered. "Now go get what you hid, and yes I know where you put it." she said while giving the bird a bit of a stern side eye as she did.

my bros love when I visit for I have the power for frighten and enthrall the children


As Seryi flipped all three

As Seryi flipped all three cards and the kids seemed to realize that they'd never been able to get the card, Arturo heard blondie pull up some of the whiniest whines ever whined. Arturo's just impressed that Seryi managed to get him to stop at all at that point. But then as he manages to change the cards before their very eyes, Arturo claps. "Oooh, look at that!" He gushes. "You kids learned a lot tonight."

With the few moments that the kids are occupied, Arturo steals away to the bar and gets a bottle of wine and two glasses. It takes only a blink and the kids are still milling in the brief time before he returns.

Reaching down, he swipes a glass in front of Seryi and then weaves through the kids on the opposite side of the table before plopping down in the seat to encourage the kids to disperse. "Goodnight, guys and gals. Next time he can teach you a new trick."

Once they're safely on their ways back to their tables and parents, he pours two glasses. "Family friendly three card. I never thought I'd see the day." He mused.

Hehehe. Oh yes. It's a special kind of tone they use.


"Left! Eft!" "No right!" I

"Left! Eft!" "No right!" I thought she went middle..." The kids didn't seem too settled at first on what to go with, though as the older and stronger personalities took hold they slowly settled on left this time.

"Y'sure?" Seryi waited a beat before flipping that card - only to have the wail of 'I loooooossst AGaaaaAINNNnnnn. I aalllllwayysssss looose.' start up -

"Ah, ah not so fast!" Seryi reached out quickly to tap the blond on the nose with the non-queen card. "Did you? Lady's are trixie sometimes. If she's not left - who said middle, let's try there?"

Eager attention caught... he flipped that card - nope! Some confused murmurs, then eager pointing at the right - "Right, right! She's gotta be right!"

When that card flips over and... it's a Jack of Hearts the entire crowd of kids are struck silent for a long moment. "And that," Seryi pointed to all of them with the 'first' card still in his hand as he showed it to them, "Is why you don't play hide'n'seek with lady's like this..."

"They don't like loosing -" A flicker of finger and the card in his hand turned into a queen 'right in front of their eyes'. "So you remember if someone asks you to play - you cant' be sure she won't trick you."

you can guess what my issue was over vacation this year....


As the little one starts

As the little one starts chanting, Arturo looks to Seryi. It was momentarily great (right up until it got them in trouble). He nodded to Seryi. Best to quit while they were ahead.

Oh, the whining... Arturo remembers that. Not that his daughter did much of it very regularly. But oh gods when she did. Silas ALWAYS caved and then Arturo was the bad parent. So he has some serious eye roll when he hears the kid start to go all in. "It's not so bad to lose..." He offers, hoping to temper the kid's tone just slightly. But it's not going to work.

Arturo nods once more. He's ready for the final round to be the teaching round. He looks to the kids, letting them take the lead and not stepping in. They stand or fall as a group. With the little blond starting to tune up, he's figuring it's not a bad thing to end the game before it becomes even more of a chance for him to get upset.

"Ok, young'n's. What'll it be?" He asks, carefully watching the master as he palms his card with more skill than Arturo's ever seen before.


"Nooooooo - mister she went

"Nooooooo - mister she went right - I saw it!" And a small chorus of other protests echo in the bar area. One of the older boys starts chanting 'Right! Right! Right!' in the exact same cadence as 'fight' getting the bouncer to at least glance over and give Seryi a 'wrap it up' glower.

"Ah... ah - are you all agreed? Sir?" Seryi checked in with everyone to make sure they were all in agreement - 'right' it was. Save, when he flipped the card over, right it wasn't. "Ahhh - now see, if we'd had candy money on that one - the lady would have won me a month's supply I think!"

A small cry of 'Where'd she go?!' has Seryi palming the card back out to slip her into the middle again. "Ah, tricky tricky!"

One of the other older boys - blond and maybe in the six or seven range - in the back starts sulking because being 'wrong' is apparently the worst thing he's ever experienced. "I don't waaaanna plaaaaay this game if I loooooooose....." Which gets him an elbow from his sister. "I alllllllllways looooooose."

"One more time, then I've got to go ok?" And this time Seryi gives Arturo that subtle little - 'yeah' gonna let them in on it' nod. The blond pouts, "Ok, but this time I've got to win." Seryi just laughs and shuffles again, hiding the card up his sleeve again this time.


As Stephyr comes over, Arturo

As Stephyr comes over, Arturo raises up the opposite hand to do a sort of high five (but finger sized so it doesn't look anything like a slap). "You're getting really good."

He hrmmms over her suggestion. "I'll try." He says. He looks around at the kids, and then he turns his attention to Seryi. "Sir, I believe she's going to be under the left this time." He suggests, making sure that his voice sounds clear but that he keeps his face showing the real clue.

With a bit of a raised eyebrow, he shows him that this may be the time to show that not Everyone wins at this game. After all, they don't want the kids (or Stephyr) going out and getting actually grifted by someone without entertainment in mind. So this time, Arturo is in it to actually lose.

Then it's up to seeing if the kids agree. They may stage a coup and vote right, but they may go left and then it's all possible that the lesson comes up. "Where is she hiding?" He muses, trying to see where the kids will choose.