Crescent Moon Theatre

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Crescent Moon Theatre

Crescent Moon Theatre

Founded by Loris Entrevan, the theater is one of the most impressive buildings in the Beth Bow district. Located in the northern block of the district the building is round, large, and domed at the top. The interior of the theater is divided up into a few major sections, with a number of rooms scattered about for various uses.

The main entrance way is vaulted, covered in marble and has etched as a centerpiece a Crescent Moon sigil in silver. From there it and other side entrances open up to lobby area where there are desks to handle admission sales and a bar where drink services are ran from. A deal has been worked with the various taverns and cafes in the district can come to serve their Food and Drink to theater patrons at the bar.

The main room that makes up the theater itself is a vast amphitheater, with the dome above it, and seating for hundreds upon hundreds of people. It slopes downward and curves inward in a half-circle, gently descending to the floor, made of stone and marble and then the stage. The dome had been enchanted by the Mage Guild to offer climate control for the whole building and is controlled with a temperature globe. There are thresholds on the enchantment to prevent anyone from being to go out of the range of 90 F to 40 F.

The theater has given tenure to a permanent troupe with part of their contract being that they must perform four shows a month on every Friday evening. These shows are free to the public.


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Ralean smiled and nodded

Ralean smiled and nodded slightly. It was good to know it'd help, even if it was just a little bit. It would give him an edge that others did not have. Making the chances that he was kept around just a bit higher.

Ralean nodded and followed behind. "Sounds like a plan. I look forward to working with you." Once he was officially added Ralean seemed to be all smiles. Taking the information for joining the guild and slipping it into his pocket her then took the hammer and got to work.

Could've gone better. But I'm in.


Adelaide watches as Ralean

Adelaide watches as Ralean shifts to at least a so-so approximation of the character, grinning to herself. "Well now, what's all this then? Certainly save on wardrobe and make-up, eh? Heh." She chuckles, tossing the page back on the floor with the others so that she won't forget where she left it.

"Right, c'mon then, let's get you joined up official-like, yeah? Only take a sec. Then I hope you're good with a hammer - we're short on crew, and I could use a spare hand or two with the sets..."

And with that, Addy will get Ralean officially added to the troupe, give him the information on joining the actor's guild within the city when he's ready, hand him a hammer and get him to work immediately.


As he hears the reaction a

As he hears the reaction a grin begins to form on Raleans face. It'd taken three tries, but he'd done it, he had an in. Which meant that over time he would be able to branch out a little more into the areas that he had trouble.Turning to face her he continued to smile.

As she explained the situation to him his eyes widened slightly. Both out of surprise as well as nervousness. As she finishes by asking if he agreed he nodded enthusiastically, taking the hand and shaking it with equal enthusiasm.

"Oh, there's something else I feel I should inform you of. A bit of a skill I picked up. Not really entirely sure it will be of any use, but I figure it's better to bring it up now than to mention it later and find out that it would have. And it does seem like it could definitely be of use. I just..."

Taking a moment to search through the papers on the floor he found one that gave a brief description of the character, and was happy to find it was the same dimensions as he was thus not ruining his suit. He took a moment to read it over enough to memorize it, then, he shifted to look like the description on the page, stepping forward afterward and handing her the page before taking a bow.


When he wraps up the scene

When he wraps up the scene and turns to walk off, there a sound of slow applause behind him. Adelaide is grinning, though still somehow looking like she's half-asleep in the midst of it. "There it is! Right, improve for you, then."

"See, as it happens, a few of me best up and naffed off for a southern spot of work, leavin' me a bit short, savvy? So I figure you could play one of the big parts we need. We'll loosen up the script some, yeah? Just cues to go off of an' all."

"That is, assumin' you're still interested, guv. What d'ya say?" She spits in her palm and holds it out toward him hopefully.


Ralean gives a small chuckled

Ralean gives a small chuckled at the part about nobody liking squirrels. Then as she mentioned working on things later he felt a wave of relief wash over him. Later was good, it meant there was a later.

As she took the pages and threw them aside he watched them fall, wondering what sorts of things he hadn't seen mixed among the pages. As she spoke he looked back to her face, nodding slightly and awaiting the chance to get into character.

"WOAH" He took a step back and raised his hands with the palms facing outward. "All I knew is that there was a woman in the palace who had asked me to help her escape. And if the guards were not so careless with their arrows she would have never gotten hurt." He said, sounding defensive.

[1] He takes another step back, voice taking on a sadder tone as she continued. "Okay, okay, I messed up. Royally. But this isn't on you. There's nothing tying you to this, I will leave in the middle of the night and the only thing you need to tell them is that I took off when I heard what hell was to reign down on me."

[2] He watched her as she paced. Then as she fell to her knees he sighed. "I am sorry." He crosses the room and places a hand on her shoulder. Listening as she speaks he nods softly. " In the morning, go and tell them that I ran. Tell them that I tricked you into thinking it was not me and that when you woke up there was no sign of me. Tell the children what you wish. But know that this was not what I had intended to happen."

[3] As she fell silent he stood there for a moment before sighing. "I should sleep." He said softly before turning and walking away.


When he finishes the scene,

When he finishes the scene, Adelaide stands upright again, wringing out her jaw to loosen it up after keeping it fixed off-kilter for that long. Then she snickers, rolling her shoulder back. "Heh, squirrels, always a hit. Ain't nobody likes 'em but they all like laughin' 'bout 'em, eh?"

"Awright, so you can read a script, we can work on the overacting later. Should be good fer a few laughs in the meantime anyway. Let's try something harder, then - maybe you're feeling all crammed in, is it? Here then."

She snatches the script and tosses it aside, the pages scattering everywhere. Hopefully they're numbered. "Ad lib, as they say. I'll start a scene, you react, savvy? See how it goes when you're not starin' at someone else's rubbish."

And with that, she slips into her part again, looking every bit like she wants to take Ralean's head off. "Yooouuu daffy bastard, have you any idea what you've done?! That was the empress' daughter, that was!"

[1] She pauses for a response before advancing on him, still fuming mad in-character. "I don't care! You've brought down a mountain o' trouble on us and our kin, you have. Ohhh, what'll we do, what'll we do? It's a proper disaster, it is..."

[2] She starts to pace, again leaving room for his line before falling to her knees, looking destitute. "So that's it, then? It's finally come to this. Mind, it's not that I never expected it would. All right, then. We'll do it in the morning. Gather your things, and mind you don't wake the children. Someone in this house ought to have some bloody sleep..."

[3] She then falls silent, leaving him to finish the scene.

Last one :) Again, CHA plus skill for the roll. If you like, three points for Ral to fill in his ad libbed lines are annotated above. Spin whatever yarn you like :)


Ralean nodded softly as she

Ralean nodded softly as she responded to his attempts at acting. His only real explanation was the nervousness. Which was not helped by it's effect on his acting. But that road lead to spiraling and thus he tried to ignore it.

As she takes the script and hands it back to him on a different page he nods slightly. He didn't particularly know how well he would do at comedy, he preferred Drama. But at this point he needed to prove himself in order to get anywhere.

After a moment of looking at the script he cleared his throat again and stood as tall as he could. Pacing back and forth he started. "Spade." He said in a commanding voice. "The time has come for me to enact my final plan for world domination." He looked over at Adelaide, a look of both anger and confusion coming to his face. "What? No, not squirrel domination. WORLD DOMINATION." He yelled, resuming his pacing. "Too long has the world stayed free and with this last master plan I shall take what the people hold most dear." He stopped again and looked toward her again. "Not their pants you blithering simpleton. Their intelligence. With this invention, THIS COMBINATION OF MAGIC AND MACHINE, every man woman and child in the kingdom shall be under my control, for noone will be smart enough to stand against me." He pulls an imaginary sheet off of the invention and standing triumphantly in front of it. "When the calculation have been completed all that need be done is to push the button." He whipped his head around as Spade went to hit the button on the machine. "No you fool don't touch..." He paused, slouching slightly and blinking a few times. When he spoke again his voice had lost the commanding tone but kept the loud volume. On top of this it seemed his IQ had dropped. "What was I talking about? Oh, yeah, squirrel domination. The furry tree people need to learn a lesson. And we're going to show... we're going to teach them." Looking at the invention he mimed tearing a piece off of it and swinging it a few times. "Yes, squirrel smasher."

Once again it seemed the scene was over and he looked to Adelaide expectantly.


The theatre director

The theatre director maintains her aloof, noble persona until the scene finishes, before shrugging it off like a winter coat indoors and returning to her petulant-teen aesthetic. "Right, well, like you said, no formal trainin'. Maybe drama's not ya thing, yeah? Here, I know--"

She plucks the script from his hand, leafing through several pages before handing it back to him with an impish grin. "Let's try this then. Bit o' comedy - folks love a comedy. You be Rabadoo and I'll be Spade."

She then drops into a hunched pose, one arm swaying free, the other clutched up close to her chest. She looks up at Ralean, her eyes crossed and jaw off-kilter, looking every bit the fool and ghoulish aid to 'Rabadoo the Mad Wizard.'

[As before, CHA with skill, please :) ]


Ralean smiled slightly as she

Ralean smiled slightly as she seemed to find his lack of formal experience to be a good thing. At the question of what made him want to act Ralean hesitated slightly before admitting. "Just a chance to 'be someone else' once in a while."

Ralean nodded as she mentioned a demonstration. When she walked away he took a moment to stretch and calm the nervousness he was feeling. As she returned and handed him the paper he took it and looked it over, then as she became impatient he nodded and cleared his throat. Taking one last look at the script he began.

"Isabelle." He said, taking a step toward her, his voice taking on a slightly sadder, but mostly encouraging tone. "Darling, you need not worry." He cupped her face in his hand, wiping away an imaginary tear with his thumb. "The stories of the enemy as inhuman monsters are tales told by mad men and deserters. This enemy is as mortal as you or I, and this shall be proven within the month." He placed a hand on her stomach. "By the time our son is born this 'war' will be a distant memory and we shall be happy. But until then I cannot dessert my brothers." He looks off toward the 'door' and nods before tuning back to her . "Do not worry love, I will be home soon." Ralean leans in for one last passionate kiss before turning and heading toward the 'door'. He looked over his shoulder one last time from the door, giving an encouraging smile before heading off to battle.

Once the scene was over Ralean shuffled through the pages for a moment. "That's all I've got here.


Adelaide nods, taking it in

Adelaide nods, taking it in stride. "Ah good, fresh clay then. Could use more like them. So then what makes you wanna act, Mister Hall-well? Not gettin' enough vegetables in ya diet, is it?"

She laughs at her own bit, shaking her head. "Right, well, enough of that. How's about you show me what you've got, eh?" She holds up a finger to signal to him to wait, heads to a corner of the backstage room to rummage in a cupboard, and then returns with a few pieces of crinkled, stained parchment. She hands them to him. "You read Ser Roderick's part, then. I'll be Isabelle."

"C'mon, c'mon, ain't got all day..." She sets her hands on her hips, suddenly shifting into a noble posture and momentarily looking like she was born to wear the gaudy purple and yellow finery she's currently in.

[If you would please give me a CHA roll with your next post for selling the part :) You can use any scene for "Ser Roderick" you'd like.]


Ralean tilts his head ever so

Ralean tilts his head ever so slightly to one side as she laughs. Then as she speaks he simply lets it go for the time being.

At the next question he kicks himself for not having figured that would be a question he was asked. "Well if I'm being entirely honest I do not have any formal training. So I'm not entirely sure." He realized it put him at a disadvantage to admit this. But lying would be worse in the long run.


Adelaide laughs for a second,

Adelaide laughs for a second, covering her mouth. She clears her throat before continuing. "...right, sorry. That's good timing, that is."

"So what type of acting d'y'do, then? Stand-up, slapstick, drama, the big boomin' voice o' the narrator? C'mon love, what's ya flavor?" The woman speaks fast enough it's a wonder she can be understood at all. And despite all the finery she's draped in, she seems more like an agitated teenager than a theater manager the longer this goes on...


Ralean nodded and followed

Ralean nodded and followed the woman as she walked backstage. A smile crossed his face as he noticed the difference in noise and for a moment he simply looked back the way they had come. "It's Hall-well." He corrected as she said his name, quickly turning around o face her again. Then at the question he shook his head. "Actor." He said, smiling. He liked the thought of calling himself, even now when it wasn't a sure thing.


The woman looks Ralean over

The woman looks Ralean over again before nodding to him, gesturing for him to follow and walking through the chaotic turf of the theatre to the backstage area, where it's surprisingly quieter despite all the construction still going on. "Right then, Mister Hah-lee-well, down to business. What's yer craft, eh? Fancy yourself a financier? Publicist? Director maybe?"

She gestures back toward the dulled-out noise of the theatre. "You can see where in the thick of it here, yeah? Show's still months out, lots o' work to be done, plenty of holes ta fill. C'mon, out with it."


Ralean smirked a bit at the

Ralean smirked a bit at the woman's comment. "Well I would certainly prefer to work here" He left out the 'because it's probably here or nowhere at this point'. Letting slip that he was not otherwise capable of finding employment could cut into the amount that they would be willing to pay him. As they would have the leverage of him otherwise being jobless.

Ralean quickly took her hand. "Ralean, Ralean Hallewell." He said, smiling "Pleasure to meet you."


Hearing a voice behind her,

Hearing a voice behind her, the woman turns, looking almost like she's half-asleep. She looks Ralean over once before answering, not making any effort to hide the fact. "Oh yeah? You mean here, or just the general notion of gettin' paid to do work?"

She's interrupted by a particularly loud 'crack' of a hammer on unbraced wood. The woman winces, holding out a hand in greeting. "Adelaide Marsham. Annnnnd you are?"


The noise was a bit startling

The noise was a bit startling in it's intensity but after a moment Ralean was able to adjust. The business was both intimidating and exiting. Ralean smiled a little as he watched, then, realizing he was here for a purpose he returned to his goal and headed in the direction of the woman.

"Excuse me." He said, once within earshot. There was slight hesitance in his voice, so he cleared his throat and attempted to hide it before speaking again. "I would like to talk to someone about employment."


As Ralean steps in side, he's

As Ralean steps in side, he's hit with a wash of noise all at once that was barely perceptible just outside the door. The theatre troupe is in full swing - sawing, hammering and yelling as they work on building extravagant sets can be heard from every corner. There's a smell of chemicals in the air, and members of the crew regularly march between the different sections ferrying supplies about.

In the heart of it all, standing in the center of the gallery and observing the goings on is a blond half-elven woman wearing purple and yellow finery that could only belong on the stage. She has her back to Ralean and her hands up to frame the stage, getting a feel for where everything should fit once the set pieces are completed.

If anyone's the one to talk to about a job, it looks like it would be her.


Today was the first day in a

Today was the first day in a long time that he knew what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to become an actor, not only because of the success that he could have doing so, but because it would help him hone his abilities making any possible work in the future just a bit easier. There was always the chance that one day the goal would change. But this was what he wanted to do now, and the money would undoubtedly help him in the winter months, as hearing his home was something that was no easy to do with little money.

He'd come in his original form this afternoon. The attempt at distancing himself from the constant use of other forms was going easier than he had expected. But he knew this was in part due to the newfound confidence he had.

He'd decided that it was likely a good idea to make a good impression, thus he'd worn the suit that had been neglected as of late. It wasn't exactly expensive looking, but it was one of the best looking things that he owned, and it fit him well in this form

As he approached the Crescent Moon Theatre he attempted to ignore the butterflies in his stomach. I can do this, just focus, and everything will be ok. "I can do this." He said quietly to himself before walking forward and stepping through the door, taking a look around as he did so.


Addy adds her signature to

Addy adds her signature to the contract, nods, hands it back to Johnny and gets to her feet. "Cool. Pleasure doing blah blah blah. Just swing by when you want to rehearse."

She offers a halfhearted wave before returning to the stage, calling over the other three actors she'd named in the contract and going over the details with them so they can be prepared for the 'big day.'

And with that, we may be ready to do the 'live show'


Seryi read over the contract

Seryi read over the contract as well. It seemed straight-forward but only a fool failed to read such things. He nodded through each piece, costs and waivers. There was a half chuckle as all off Beth's Bow counted as dangerous - that may change in coming years. Then down to the bottom. Leeds signature was that of an extrovert - sloppy big loops and spaces - and fast - enough so it was nearly a squiggle to read the name, at best.

He passed the paper back to her for the signing. So long as they didn't ask too many questions, and it seemed the troupe leader wasn't too interested in doing so - they would get along fine.


Addy nods, seemingly

Addy nods, seemingly satisfied. When Johnny's pencil catches up, he hands her the finished contract. She skims it quickly, then offers it to Seryi to inspect, and simply waits.

The contract matches what was advertised, with some addenda about extra cost and waivers for performing in dangerous locations (like the middle of the street, or nearly all of Beth Bow), rates for additional rehearsals and some contingency plans for alternates and understudies.

At the bottom is a place for her signature and his.


Seryi muffled his smile at

Seryi muffled his smile at her response to his role in this, and Leeds continued on blithely on the matter. At the least he had the skill to handle his part in it. If he could pleasantly surprise her, he'd feel confident in that. Of course he couldn't really tell her the whole situation - then she'd be an accessory, and no one liked being an accessory.

Seryi nodded as she jotted down the details. He had a good bankroll (if temporary at the moment given the bank's arrangements) so the details of payment wouldn't be too much an issue for him. Tips well - he would be the one tipping the crew, as they wouldn't exactly be sticking around afterwards. But it would be quite a generous one at that.

"Aye - I'll be at rehearsal with you,"

He nodded to her as she worked through the location questions. "Public, natural lighting. Moving traffic. Haven Croft." He answered the questions once she was done with the list.


The woman seems to be

The woman seems to be fighting the urge to roll her eyes when the director mentions he'll be playing the noble. She hated working with amateurs. She instead manages a heavy sigh, calling out with more volume than is really necessary: "Johnny!"

Out of the troupe, a short man in a green vest makes his way to the edge of the stage, hopping down with a piece of parchment in one hand and a graphite stick in the other, like he already knew what she wanted. "Yeah, Addy?"

"Four," she answers. "Me, Vernon, Theo and Olivia."

Johnny nods, and sets about drawing up what is most likely a contract, which Addy starts summarizing even as it's being written. "'Kay. Or outdoor performance rates are set by the guild. It's half up front, and the other half after the performance. Any tips go to the troupe, to be split as we see fit."

She glances over to see how Johnny is progressing with the written version. "Since you're playing a part, you wanna rehearse with us beforehand?"

"Location," Johnny mutters, barely pausing in his scrawling.

Addy snaps her fingers. "Right. Will this performance be taking place in a public area? Well lit? Should we expect a standing crowd, or moving traffic? And what district of the city?" She counts each question off on her fingers, nodding to herself as she finishes to confirm she remembered them all.


Seryi watched her for a

Seryi watched her for a moment, taking a good feel of the woman's personality as she sat. It was rather surprising, but she seemed actually... on the up and up. For an actor at least. Still, if she didn't ask too many questions - then just as well. He would have to keep her and her troupe on tap for future 'realistic street performances' as needed.

"I was thinking four - I like the structure you outlined up there -" He nodded towards the stage, "The only wrinkle is - I will be playing the role of the noble being arrested." He smiled, playing the part of a slightly arrogant director.

"Performance is in about a week." He gestured to the stage, "And based on what I saw - I'm confident you can pull it off. What will you need for me to arrange for the troupe?"


Weirdly, the woman seems

Weirdly, the woman seems completely on-the-level. It's like all her energy and vibrance goes into her roles, and there's nothing left over for her everyday interactions. If there's a con going on there, he can't see it.

She takes the offered seat, crossing her arms again and shrugging at the question. "Just curious. How many of us you want for this thing?"


Seryi took her in as she

Seryi took her in as she approached - all the little ticks and tells - as talented an actor as she seemed to be, he needed to know if she was something more than that. And well, he wouldn't give up that answer himself if he was asked - he certainly didn't expect her to. So he watched for the tells as she interacted with her troupe - the little things might be enough to tell him what he was dealing with.

As she came down to talk to him, he nodded to one of the other chairs nearby - close enough to talk without having to yell or be overheard. "... street art, or something -" The answer was neutral enough that in court she wouldn't be charged (he hoped).

"All in all, a bit of commentary on the greed of the nobility -" He paused, a wry smile crossing his lips. "Do you need to know more?"


As the other actors exchange

As the other actors exchange a few proud, smiling glances, the lanky woman continues her lackluster stare, just nodding once to Leeds while scratching at something on her arm. "Cool."

She gestures at the troupe behind her. "Take five, guys." With that, she walks to the lip of the stage and hops down, walking over to Leeds but stopping a few feet away, waiting to see if he wants to go elsewhere to talk. "So, is this, like, street art or something?"


Leeds sat back, a wildly

Leeds sat back, a wildly delighted grin starting to cross his face. Whatever may be said for her day-to-day interactions, she had somehow managed to channel the very spirit of Captain Jaxx and her ilk into the performance. Hell, he was inclined to use the very script she had improvised as the base for this - perhaps a different protest on the noble's behalf - but all in all - absolutely epic. This might even work.

He clapped for the troupe, "Wonderful - that was wonderful." Leeds folded his hands together at his face, taking in the arrayed collection of actors for this little farce. He resisted the urge (barely) to ask for the scene again in the stylings of the eastern plays, or 'as if the actors were all cats'. His cover may be a little loopy, but that was in fact a dead on rendition of what he was aiming for and they deserved credit for it. "... that - yeah. Pretty much exactly what I was aiming for. Wonderful."

"You're on. Let's work out the details."