Grand Park Sparring Grounds

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Grand Park

The Grand Park brings a bit of nature to the sprawling urban mass that is the black city of Ramsalon It is fairly close to the center part of the city, but not quite, but no matter it offers a different kind of atmosphere than the other parts of the city. It is lined with very large trees, providing a kind of natural wall to provide a break from the usual noises of the city. Some parts of the wall even turn into tiny little forests dotted about the park. During the Naga Nori War some of the grounds were damaged, busted up and burned. Most of the structures within the are have been restored, but some of the smaller shops are no more. Some citizens have also planted some new saplings to replace some of the trees that were completely destroyed, as well as planting some more bushes and flowers to bolster the greenery. Everything seems to be taking root well and once more life blooms in the park.

There are many different kinds of walk ways and trails that weave about the park passing by and through all the little forests, gardens, fountains and wide open grassy areas. Sprinkled along the ways are all kinds of benches Several places all kinds of people come to perform, putting on all kinds of shows for those walking on by. Vendors can often set up shop along some of the popular route, offering all kinds of snacks, drink, or even trinkets to indulge in. During the warm seasons, the entire park is lush with plant and animal life. Then in the winter, snow accumulates in drifts with the paths carved through making it look like a winter maze.

Candy Shoppe RP Chatroom is a cute little candy shop nested in a shopping area of the Grand Park. Staffed mostly by Faeries it offers a huge selection of all kinds of candy to satisfy any sweet tooth.

The East Side RP Chatroom of the park is stately and dignified. The trees seem to form a small forest in this section of the park, tall and graceful, and there are a multitude of small shops lining the eastern edge of the Grand Park here. There are remains of an ancient portal believed to have once been part of the Namori portal net work that have become a kind work of art for the park. The portal is made up of pillars and blocks, all surrounding a square stone platform with a circular crystal like disk that sits on top of it. It has been overgrown with vines that curl all around its pillars and blocks and then cascade down like magnificent curtains. There is a small gathering of trees around it with some flowering bushes mixed in. Before the Darkest Night there have been a few attempts to see if the portal could be properly reactivated to no avail. After the Naga Nori War the Shi Inkahan Empire let the Elven Alliance remove the crystals that seemed still infused with magic, ensuring that even if somehow it could be reactivated it can't. Now it sits there quiet, a monument to how nature reclaims even the most hardy of construction.

There is a Fountain Area RP Chatroom located in the west side of the park and has become one of the centerpieces of the city. The fountain showed up shortly after the Darkest Night. No one really knows whom built the fountain but the story is that the night after the last attack of the Darkest Night had settled that the fountain appeared. It is said to be a gift to the city from a nature spirit whom is even believed to be living in the fountain as some citizens have claimed to see it. The fountain itself is massive, made from all kinds of marble. In some places soft moss grows, but the water within the fountain never seems to get dirty or overran with algae and gunk. It is in the shape of a rectangle with walls just high enough to serve as a comfortable seat for most adults. In the very center is a statue that seems to be a rendering of swirling water and vines reaching up that water cascades down in sheets forming waterfalls. Smaller statues accent the corners with long swirls to let the water run as if fanciful dancing. No matter the time of year the water has no trouble running.

The Park Center RP Chatroom is just a grassy zone in the center of the park where no trees, flowers or bushes grow at all. West of the treeless patch about 30 yards is a massive Black Marble Oak tree, and to the east about the same distance there lays a rune-covered stone.

There are some Sparring Grounds RP Chatroom in a clearing at the south side of the Grand Park. It is an entire complex designed to handle any type of fighter, magical and physical. Here there are setups where people can spar or make use of several types of training dummies, with several environments to pick to practice on such as a stone flooring or a grassy area with obstacles. There is a small stone building in the Sparring Grounds, built for days when sparring outside is impossible due to weather or other factors. The floor has various markings on it for various types of duels and there are obstacles that can be moved onto the floor as well.

The Special Events Areas RP Chatroom and Havest Festival Grounds RP Chatroom are spaces large enough to be dedicated to festivals and special events. These areas are designed to handle a sudden increase of traffic as well as whatever equipment and temporary buildings and stages that are required for such events and festivals. The set up is so that it also won't disrupt the day to day activity that goes on in the park and that the event won't be disturbed or interrupted by the day to day on goings of the city. So when a circus, traveling zoo, or other big event comes into the city they will set up here.


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Azura steps back just enough

Azura steps back just enough as Drago swings that it merely pulls at his cloak with the wind of his punch. Meanwhile azura's golem lets out a roar loud enough to shake their heads. It comes crashing across teh room and barrels Drago over. Drago is down for the count, as his shadow stone crumbles off of him and Azura's golem raises above him.

Azura simply banishes the golem and strolls over to Drago as he laid unconscious on the ground. With a small burst of his healing magic he brings him back to the world. He kneels down near his head as his eyes blink open. "Nice try mate, better luck next time." He gives Drago a small pat on the shoulder. "Name's Azura by the way. Wanna grab a drink sometime?"


Azura rolls back from the hit

Azura rolls back from the hit he endured. Drago had struck hard and left quite a mark on him. He was barely alive at this point, kicking on empty he looks up at his golem from before. Looking up on one knee he points out towards Drago. "Destroy..."

drago is still standing at 7.5 while azura takes 10 damage and is at 5 currently.


First AttackAzura would have

First Attack
Azura would have buffed his next fire attack by 7 points (under current rules that would have been a +7 to his mights).

Dragon would have caused a weak darkness cloud that would have lasted 1 round


Second Attack
Azura's cast would have hit Drago for 42 points.

Drago's cast would have hit Azura for 9 points.


Third Attack
Azura's summons a swarm of shadow locusts with the stats of Life 35, Str 30, Dex 35, Int 10, Combat skill 45

Drago's wave of darkness deals 21 pts of damage to Azura (used the first set of rolls).


Fourth Attack
Azura sends his swarm after Drago (he generated 20 pp, though thanks to Drago's influence only gives a buff of +1 to his swarm.)
Drago reaches out to try and drive Azura mad enough to loose control, he manages to take some of the umph out of Azura's command (he generated 12 pp) but doesn't stop it. [/b]


Fifth Attack
Azura goes to call his blood to attack it seems slow to respond. Though as Drago casts his spell Azura could feel him slip into his mind which further halts any attack Azura would do this round. (Azura did not generate any pp for any attack while Drago generated 19pp to convince Azura to not attack.)


Sixth Attack

Azura commands his swarm once more (generating 31pp to command)
Drago reaches in and tries to turn Azura against his swarm, but Azura was just a bit stronger this time. (Drago generated 10PP, which means Azura still had 21PP success in his command giving his swarm a +3 buff to their attack mights).


Seventh Attack
Azura attempts to go ghost doesn't go as expect. As he tries to go etheral his magic just doesn't seem to be responding to his call. (0pp generated)

Drago shifts his form becoming a shadow golem with a slight increase to size and a bonus to his combat stats until he cancels the form (+13 to End, Str, and Dex)


Eight Attack

Drago unleashes a shadow smash (going with a magical attack since magic stats were used and there is no operate in the skill to punch in the form) for 37pts of damage to Azura.

Azura's summon is very successful (a crit success) bringing forth a powerful golem with life of 30 str, dex and end of 30, and a combat skill of 45

Howdy there, Noir here.
Just poking in as I saw a question about reviewing the ruling. Just for funsies since you both agreed to it if I am reading right what is going on is fine and stuff. However some of the math is wrong so I am just posting the numbers for yous so you have a future reference.
If you have any questions on how those number came compared to yours feel free to ping me :)


Azura sees the dark stone

Azura sees the dark stone golem standing before him. Admittedly he is shocked. Although it is not something he wasn't prepared for. Looking down to the ground he intends to rip open a portal and summon a golem of similar standards between the two of them so it takes the brunt of the next attack.


Azura looks down expecting

Azura looks down expecting himself to be see through, yet to his dismay he is still clear as day. While on the other hand it takes a moment but drago manages to amass the darkness needed to shift into the golem and he is ready to swing for the fences when he needs to.


Azura was hurt, he could feel

Azura was hurt, he could feel it draining on him. Looking out and around he sees that there really isn't much of anywhere he could disappear to to heal so he goes for the next best thing. Instead of fighting this round he is gonna try and ghost himself to avoid another attack as he thinks of another plan.


As Azura's swarm rolls forth

As Azura's swarm rolls forth it does still manage to strike Drago, knocking him down another 5 health. This is without it's repercussions though, as Drago is able to make the spell backfire just enough to deal 5 damage to Azura himself. This leaves Drago at 7.5 and Azura at 15.


Azura shakes his head,

Azura shakes his head, bleeding a bit from the nose. He looks back towards Drago and glares at him. Smoke and shadows rolling from his back. "Well well, messing with my head are we? An interesting capability I might say, but not enough for you to claim a win here."

He lowers his arms, drawing in the locust crowd. As they swarm around his arms his figure is obscured vaguely and his cape flares up behind him. Slowly he raises his arms and swings them forward unleashing the swarm upon Drago.


Azurs sadly doesn't have

Azurs sadly doesn't have enough wits about him to effectilvely use his spell. Thus his blood is just sapped from him and merely splashes on Drago. Meanwhile he doesn't know why but he smashes his face into the wall for a good 5 damage, overall he takes 8 damage total leaving him at 20 health.


Azura is startled when the

Azura is startled when the locusts attack him as well. He feels a small trickle of blood on his arm and grins at the thought. He raises his hand over the blood and begins to pull the blood from his body into spikes in the air. He will be launching them towards Drago with full force.


While Azura is able to summon

While Azura is able to summon the locusts in strong numbers, his actual control was a bit lacking. They only end up nipping at Drago for a measly 2 points leaving him at 12.5

While on the other hand Drago is able to tap into Azura's mind. Although while he is able to tap in his overall control is meager. Yet it was not all a lose, as a small handful of the locusts turn and nip Azura for 2 damage as well. This leaves him at 28 health.


Azura groans as he is hit,

Azura groans as he is hit, but it doesn't quite put him down. He is still standing firm and as such is ready to keep fighting. He looks up at his swarm and slowly drops his view back towards Drago. With a shirt flick of his hand he sends the swarm forth to unleash their power on Drago.


Drago's spell hits right on

Drago's spell hits right on target, yet the power was most likely not what he desired. Regardless though he did stroke Azura for about 5 points of damage. This leaves him setting at a still pretty healthy 30 health.*

Meanwhile Azura is capable of summoning his locusts. They flood into the room and mass up behind him ready for his commands.


Azura smiles as his spell

Azura smiles as his spell strikes Drago. He steps back a few feet and places one hand on the wall. "Time to show you what else I can do."

His hand darkens and as does the wall. With all best intent he will summon an army of shadow locusts to his side, to begin swarming into the room. "I hope you're ready for this."


Drago's spell has some umph

Drago's spell has some umph but sadly he fails to control it very well. The spell goes awry and strikes the walls on either side of Azura.

Meanwhile Azura unleashes a wall of fire that strikes dead on Drago dealing a good 13 points of damage.

Drago is standing at 14.5 health while Azura is in peak performance.


Drago seeing Azura's attack

Drago seeing Azura's attack coming decided to test just how good he is. Drago decides to send his attack straight through Azura's attack. If he can overwhelm Azura's attack and push his attack through it, it will effectively push Azura's attack back at him, but if it fails to overwhelm his attack, the results could be unpredictable "Lets see how you like something unpredictable" Drago states with dark look in his eyes.

i can do this right?


As the darkness fades in and

As the darkness fades in and out around him he is a tad lost, but he shakes his head and keeps his wits about him. He looks out towards Drago, and raises his hand and opens his palm. Aimed right towards Drago he unleashes his fire in waves. With all things going right it would strike center mass on Drago.




That's actually not how you would do things sean. You can not decide the decisons and actions of another character.

It became very hard to see for Azura and is confused by what has just happened. Azura can believe his eye's! "What the hell! What have you done?!" Azura said in surprise. It appears as if they have been transported to another land, in perhaps a different time. Drago simply laughs with a wild look in his eyes.

That would be something that would be said more so by an SH but even that is pushing it. You don't act as if things had been done, you act in the manner of your intent. Now while I know what you were going for I'm just gonna take your rolls and then your INTENDED effect and run with it.

Example: Drago focuses his mind and the dark powers he holds. Looking out towards Azura he is trying to mess with his mind. Maybe more so what his eyes tell him to perceive.

Drago's spell Does reach out to Azura but it it's effect is weak. While Azura does notice things darken and some smoke appear, he is not terribly affected by this mentally. He currently is in full control still and will be able to function fine for the time being.