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Grand Park

The Grand Park brings a bit of nature to the sprawling urban mass that is the black city of Ramsalon It is fairly close to the center part of the city, but not quite, but no matter it offers a different kind of atmosphere than the other parts of the city. It is lined with very large trees, providing a kind of natural wall to provide a break from the usual noises of the city. Some parts of the wall even turn into tiny little forests dotted about the park. During the Naga Nori War some of the grounds were damaged, busted up and burned. Most of the structures within the are have been restored, but some of the smaller shops are no more. Some citizens have also planted some new saplings to replace some of the trees that were completely destroyed, as well as planting some more bushes and flowers to bolster the greenery. Everything seems to be taking root well and once more life blooms in the park.

There are many different kinds of walk ways and trails that weave about the park passing by and through all the little forests, gardens, fountains and wide open grassy areas. Sprinkled along the ways are all kinds of benches Several places all kinds of people come to perform, putting on all kinds of shows for those walking on by. Vendors can often set up shop along some of the popular route, offering all kinds of snacks, drink, or even trinkets to indulge in. During the warm seasons, the entire park is lush with plant and animal life. Then in the winter, snow accumulates in drifts with the paths carved through making it look like a winter maze.

Candy Shoppe RP Chatroom is a cute little candy shop nested in a shopping area of the Grand Park. Staffed mostly by Faeries it offers a huge selection of all kinds of candy to satisfy any sweet tooth.

The East Side RP Chatroom of the park is stately and dignified. The trees seem to form a small forest in this section of the park, tall and graceful, and there are a multitude of small shops lining the eastern edge of the Grand Park here. There are remains of an ancient portal believed to have once been part of the Namori portal net work that have become a kind work of art for the park. The portal is made up of pillars and blocks, all surrounding a square stone platform with a circular crystal like disk that sits on top of it. It has been overgrown with vines that curl all around its pillars and blocks and then cascade down like magnificent curtains. There is a small gathering of trees around it with some flowering bushes mixed in. Before the Darkest Night there have been a few attempts to see if the portal could be properly reactivated to no avail. After the Naga Nori War the Shi Inkahan Empire let the Elven Alliance remove the crystals that seemed still infused with magic, ensuring that even if somehow it could be reactivated it can't. Now it sits there quiet, a monument to how nature reclaims even the most hardy of construction.

There is a Fountain Area RP Chatroom located in the west side of the park and has become one of the centerpieces of the city. The fountain showed up shortly after the Darkest Night. No one really knows whom built the fountain but the story is that the night after the last attack of the Darkest Night had settled that the fountain appeared. It is said to be a gift to the city from a nature spirit whom is even believed to be living in the fountain as some citizens have claimed to see it. The fountain itself is massive, made from all kinds of marble. In some places soft moss grows, but the water within the fountain never seems to get dirty or overran with algae and gunk. It is in the shape of a rectangle with walls just high enough to serve as a comfortable seat for most adults. In the very center is a statue that seems to be a rendering of swirling water and vines reaching up that water cascades down in sheets forming waterfalls. Smaller statues accent the corners with long swirls to let the water run as if fanciful dancing. No matter the time of year the water has no trouble running.

The Park Center RP Chatroom is just a grassy zone in the center of the park where no trees, flowers or bushes grow at all. West of the treeless patch about 30 yards is a massive Black Marble Oak tree, and to the east about the same distance there lays a rune-covered stone.

There are some Sparring Grounds RP Chatroom in a clearing at the south side of the Grand Park. It is an entire complex designed to handle any type of fighter, magical and physical. Here there are setups where people can spar or make use of several types of training dummies, with several environments to pick to practice on such as a stone flooring or a grassy area with obstacles. There is a small stone building in the Sparring Grounds, built for days when sparring outside is impossible due to weather or other factors. The floor has various markings on it for various types of duels and there are obstacles that can be moved onto the floor as well.

The Special Events Areas RP Chatroom and Havest Festival Grounds RP Chatroom are spaces large enough to be dedicated to festivals and special events. These areas are designed to handle a sudden increase of traffic as well as whatever equipment and temporary buildings and stages that are required for such events and festivals. The set up is so that it also won't disrupt the day to day activity that goes on in the park and that the event won't be disturbed or interrupted by the day to day on goings of the city. So when a circus, traveling zoo, or other big event comes into the city they will set up here.


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She just shook her head with

She just shook her head with a slight laugh. "I suppose there is that, after all need a little tyrip back to reality lest you get completely pulled in and lose all sense of time."

Spying the mug Mo hummed thoughtfully. "Alright lovely, I should see after all about finding some drink for myself to help with this chill. And check on Izzy to make sure too much hasn't gone up in flames, yet."
With a quick hug she said farewell to her friend and then went off in serch of something warm and boozy and a certain goblin.

thank you!


"There is that - there is

"There is that - there is that -" Briggy shook her head at the idea of an honorary vampire. She finished her drink, finally getting to the bottom of her mug and squinted into it.

"... admittedly, it does make for a good break between chapters!" She smiled, then eyed her empty mug, "I'm going to go get a top off of this - it was lovely getting to see you! I'll swing by your place later this week to drop things off -" She leaned in for a quick hug, before darting off with a wave.

thank you so much! This was fun! And good luck with the CS stuff - kick dere butts ;p


"Perhaps, though by time they

"Perhaps, though by time they do it will likely turn into some kind of tradition or something to keep the idea going." She said with a little laugh

"That, or other unforseen delays. I am rather glad my trade is not dependent on wither or not the seas and weather want to cooperate."

She couldn't help but to laugh "Maybe one of these days they will clue in on it. But then you would end up with contests to see how much it would take to try and interrupt you."

"Thank you."

No worries started the night shift with cs, and there may be a problem XD


Briggy giggles into her drink

Briggy giggles into her drink at the description of just how persistent the rumor was. It was going to be interesting in a few decades - but then again - half elf so... it wasn't like he was going to age quickly anyway. "oh dear - they'll learn eventually I suppose."

"Yeah, people trying to get things in before the ice sets in - there's always a last minute rush, y'know? Not enough planning ahead."

Briggy laughed fully, "Yes that - really I'd almost bounce em f'free if they're interruptin' m'reading!" She grinned brightly at Mo accepted the offer, "Sold - I can get you the ones earlier in the series - won't make sense without."

sorry i am starting to fade fast over here, so i've got i think maybe one more in me?


"I am not sure how aware of

"I am not sure how aware of it he is. Like there are the 'misunderstandings' here and there, which you know could be written off as honest mistakes and what not. But I don't think he is aware on exactly how wide spread or how firm that one particular rumor has dug itself into around there. Especially as it is considered a bit impolite to just walk up and flat out ask, if you are a vampire or werecreature of the sorts."

"I would say a fair portion at the very least is convinced, and some would prefer to assume as such rather then not and be proven wrong." she said with a little laugh.

"Really? still that much traffic. Though I do suppose the season hasn't hit its hardest yet, so still time to get in what you can." she just grinned a little "Well least now I know which establishment you are at that day by looking for the bouncer tossing one out with a single hand as the other has a book in it."

She nodded a little. " I would appreciate it. I have considered dabbling perhaps in that field. But I havent' really done much beyond a song here and there."


"... oh I'm sure, I mean - I

"... oh I'm sure, I mean - I know how much glitter is in one of those shows -" Briggy finally just lets the giggles fly. "Oh god, please tell me, Seryi doesn't know that's what this is about does he? How many people think he's -" She mimics the teeth hiss fang gesture. "Like everyone? Oh god - that's amazing."

She chuckled, "It's been busy - there's a lot of winter traffic at the docks, but I've been doing more head thumping at the bars to keep the winter drunks under wraps. Bouncing and all that mostly. It makes a great chance to get through books!"

She brightened up, "Oh - the next in the series Lady Legionaries is out - and it's following the third sister, the one that's all political intrigue. It's delightful - and more'n'a'little spicy." She blushed, grinning a little. "I can loan it to you once I'm done -"


Mo just nodded "Oh yes,

Mo just nodded "Oh yes, besides bathrobes are way more comfortable and you can be just as dramatic in them, all in the coziness of your own home." She just bit her lip to keep from busting out into laughter now.

She raised her hands as to try and give izzy pause, but he seemed rather well determined. "Throw snow, they will expect the flamethrowers! Got to mix up your strategy after all!" She got in before he marched off. hoping to at least have convinced him to not end up melting half the park in the process.

She just side, and then at long last just busted out laughing. THough giving a sly smile to Briggy. " I mean, give me enough time and I bet I could get him to glitter."

"oh my,.." she calmed herself as she could, with a chuckle escaping here and there, nodding about the wine glass "That is exactly what the muttering about his wine glass is about. Apparently there is a whole slew of people that are convinced he is a vampire, and so often in meetings and such, when beverages are served..."

"I have been doing well, been busy between the two entertaining jobs, but it is at least the good kind of busy. And yourself? Read any good romance novels?"


That last bit, Briggy can't

That last bit, Briggy can't manage to keep a straight face anymore. "Oh my god, that's what all his muttering about his wine glass is about isn't it?" She whispers to Mo.

".... enjoy stormin' t' castle!" She calls out after Izzy, trying her best not to just collapse into tears and resisting the urge to send warning ahead.

"Ok - that... that was adorable." She shook her head, and turned back to Mo, "How've you been doing lately? It sounds like t'boys been doin' well -"


"Yeah, you'd definitely want

"Yeah, you'd definitely want something cozy when you're stuck indoors all day. I mean - what with all the work, am I right?" He stuffs his face with the last of his soup mostly to keep himself from saying something more about it that might get into trouble. You only peel back the veil so far if you want to keep your head on your shoulders in GHOUL, he's known that for years. Didn't get to be senior foreman by accident, now did he.

He lowers the welding mask again with the comically large glass circles for view ports. "Welp, when in Ramsalon - I'm gonna go be the invading army for that snow fort. Are flamethrowers allowed? What am I saying, of course they are, it's only fair. Anyway, have a spooooky ice festival, I guess?"

He nods and marches off, to cause a little good-natured mayhem and offer some free instruction of the inefficiency of snow as a building material in defensive battlements...

Thanks for the RP! My brain is feeling completely swamped so I'm gonna bow out early - sorry!


Briggy's eyes pop wide and

Briggy's eyes pop wide and she covers her mouth with one hand, the other floating up with a drink nearby as she tries desperately not to break into the giggles. Seryi. The vampire. "I... I mean he is hot enough for it. But he doesn't glitter... so."

Her eyebrows crinkled together as Izzy went on - after all he wasn't from around here. But still a really confusing ramble, and she hung out with drunks all the time so she knew confusing from confusing.


She leaned over to Briggy and

She leaned over to Briggy and whispered. "He thinks Seryi is a vampire." barely containing a slight snort of a laugh.

Mo was going to say something about the spook festival, but just shrugged and went with, I mean for some winter was terrifying... and ice was really no one's friend.. well maybe a very select few but still. "Ah, well, eh close enough."

She nodded her head as Izzy went on about the dangers of loose clothing. "Oh indeed, then he got something way more comfortable to pass the day in. It even fits two people. For the old one, she waved a hand "Way too cramped, made spending the day over a just a nightmare."


Hearing that swans are

Hearing that swans are basically bigger, even meaner geese, Izzy's eyes go wide for a moment and then he nods. "Ohhh, I get it. It's another one of those spook festivals like you people have at harvest time! Well shoot, why didn't you just say so? Yeah, working all night on something that melts by lunchtime tomorrow, that's horrifying! I get it now."

He nods about Seryi and the cape. He doesn't remember a cape specifically, but he assumes Seryi has a collection for wearing around the house. Gotta do something while the sun's up. "Oh yeah, no, serious safety hazard. I worked with a guy who liked to wear this bandana? Even that was too much. Gearwork and loose clothing don't go well together. Well, I mean, they kinda do, but that's the problem."


Mo caught herself before she

Mo caught herself before she just feel right over in a fit of laughter to poor Izzy's pantomiming in that suit.. She has heard the rumors, but now she got to actually see one in person herself. It was too good. "Oh that?" she said with part of the laugh sneaking out, at least it was a soft rather then the full guaff that had welled up
"Well he stopped wearing the cape, so people no longer accidentally step on it and ruin all the dramatic flair. Sides tunnels really are no place for a flowing cape. Wouldn't you agree?"


"But it not lasting's half

"But it not lasting's half the fun -" She smiled brightly, "I mean there's metaphor and all in that - but it's mostly just... whimsy, right?"

"Eh?" She looked over at the sculpture. "Ohhh yeah it's a uh, well ok it's a little chubby f'it - but it's s'pposed t'be a swan? They're like geese - only bigger an' meaner and smashier."


"I work in a mine, kiddo - I

"I work in a mine, kiddo - I know my glitter. I also know my thermodynamics and I'm just sayin' all this feels like a whole lotta work for nothing. I can bring a mess a quartz on down and we can get you some glitter that lasts, ya ask me."

"Also..." he points back at the swan, leaning in conspiratorially. "What the heck even IS that? I know it's made of ice, but like what is it supposed to be? Some kinda snake-pig?"

He shakes his head at Mo's question. "Aw heck no, nothing like that. Actually he was pretty happy with the new tunnel layout I brought him. I just meant the other thing. The, uh, y'know..." He opens his mouth wide and points at his own canines, then pantomimes making a hissing noise and throwing a cape dramatically in front of him, which isn't exactly aided by the clunky suit trying to keep up with the gesture.


"When it comes to ice,

"When it comes to ice, practicality is the last thing ever considered. So some about the looking, and some about being able to brag about making something out of ice before it becomes no more then a puddle."

Mo couldn't help but to grin slightly as Izzy seems to try and go all 'professional straight', in that clanky suit. It was in its own way rather adorable. Though with a slight roll of her eyes at Briggy's nudge "You could say I know him rather intimately, and then some, and a bit more. she said with a slight kind of cheesey love struck smile to sneak its way in She nodded at the bit of hiring izzy. "Ah marvellous, I have seen some of your work here and there, it is fascinating. Can never say he doesn't know a good opportunity when it crosses his path."
She was familair with his troubles in the confusion, but she couldn't resis the poke to see what would come. "And considering what? I hope he isn't too much of a grouch. He doesn't like the cold very much either."


"Sure, but then it's not -"

"Sure, but then it's not -" Briggy pointed at the nearby swan, "Glittery when the light comes through it! Think of the glitter Izzy - the glitter!" She grinned, well aware she was being a bit of a shit-stirrer but enjoying it nonetheless.

"Oh yeah... she 'knows', the boss -" Briggy winked at Izzy, nudging Mo's shoulder lightly with a bright smile at the tease.

"The fort has rainbows in it Izzy - I promise you - it's worth it -"


Izzy raises an eyebrow.

Izzy raises an eyebrow. "Wait, they're building these things just...just to, what? Look at 'em? you people not know what a drafting table is? It's a lot less work and probably a lot dryer in the morning, I'd bet."

When Mo mentions his employer, Izzy straightens up a bit - a very audible adjustment in the current suit. "Oh, hey, you know the boss? Yeah, he hired me right out. Nice enough guy, considering." He gives an over-the-top wink to Mo, figuring she's aware, as everyone else is, of Seryi's status as one of GHOUL's foremost vampires.

"See, now, the fort makes the least sense to me. I mean a junior siegebreaker could topple that thing in seconds, it's completely impractical."


While she has seen izzypix

While she has seen izzypix here and there, she could have sworn there was a bit more and then she snapped her fingers as it dawned on her. Damn cold was even starting to get to her memory. "You are Seryi's goblin friend as well aren't you. The stories of your creations are quite a pleasure." She said as she shook his hand.

"Ah this? Well most of whats being done isn't really building, expect probably that over there. Which is looking to be some kind of possible fort. Otherwise, its sculpting. Rather then like with stone they use ice, part challenge part giggles. All a bit of fun before it does melts, or in some cases gets eaten."


"Briggania! Or Briggy - for

"Briggania! Or Briggy - for friends and all. So - Briggy." She smiled brightly. "And I figured that. Every siege engineer I've ever met is the same way... makes y'interestin' folks t'hang with."

"Oh these?" She nodded towards the sculptures, gesturing with the hot drink in hand. "Oh they know - that's part o't'appeal - it's just art, y'know, Izzy?"


Izzy gets the awkward too

Izzy gets the awkward too-large smile of someone who doesn't remember someone who clearly remembers them. It's not that all humans look alike to him, it's just that there are so many red-headed ones in this city it's easy to mix them up. "Heeeyyy....I wanna say Britannia? Look, if you're not an early-model A.R.G.H., I have an awful hard time with names."

Pistons vent fresh steam from the elbow of the suit as Izzy reaches out to shake Mo's hand with his non-stew-holding claw. "Pleased ta meet ya again, then. Mo. I think I can remember that one."

"Hey, maybe one of you two can tell me what's the deal with these constructions popping up all over the park tonight. I knew Ramsalon builders were about as dense as the bricks they work with but this seems kinda extreme even for them. Why are they building with ice, anyway? ...they know ice melts, right? Should we tell 'em or just let them live the dream?"


"Well if they could keep them

"Well if they could keep them from melting sure, or you know over eager palletes from just tossing in on the fruit and eating them."

As the mcstomopyheatwave special makes a pause to greet herself and briggy. She returns a wave, with a mixture of fascination and well perplextion at the contraption. "This looks awfully familiar, its like those things they like around Victory City is it not?" peering at it mostly in curiosity and trying to see if her memory was serving her well, though she remembered those things in VC being more... pointy.

As Brig introduced them. "Oh, why hello there. I believe we have met, though likely briefly."


Briggy laughed, "Oh if you

Briggy laughed, "Oh if you could get ice sculpting in the summer time? Then again - that would make some good shaved ice treats I think." She chuckled into her drink.

"You know... that -" She nodded towards the clanker. "Almost... looks familar? In the - I might've seen that de..." She trailed off as it approaches, and turns, then smiled brightly in cheer. "Izzy!"

With recognition she stepped over, "Izzy - have you met Mo? Mo, this is Izzy - he makes really cool stuff! I met him briefly at... f'..." She squinted, obviously trying to place when and where. "I may have been drunk at the time - I can't recall."


Still puzzled by the

Still puzzled by the sculpture, Izzy puts the facemask down again and turns to examine the other offerings people are still in the process of making. Working with ice is an odd decision, he feels, but he can appreciate the engineering involved. These are pretty masterful constructions. Of course, they'll be structurally compromised by the first bit of sunlight come morning, so they're kinda pointless, but still, he can appreciate the skill that goes into them for what it is.

He raises the mask to steal another sip of soup, pausing a few feet ahead of Briggy and Mo. He nods to them appreciatively, always a little fearful when he meets the eyes of humans and elves, waiting to see just how the reaction will go before deciding if he needs to engage the emergency afterburners and escape.


"There is that, I think at

"There is that, I think at this point with the weather they get here they look for any opportunity to get in some good cheer. I am not going to complain, other then maybe warmer weather, though that wouldn't bode well for the ice sculptures." she said with a laugh.

THough it was cut short when a suddeny stompy clack came into the park. She just kind of blinked at it. It looked sort of familiar, as she spends a fair amount of time in that region, but not a whole lot. "Well I guess that is one way to stay warm.."


"I think it's a good way to

"I think it's a good way to get everyone off on the right foot at least!" Briggy shrugged, "I'm from warmer lands m'self - I could use some good cheer t' start. Kinda like getting it all over with early like. Jumping in t'deep end o't'water first thing!" She smiled brightly.

Briggy's eyes are drawn automatically to the stomping suit thing around near the sculpture and she tilts her head in confusion eyeing it at first.

OMG the goblin suit!


Izzlepix was used to making a

Izzlepix was used to making a scene when he came to town, although today's scene was a mite different. The cold Ramsalon winters are none too kind to his thin goblin frame, so he took the opportunity to refit one of the drilling suits the goblin miners get up in Victory City and just shut the heat vents to make it a warming suit instead. Naturally he unmounted the drill bit in favor of simple grabbing claws, one of which is currently holding a steaming cup of stew.

The refit has had two clear advantages on this visit: the first being that he is toasty as a goblin in a sauna despite the chill night air, and the second being that given how complete the suit's coverage is, everyone seems to be assuming he's a gnome testing out new equipment and not a goblin at all.

With a tiny following of curious kids all daring each other to ask about the suit, Izzy walks up to one of the ice sculptures and lifts the welding mask of the suit, letting out a billow of steam and drawing a few small gasps from nearby patrons who spot the reveal. "...wazzat then? It's like a bird, but the neck's too long. And all...bendy." He eyes the swan sculpture strangely, taking a long drink of stew.


Catching Brig's voice and

Catching Brig's voice and greeting she turned, returning a wave, the exposed fingers seeming to defy the weather (oh the joys of having enchanted gloves). "Why hello there, of all the times for there to be a sudden festival, the start of winter seems, well..." she shrugged with a bit of a laugh. It seems so odd to her for this, but then again she was never one for cold weather.


Spotting a familiar face

Spotting a familiar face across the way, Briggy squirmed through the crowds to take up a spot beside the raven haired Mo. She nudged the woman lightly with her shoulder. "Hey you! Fancy meetin' y'here - an' all t'cozy fer it too!"