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Located in the Center of the Crew Quarters of the Extravia (Decks 3 and 2) is the Extravia Live Gaming Club. Here is where personalized simulation games are featured. While this can be done in any home within Sirian City the Extravia serves as the centralized meeting place of people who wish to play and interact. This club is only for city workers, or the Extravia crew, otherwise requiring a friend brings you if you wish to gain entrance. This is due to the teleporters requiring clearance. The Transport Point is just down the hall at a small alcove set up specifically for the club.

The upper level of the club is a bar like setting, with the Northern End of the club being set up as a small gathering area. There are several Self-Serving replicating units that will only activate for the crew and city personnel who are authorized to be there. Sometimes this area also serves as a Dance Floor, mostly when there is a crew gathering. Most of the upper level is a wide-open space, like a balcony, looking down into the deck below. This is protected by a railing and force field along the edge of the balcony to prevent people from falling off.

The level below, which is accessible from an alcove in the Right Middle wall, takes you down into the gaming area. This is in fact a Live Action Holographics Chamber with multiple projection generators to give the players the most realistic experience possible. The game moves and shifts based on your actions, for each individual player allowing multiple people to be moving in many different directions over a map 5 times the size of the area without hitting the holographic wall. It’s designed to interact with their action and perception changing and turning on them with almost no noticeable effect on the user. This Holographic Suite is designed primarily for head to head games

The games are viewable from projected screens around the balcony showing team statistics, individual players, or specific angles and encounters happening in the game. The Club has begun to become popular after the Ship’s Crew began hosting games a few times a week. Until now, Extravia personnel previously only knew it about.

Current Popular Games

StellarAce: A flying simulator with a head to head competition of fleeing from an objective to a starship through an asteroid field. And Combat mode of trying to capture something from an enemy satellite.

Team Fortress – A classic team verses team game involving a set of buildings or mazes where one team must stop the other from capturing their base. There is an optional “Free For All Assassin” feature allowing one player to move about and kill anyone at his or her leisure adding a new level of challenge.

Head to Head – A classic dueling scenario. It can involve physical combat, gunplay, magic, anything you can throw at the other person causing them no permanent physical harm. Ohh, it does hurt though.

Current Gamer Leaderboard

StellarAce: none

Team Fortress: none

Head to Head: none

All points were reset by Commander Corvan for the ride back to Sirian.

ExLive Game Ruling Suggestions

Just a few suggestions, so that players can regulate themselves and SHs can add chaos.

General things

If one has a video game skill, it can be used. If one has a piloting skill, it can be used. If playing in head to head combat games that are weapon based, then use combat skills.


In Flying simulator mode, the pattern is thus: flying into an asteroid field, then into open space where an enemy starship arrives to fire upon you, then through a mine field, before docking with the friendly space station.

In 'solo' mode, getting past each area requires 40 points produced, for a total of 120. (40 for asteroid field, 40 for open space, 40 for mine field)

In duel mode, getting past each area requires 50 points produced, for a total of 150, but there are randomized boosts to assist in getting points up.

To play, roll int/dex with diffs being 30 int, 30 dex for the asteroid field, 25/25 for the open space and 30/35 for the mine field.

Each ship has 100 points of life: 50 ship/50 shields, with shields being hammered down first by the enemy ship or mine field, at a rate of 5-10 per round depending upon the roll success of failure of the player. During the asteroid part, if one flies into an asteroid it should remove points from the ship, not shield.

Boosts: 1 roll a 1d6. 1=10points of life, 2=10points of shield, 3=engine extreme, which is an engine boost of 10 points towards the goal, 4=navigation failure which adds 10 diff to int/dex for that round, 5=boom (a bomb that can blow up anything around it, say a starship) and 6=missiles which can be fired at the other player for 10 points off ship life and shield

Other boosts can be made up.

In Combat Mode:, similar diffs to flying mode, however you're being chased and firing.

If attacking one of the six ships chasing you, that is a 30 int, 35 dex, as they are giving chase. Points produced on that is rewarded as a hit, and they only have 10 life each. Them hitting you, has to beat your rolls/stats. They can do 5 points a hit.

The enemy satellite is stationary and is a 25/25 to hit, and it has a total of 70 points.

Other games

Suggested Stats of the enemy: weak enemies 20 stats, 20 skill. Moderate: 25 stat, 25 skill, hero enemy: 40 stat, 40 skill

Head to head modes rule as normal combat. (Damage is not lasting.)


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"Go - have fun." Jake waves

"Go - have fun." Jake waves him off as the betters start making their way to him for the payouts. Thankfully he'd figured the odds pretty carefully. Not much profit but it was more for the fun than anything else really.

He nodded to Bahram, only realizing after the man was out the door that he hadn't flinched at the touch on his shoulder like he normally did when people touched him there. "Huh." Apparently the therapy was working or something.

That was awesome! Thank you! :)


"I was gonna let it update

"I was gonna let it update overnight, but I didn't want to not have it if I had a 3 a.m. idea, you know?" Nevermind that he had the thought six months ago and still hasn't updated. "It does what I need it to. Hey, what are you--?"

As Jake starts tinkering with the datapad, he's too distracted by the rapid updates to object in time, just staring aghast at all the changes to his baby. Security was always something he could use more of. He chuckles as Jake shoves it back at him, practically pouting. "All right, all right! I promise, you'll hear from me after I get this article out the door."

"Speaking of, I think I've got all I need for now. I'll drop you a line when it's up. If you ever need help signal boosting something, drop me a line, yeah?"

He claps Jake on the shoulder, gives it a quick squeeze and slips out while folks are cheering the end of the bot match. All this may also have unstuck his brain on the larger article in response to talks of the 'new strategy,' plus, he has the number of a similarly cerebral techie willing to break the law for the common good, so really, a win of a night all around.


Jake smirked. "Heh. Best to

Jake smirked. "Heh. Best to avoid it becoming a funnel. Whit might not, but the rest of em would drool on the chance. They're pretty aggro about those sort of opportunities really." He shrugged. "And yeah, as a backup plan it makes a good one. Keeps anyone in it from getting in trouble at least. Ah - 'borrowed' cleaners aside."

Jake smirked as he watched the two start finally getting into a real fight here. 'Fight' rahter. As Fisherman turned, distracted by something on the floor, Chopper fled the tight corner and right into the net. The net popped free but there was a pained sounding whine under Chopper's wheels as the treads ate the netting.

"... heh -" Jake wasn't gonna say anything, he really wasn't but then the tech was waved right under his nose and he leaned over with something slightly almost offended in the sound he made. "This is two releases back!"

He gave Bahram an insulted stare. "...two! And this OS? Really?" He frowned, then fingers flicked across the datapad to unlock it and type information into the notepad feature real quick. "There. You call me after you've got the article in and I will get you set up on a proper OS. With actual security."

He shoved the datapad back at him with almost a techies affronted humph.


"Ehh, maybe," Bahram makes a

"Ehh, maybe," Bahram makes a bit of a face at the idea of bringing it to Whit's attention. "Still not sure exactly where 'the grandmother of the fleet' falls these days. I don't want this getting turned into a way to fast-track kids into military programs once they get a hold of it. I think underground is best for now."

"Although that's not a bad C.Y.A. if command gets a whiff of it and tries to drop the hammer, so, good for the back pocket. I'll prep a bit of that discussion as a parachute, just in case."

He winces with a laugh as the two scrubbers finally find each other, with Fisherman largely bum-rushing Chopper into a corner at an agonizingly slow case. "Hm? Oh, no, not generally. I mean this is a kick and a half, but I'm not tech-savvy at all. Every time there's a system update on this this, it throws my whole world for a loop." He wiggles the datapad, returning it to the fight in progress.


"Me? Naw - I suffer neither

"Me? Naw - I suffer neither form of pun-infection." He grinned. "Way too busy for that sort of thing over the last few years."

He nodded as Bahram picked up on the other possibilities with this plan. "Eh, frame it as Station morale, and I'm pretty sure Whit would go for it. She likes that sort of stuff, y'know?"

He wasn't really watching the bots anymore so much as the reporter. "You like tech stuff or this a newfound interest?"


Bahram gets a mock offended

Bahram gets a mock offended look, doing his best stately impression. "Some come to puns honestly, others have puns thrust upon them. Or something. Think that was Vaughn that said that." He laughs, shaking his head. "What about you?"

A couple years in orbit had been more than enough education in how young two things came in these days: spouses and soldiers. Bahram wasn't sure which unsettled him more, really, but he would ruled either out in Jake's case. He was clever enough to be at least a corps engineer or signals tech.

"Perfect! Utilitarian, egalitarian, probably some other 'tarian - I can spin that! Nice metaphor for the larger message. Now if we could just get the leadership to listen." He groans, shaking his head, making a quick note to himself on possible angles to take to tie together this simple little boredom exercise into something a lot more vital.


"Yeah, yeah. Y'ain't old

"Yeah, yeah. Y'ain't old enough to be married and have kids. So no dad-joke turf for you..." Jake grinned, tossing the verbal bait out there to find out a bit more about this guy. It was a subtle attempt to find out if he was single, if he wasn't he'd be sure to talk about the family.

"Yep." Jake popped the 'p' of that distinctly. "In my spare time." He grinned, eyes crinkling with the smile.

"Exactly. Improvise and all - plus it means we can get surplus and recycling stuff. Money won't win, just talent."


The 'pun-free zone' has

The 'pun-free zone' has Bahram laughing out loud. "Sorry! Can't help it, it's genetic! I--" he stops short, taking a sharp turn around that sentence to avoid the rest of the thought. "Anyway, I'll try, I'll try."

Luckily, the video was watching audio as well, so he didn't have to pause to scribble all this down. Plus, it captured that lovely southern accent, which was a double bonus.

Hearing support for getting the word out and crowdsourcing this little competition to junior engineers was really positive, not to mention a better spin. He'd have to be very careful with the details and how to get the info out, but clever kids would probably be able to put it together when the general populace wouldn't.

He grinned right back at Jake about changing the world. "Sure, in your spare time."

The mention of weight classes just had his mind reeling at the options. "Oh, now there's an idea. Everything from those little robot poodles up to dock loaders for the heavyweights? That could get scary."

"I like the 'kit' idea. It's like a modified stock race, only, instead of cars on a track, it's bots and combat. Plus, that seems like more of what we've had to do up here - make something work out of 'what's in the box' more or less."


"No puns." He pointed at the

"No puns." He pointed at the reporter. "This is a pun-free zone, sir."

Jake nodded at that. "Now that t'station's online again. Sure. This does sort of sound like exactly the sort of thing that would work for them. Give everyone something to do." He sounded like he was musing, considering where this could go in the long run. "Heh. Seems worth it then."

He grinned up at the question, "What I can do when I put my mind to it? Ah, now that's more software than hardware - and change the world." He smirked confidently. "As for this - cleaners made sense because it's fun, y'know? But for a real competition? That's probably better to do by weight class maybe?"

"Though could be fun to pick a model for a competition and hand it to teams with an approved extra parts list. See what they can come up with under the limited circumstances. You know, rip he cleaner apart if you want - but only the things in the box can be used?" Jake grinned. "Actually, that sounds more fun. Bigger challenge and less likely for money to win the day."


Bahram laughed before he

Bahram laughed before he really heard all of what the boy said, shooting him a look a second later. Several thoughts come to mind, but he leaves them all unsaid and instead finds himself suddenly very focused on the video angle.

"Heh - Fisherman is hanging on by a thread? No, that's awful, I can't." He chuckles, nodding about turning it into a training farm of sorts. "Buzz from Gargorian Station is that they've got loads of top minds but nothing safe enough to give them till they have more experience. The kids are chomping at the bit. This, might be just perfect to get them started before they, y'know, take to chemistry or something equally terrifying."

Watching Chopper spin around, he laughs. "There it is! The Chopper! Oh, that's a perfect shot, we'll GIF that."

"Seriously, all this is just you being bored? Heh, I'd love to see what you do when you put your mind to it. Do you have any plans for other 'mods' for the bots? Other types of bots to harvest, or thinking staying exclusively with the cleaners?"

"Gotta say, I love watching them get totally distracted by spots on the dance floor. I feel like that old 'octopus on the ice' tradition could be a legit game-changing tactic here, actually..."


Jake shot Bahram a surprised

Jake shot Bahram a surprised and somewhat relieved grin as he got into the subtle politics of the 'human interest' angle. The smile went warm. "Alright, either you researched Jake bait or you actually have opinions I don't hate. Good for you."

Jake scrubbed a hand back through the spikes, ruffling them up as he looked at the ongoing duel. The net was trailing by half of it's strings now.

"Might be regular enough if people are interested. This was sort of impulse really. But I was bored, so why not?" He quirked an eyebrow. "Though I like the idea of throwing it out to the techies on the Station. We've got a lot of those. I know a few but this was... well me bored. So I hadn't figured on making it bigger than yet."

The last question does get a scoffing laugh, as Jake scrubbed his hand back through his hair again. "I guess - closest thing to it. So sure, yeah." He grinned looking oddly bashful for a second.


Bahram sighs, hanging his

Bahram sighs, hanging his head. "Yeah, yeah - had a similar thought earlier with a different article, actually. Some things I swear are clickbait-bait..."

He chuckled at calling it 'human interest,' watching the little cleaners flail around each other. "I feel like there's a landmine or two in calling robots fighting each other 'human interest,' but yeah, something like that. I just file it under 'Entertainment' these days. Folks could use more of that, it seems like."

He nods about the emphasis, picking up on the accent. He was half-tempted to hint at how much he empathized with the sentiment, but decided best to keep that to himself for now. "Yeah - very formerly."

"Is this gonna be a regular happening? I can leak it to some of the underground tech types, rope in some young blood on fun projects like this to bring up the next generation of great engineers?" He holds up his hands in advance. "Or, not, either way."

He gestures back at the bots, clearing his throat. "I take it you're the organizer?"


Jake eyed him for a moment at

Jake eyed him for a moment at the headline offered. "Ok... least it's not clickbait but..." He looked over his shoulder at the battling bots. "Uh. Ok I guess as a human interest piece it makes sense?"

Jake sounded at least a little bemused, like not only was this strange reporter asking him questions about something he never thought would be of interest. But that he was also then randomly darting off into his notes and ideas verbally. It... was sort of like the vibe Jake himself gave when coding, not that he knew it.

"Oh - huh. Ok. I'm not familiar with that one but, emphasis on the word formally there I assume." He roped in the southern teeth gritting. Not the place, not the time. "Yeah, blurring out anything identifiable would be appreciated. It falls under the clean-ish fun category but I really don't want to have another 'conversation' with Colven, y'know?"

He made a mental note to check the man's background. Best to get an idea who he was if he didn't protect the images as well as promised. "So what sorta questions you got?"


"Ha! Dirty deeds lead to

"Ha! Dirty deeds lead to good clean fun? That's not a bad headline..." Bahram makes a quick note on the datapad.

"Chopper? ...okay actually that's pretty clever. Chopper because of the knife, but also helicopters have blades, and these guys seem like they could spin around. Could tie in well to a signature move." More notes feverishly in shorthand.

Jake's reaction to the mention of a quote has Bahram puzzled for a second before he recognizes that healthy dose of paranoia and laughs. "Crystal Pen dot net? Independent blog, formerly out of Belham. And no worries - given the, eh-heh, nature of the 'acquisition' of the fighters here, we'll blur faces and logos in the crowd and keep all sources anonymous."


Jake laughed, good humor

Jake laughed, good humor showing at the naming criticism. "Don't blame me for the names - I just steal - ah - creatively borrow - the machines from the Station for other people to doll up." He smirked. "I promise I return them.... usually."

Jake checked the name, "Eh - someone went with 'Chopper'? I think I like Surgeon better though. But Web Slinger?" He wrinkled his nose. "Maybe if we give it a moving arm to throw the net in front of it? Not much slinging otherwise, right?"

"Nice t'meet you -" Jake glanced over as the bots narrowly missed each other. 'Chopper' turned - seemingly following its opponent before deciding that a spot of dirt in the far corner was more interesting.

"Eh?" Jake looked back, as the rest of Bahram's words registered. "Quote? What?"

His eyes popped comically wide. "Oh no - naw - nope - I think it'd be a very good idea for my name to never come up in quotes. Like. Ever." Healthy paranoia as he eyed Bahram. "Who are you with?"


"Fisherman? No no no,"

"Fisherman? No no no," Bahram shakes his head, laughing as the bot backs over its own net. "That'll never stick. These are valiant machines, engaged in semi-mortal combat! It needs something with some 'oomph' to it."

He points to the one with the knife. "What do you call that one? I'm thinking 'The Surgeon.'"

He pulls the datapad down, still taking video of the fight but taking a moment to search for other good synonyms for the net bot. "What about Web Slinger? Too cliche?"

"Oh," he holds out a hand, criss-crossing his other arm as he keeps the datapad recording from a high angle to track both bots as they amble more around each other than remotely at one another, "Bahram. Are you the guy organizing this? I'd love to get a quote."


Jake grinned as he watched

Jake grinned as he watched the small crowd chatter, glad he'd gotten a break to do this. The robots were unmodified (what? He had to return them to the Station later when he could sneak them back onboard!) so the combat itself was essentially random. But he was expecting the one with the net to win - more of a chance of the material getting caught under wheels.

On the floor the bots start... vacuuming. Jousting. Kind of - one was steadily rushing across the floor. While the other seemed to be trying to bump it's way past the barricade of chairs, turning and bumbling into the next chair leg as it made it's way along the side of the 'arena'.

"Yep!" Jake grinned at the newcomer, nodding to the bots. "should, maybe, get under the wheels if it can get closer to... awww... come on Fisherman don't do that..." Jake was muttering as the cleaner with the net started to back up into it's own net. Thankfully not catching itself this time.

"Sure - Fisherman's the actual name -" He passed the datapad over for Bahram to get signed up. Then actually looked at the man. A smirk crossed his face before he offered his hand. "Hi. M'name's Jake. You're a new face -"


Crumpling up the next draft,

Crumpling up the next draft, Bahram flips the datapad face down and leans back in his seat with a frustrated sigh, tucking his hands behind his head and turning to look at the commotion over in a corner of the otherwise quiet dance floor.

Normally he came here because the business gave him plenty to get inspiration from when he ran into a wall. While that wasn't exactly an exception today, this was...definitely different.

His curiosity quickly gets the better of him, and he wanders over to join the crowd, craning his neck to watch the two little bots go head to head. Well, for things that don't have heads. "Is that...a net? They made a...Spartacus bot? Huh."

"Wait - are those scrubbers?" Bahram laughs, pulling his datapad around to start taking video. Could be good for a fluff piece, anyway, what with how thin most of the anniversary stuff had been in the end. But it got hits, so. "Ha! Okay, um, put me in for ten on the Spartacus bot."


"Ok - so -" Jake was talking

"Ok - so -" Jake was talking to a small crowd of folks in the corner of the dance floor. "Now the way this works is bouts will be five minutes long. If the cleaner disarms the other one - its a win. If it damages the other one - it's a win. You can bet on winning or winning by disarm at higher odds -" He pointed at his datapad. "Betting closes when the round starts. Ok? Ok."

And with a small flurry of activity, the relatively empty dance floor was cleared of dancers. Chairs lined the edges and two recently kidnapped floor cleaners placed in the center. One had a heavy chef's knife duct-taped to the top. The other had two forks trailing a small net behind it.

"Betting opens... Now!" Jake grinned, taking bets - mostly minor penny bets at best as the rest of the people around him (looked to be mostly engineering staff) voice their opinions on the weaponry that's been improvised for the machines.


Bahram taps the stylus

Bahram taps the stylus against his chin rapid-fire as he stares at the datapad, with the half-finished article staring back at him balefully. In the fullness of time, we will come to see ...what? We will come to see what in the fullness of time? The inevitable consequence of overbearing follyno that's just awful.

After coming at it from several similar high-dollar angles, he finally makes a crumpling gesture at the screen, watching with satisfaction as the file vanishes to the archive. It's not quite a rubbish bin, but still fairly satisfying.

Leaning over the datapad with a sigh and a consternated expression, he starts over from the get-go with the title, bringing it down to where it's accessible but still has that officious punch to it, saying it aloud just to get a feel for how it'll sound to the reader.

"The King is Dead: Our new direction is older than we think - oh, god, that's like clickbait, no no no..."


Cami watched as York fumbled

Cami watched as York fumbled about, dropped half the bill, and wrote her a note. She was kind of disappointed in him that he would ditch her kind of like this. It wasn't like they were on a date or something, but still, it didn't really make her feel secured to have one with him after this. She supposed she was being harsh and reached up and took the note from him. She nodded silently and then when he went to leave, she flipped the piece of note paper onto the table and looked at it from afar. She then set down her whiskey and began to finish her meal.

Slowly time passed, she listened to the music, watched the bartender do his thing, and rocked back and forth in her chair. Eventually she felt just like leaving and picked up the datapad, charged the whole thing to her account, and left the money he dropped as a tip. She sighed and took a good long look at the note before picking it back up. She couldn't guarantee that she would contact him, but really she thought he just needed to get his ass kicked, and she might be the one to do it to get the fear of what was unseen out of him.

She dealt every day with having the treatise's partners figuring out who she really was. Bring them on she figured. Let them send their people after her. She would deal with them as she had for years. But she had left her old life behind, and now if they thought they could stop a single footfall from stepping where she wanted to step, they had another thing coming.


With his helmet clicked back

With his helmet clicked back into place, York finished cleaning up the last of his space before getting out of his chair. He fumbled around in his pockets for a while before finding a few credits and a piece of scrap paper. The money he hastily dropped on the table while he started writing on the paper, looking over to Camisila every so often. "There's my half of the bill... I'm so sorry to run like this. But-... if you spotted me that fast, I don't want to risk things for now."

As he finished writing, he handed Camisila the note with his information before looking directly toward her. Despite wearing his helmet, she could tell underneath he was looking straight toward her eyes, his voice flustered in the audio port. "... we'll get together again, I promise. Trust me... I'm looking forward to it."

It was then York quickly made his exit, darting his head around every so often as he made his way out.

Sleepy times! Also good RP! Thanks Sean. :)


She let out a little breath

She let out a little breath of air as he didn't freak out at her. He started cleaning up his area and she watched him curiously. He was obviously bothered by being spotted. She smirked a bit as he instructed her on how she should keep it secret "Send him a message?" She was the one who would want a message if anything, and so she didn't comment, but merely said to keeping it a secret

"You don't have to worry about me. I have no intention of displaying who you are."

She leaned back in her chair as he moved to leave her by grabbing his helmet, watching slightly in disappointment as he was so rapidly going, hidden behind her whiskey glass. As he drank his drink rapidly, she pressed into the back of her chair briefly to tilt it up slightly on two legs and then flopped it back down silently before he was done.

"Well...I'll see you around then I guess."


"Well... at least that means

"Well... at least that means the helmet works." York picked up his dropped utensils and cleaned up his little area. He'd knocked around a couple items because of his little incident and frankly he didn't like his fork handle covered in ketchup.

Camisila's question didn't so much throw off York as the original comment had. It was pretty clear she either did not care about what happened, or supported him. Either way he was safe, but he was busy trying to plan his next move. "Send me a message, and we can work something out. You do realize you're going to have to keep this a secret though, yes?"

York reached back for his helmet after that, downing his entire glass of whiskey before trying to strap it in. Damn did it burn, but after a moment like that, he needed a drink.

I think I got about one more post left in me... maybe. Then I need serious sleep.


She couldn't deny she enjoyed

She couldn't deny she enjoyed the position of power she had in making the grown man drop his fork and knife. It made her bite the inside edge of her lip to stop from smiling too much. She instead turned her overwhelming compulsion to smile into a chance to take another bite of food. She shrugged idly at his question, like it wasn't that big of a deal.

"I've known since you took it off. I was in Galanor a while ago and saw your face over and over in front of me. I didn't want you to think I didn't know and think I was lying to you at a later date." She blushed a bit and set down her knife and fork, reaching for her glass to drink some whiskey.

"So...when would you like to teach me how to free-run?"

She asked with a cute voice, as if knowing he was still stunned and the question might shock his senses further.


"Me too." York chinked his

"Me too." York chinked his glass and got to eating. It seemed Camisila was doing the time, so it was a good opportunity to get some actual eating done. A lot of people had a tenancy to take one bite of food and sip their drink forever... York was gonna enjoy this.

He didn't have his peace forever. He'd finished half his fries by the time the steak came around, and it was absolutely delicious. It was juicy, flavorful, delicious, Camisila basically just outed him, the steak was just-

York dropped his knife and fork, freezing for the entirety of Camisila's look and only moving once she went back to eating. He coughed and set his arms down on the table before quietly speaking up, his tone a mix between seriousness and disappointment, mostly in himself. "... I knew I shouldn't have taken off my helmet."

"How long have you known?"


York got a little look on

York got a little look on that thick accent comment with a little bit of a playful glare. As she told her story, she couldn't think of how horrible her dad was, but it seemed York had a good dad. For his sake she pouted a little bit and raised her glass in kind, giving it a clink, even though she couldn't give a crap where her dad was.

"I hope one day you get back in contact with him."

She munched on her fries for a little bit and then picked up her steak knife and fork, slicing into the steak. She cut off a small bite and waited for him to take a decent bite of his steak before telling him with a playful smile

"It's not every day that I get to share a steak with a Galanor celebrity."

She gave him a look showing peace was there between them. Perhaps she was devious for waiting until he had a big bite in his mouth, but she calmly went about eating as if nothing had been mentioned, cutting her steak with deadly precision and taking small little bites.


{"It's good. Your accent is a

{"It's good. Your accent is a little thick though."} York smirked back at Camisila teasingly, his plate sat down in front of him. As Camisila told her story, York busily swirled a fry in his dipping sauce before taking a bite. He made sure to nod along and keep eye contact, letting her know he was still listening as he started eat.

Mentioning her father, he offered a frown in sympathy. "I'm sorry to hear that. I lost contact with my father a few years ago myself- miss him terribly. He's all the family I had since my Mom passed away. It's never fun losing someone you really care about." York swirled his whiskey glass for a few seconds before lifting it, holding up the glass before giving Camisila a look.

"A toast to Dads... wherever the hell they are, at least."


Taking in a sharp breath she

Taking in a sharp breath she listened intently as he started to speak in Dalhan. It took her a moment to realize it, but she was hearing her own language. She half expected him to lie, but he didn't, which made her consider some things. While girls liked cultured men, they liked men who didn't lie more.

[Ah, I see.] She said, about to speak more on the subject when the bartender came over to drop off their food. She said calmly and looked almost coldly up to him "Thanks"

He then set down York's plate and headed back behind the counter ["Well...It's good, no no practice."] With a sly smile on her face, she countered to him, speaking Rohearn {"How is my Rohearn?"} Granted if anyone else would hear them it may be picked up by their translator, but it was courteous of him to speak her language to her.

Returning back to common, she said While I am originally from Lake Hope, I'd say probably West Cove is more my home. I've spent about equal time at both places, and the last year I really got to spend some good quality time there without having to hop around myself. I've never really had a "home" per say. My dad was around until I hit my teens and then he bugged out. I got by though" She said as she ate a french fry plain.