Beth Bow

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Beth Bow

The Beth Bow district takes up the north central part of Ramsalon Much of the area used to be the main graveyard of the city, Death Row, but after the Darkest Night Razzine had most of the graveyard destroyed and developed, starting with the centerpieces of the district - the Park Of Hope and Kane Coliseum Since then apartment houses, tenement housing, and a number of businesses have grown around the centerpieces. There are still a few untouched areas which retain their dark past, such as a small section of old crypts and the Sinkhole, but these are under armed guard, and are not to be tampered with by the public.

This district is also considered the poorest section of the city as those that survived the destruction of Shanty Town were relocated to Beth Bow, creating clusters of very rough and derelict neighborhoods in the area. The edge along the river has also become a haven for smuggler and other criminal types as quick access and being right at the northern border of the city make for quick escapes.

Beth Bow is laid out in a block style of neighborhoods with the Park of Hope at the very center and everything else spreads from there. There are four main housing blocks: Housing North, Housing East, Housing South and Housing West. Various businesses, warehouses, and inns are scattered between the housing blocks and then along the border of the river.

RP Chatroom

Park Of Hope RP Chatroom - A large park that was built at the very center of Beth Bow to celebrate the transition of the former graveyard into someplace of hope and new beginnings. It isn't as lush as the Grand Park but it does have its own kind of beauty even despite some of the spill over of years of not being able to keep up with the needs of the city's displaced citizens.

New Beginnings - A halfway house and soup kitchen located in the east area of the Park of Hope. It offers a temporary shelter and means for residents to train and learn new skills to help get a new start.

Kane Coliseum RP Chatroom - Right at the south edge of the Park of Hope, acting as the border of the park and Housing South of Beth Bow is a grand Coliseum and one of the top wonders within the very city. It is the most spectacular structure in all of Beth Bow. Within the massive structure is the main tournament style arena which is surrounded by a few beautiful gardens and several rooms and hall ways that have several statues, murals and paintings showing the valor of Ramsalon's many great heros and warriors.

Victory Portal Courtyard - The portal known as Victory Portal which connects Ramsalon to GHOUL and Victory City was moved out of Kane Coliseum and into a larger courtyard to to handle the increased volume of heavy traffic flow of merchants and average travelers. It is right outside the northwest side of Kane Coliseum, and much of the area is covered offering protection against the weather and shade from the sun. The portal itself is up against a back wall that is very tall and thick. The path leading up to the portal is lined with murals and statues that used to be in the former portal room that depict important victories of the groups of armies that fought to defend Ramsalon during the Darknest Night and the following Orc War and those that would defeat Necromos Right above the portal is the largest mural and most beautifully detailed, is of the images of five Nargols leaning over, as if staring into the pool. There are also benches and spaces for people to stop and rest, with small trees and bushes providing some cozy backdrops. Vendors of all kinds can be found scattered about. The courtyard can be locked down with heavy gates containing the area should the portal ever be used against the city again.

Beth Bow Crypts RP Chatroom - what little remains of the grave yard Death Row of which Beth Bow was built over. Here crypts are built or maintained to house the ashes of the dead that remain to have the city be their final resting place. Though many citizens avoid them as during the Darkest Night many of the graves were used to provide fodder for Necromos' Undead army as he invaded and there is a bit of a dangerous sink hole that has claimed those a bit too adventurous.

Beth Bow Junkyard RP Chatroom - Tucked away on the east side of the district, a section of the district has become a junk yard as people needed a place to store scraps and junk turning it into a scavengers paradise.

Housing North RP Chatroom
Perhaps the most secure housing block in all the district thanks to the location of the Guard House and the near constant presence of the guards and soldiers that also take up residence in the block as well. The state of the housings is average at best, but are some of the better constructed long term housing developments in the district.

    Crescent Moon Theatre RP Chatroom - An impressive structure only second to the Kane Coliseum that provides entertainment for the locals in a very comfortable venue. Every Friday there are shows put on that are free to the public.

    Beth Bow Guardhouse - One of the main stations of operations for the Ramsalon Guard. Also the location of the jail.

    Dry Bones RP Chatroom- The local watering hole - a hole in the wall pop-up of a bar tucked between two larger establishments. It's the sort of place where the bar runs along one wall, booths along the other and just enough room in the middle to walk to the bathrooms in the back. The drink selection comes in strong, stronger, and whiskey. The Bones doesn't bother with hiring bodyguards - the Guardhouse is just a few blocks over and the off-duty guards (if they're not drunk and starting the fight themselves) serve the purpose well enough as it is.
    Try the ribs! The dry rub is delicious!

Housing East RP Chatroom
Located east of the Park of Hope, this block was one of the first Sets of housing developed to begin finding places to put the displaced citizens of the city from the events of the Darkest Night. Many of the buildings are hastily and shoddily built, almost no better than shacks, or crammed tightly together to get as many people a room as possible. Many warehouses also dot the block as housing that eventually becomes too derelict to be a residence are re-purposed.

    Pero Derilias Gradeschool - A large school made for children of all ages. It is named after a man that has done more than the citizens know for Beth Bow, Pero Derilias. Standing in the forefront of the eastern housing blocks the Pero Derilias Grade School is the first of its kind in Ramsalon. A twenty-eight classroom building, things of all nature are taught here from math, languages, etiquette, history, and science, to the supernatural. The teaching staff knows what they are doing and the children of Beth Bow are getting wonderful educations.

    Crawfang Tavern - One of the first taverns built during the development of Beth Bow. Blending in with the shoddy and slum like surroundings, it is a simple ale house with a very basic menu and cheap beer, but its location has proved useful for those that know what lurks beneath the surface.

    River's Run RP Chatroom - Often known by a nick name, the bar is one of those where you need to know someone to find the place. Once you do find it, the place looks like it has seen better days, don't expect any food service and half the drinks taste like dish water was added. Despite its rough patrons, it has been able to remain low key providing a place to service certain needs.

Housing West RP Chatroom
To the west of the Park of Hope lay the west block of housing and was the second section to be developed. At the front of the block there is a large hospital. Much of the housing in this section is slightly better than that in the Housing East as more time and higher quality materials was used to build them, though shoddy shacks do line many of the streets as homes can not be built fast enough to home the displaced citizens.

    Louise Vixan Hospital RP Chatroom - A beautiful hospital just west of the Park of Hope. A large four story structure, crafted of very sturdy, old timber the hospital itself is a marvel to behold. Magical and mechanical lifting and lowering platforms allow for easy access to all floors. The building itself is protected from all kinds of magical attack and is near impossible to burn down. The hospital is named to honor the healer whom is said to have saved many in the city from the black oil on the Darkest Night, and performed many a service for the people of Ramsalon in her lifetime.

Housing South RP Chatroom
To the south of the Park of Hope is the massive Kane Coliseum and then the southern block of housing. The houses in thise section are some of the best houses in Beth Bow, strategically placed to show anyone coming to the Coliseum that quality homes do exist in this place and that the displaced people truly are being treated like full citizens of Ramsalon once again. The houses are not overly lavish, but of very good quality and several middle scale businesses dot the block offering a near suburban feel to the one section compared to the rest of Beth Bow.


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Mo would not object even for

Mo would not object even for a bit more of company on the way home. Before returning right to that nice cozy blanket.

Indeed thank you! and I appreciate the patience with the delays there on this crazy day <3


"Well, we just need to go

"Well, we just need to go chase down our first client. Then it'll all take off." Catherine said with a smirk.

She nodded. "True. Proper garments are very key. Then again there may be a very special group who'd pay more for the jiggle. It'd be like a sport. Catching your food before it makes an escape."

"Hell, that's half the battle right there. Just observing. Not everyone can do it." She agreed.

She nodded. "It is getting to be that time." She agreed. "I'm headed out myself. Mind if I walk with you for a bit?" She said. She figured their paths would diverge in a few blocks, but it's always better to walk for a bit with a friend.

After paying the tab it would be back out to the cool early evening air. It had been a very exciting day to visit Beth Bow. And Catherine definitely had a story to tell when she got home that night.

Thank you so very much for the RP! It was really fun!


"New side hobby, manager for

"New side hobby, manager for book writing bats."

With a slight waggle of her finger and not missing a beat. "They do make special outfits for certain occasions to help with that, and offer some protection for the food, some of it does get unpleasant sitting there for a bit. A bit sticky too."

"Well you get two people together that tend to be rather observant, and they are sure to figure something out, and get to something that is to be well received."

Mo nodded her head "True, I have a bit of a habit to try and prevent such, why its one of the talents I made sure to cultivate, She said with a tap to the side of her head
"So perhaps, trying his best to respectful, while trying to ensure he does try and figure your true desires."

Her pastry was done, and the tea cup was now empty. Now it seemed with every door opening it seemed a bit chiller, calling as the hour was drifting to the evening.

"However speaking again of more cozy things. I think it is time I head back. Another long day come the morrow and well, there is also no rest for the wicked. But I can at least enjoy my rather comfortable blanket."


"Well, in that case I'm gonna

"Well, in that case I'm gonna want a cut. So he better get a good deal." Catherine said with a smirk.

She sighed. "Ah, damn. In that case they probably can't do too much to teach me. I've got way too many jiggly bits and they're definitely not going anywhere any time soon." She said with a little laugh.

She was grateful for the assist as Mo leaned in. "Very. And thank you for giving such nice advice." Catherine said with a grin. "I owe you more than one gift basket after the dividends it's paid out."

"Well, creepy isn't the word I'd use for something like that." Catherine said with a shrug. "But he is an excellent team builder if nothing else."

Sounds like a plan. It's been groovy!


"You sell yourself short,

"You sell yourself short, probably could get a small series out of it."

She laughed a bit. "I would be a bit worried if some of the food was overtly fluffy at that point. It is a bit niche there but most that do it spend a lot of time learning how to lay as still as possible. You know like those illusionists assists taht often do the floating trick? The can stiffin themselves up pretty good."

As Catherine seems to stumble about on her words and filling in with nods, Mo just leaned in on the table. "So I take he did very well with the advice then, and the results were, pleasant?"

"Well now you can be assured, that its a tad less creepy, but rather the man knows how to outsource to make sure he is doing well."

prolly got one more post then bed time


She laughed. "Well, give him

She laughed. "Well, give him a chance and he could write for the paper at the very minimum." She said with a smirk.

She laughed again. "I could lay there and just recite the recipes that match the food stacked on me." She said with a deep giggle. "But only foods that don't tickle. Nothing too fluffy or I'll giggle it right onto the floor. And lord knows I already giggle too much so I'll have to be trained up anyway."

"He never does." She admitted. "I'm pretty sure he's just one really fabulous cape away from being a hero in one of those books I love reading." She said with a laugh.

She nodded. "That makes sense. That was about the time we uh... Well, yeah. That makes sense." She said with a nod.

She chuckled. "Here I thought he was reading my mind, but he was also picking your brain." She said with a laugh.


Mo just grinned "Though could

Mo just grinned "Though could you just imagine the tales from that little bat's point of view."

"Ah yeah that's pretty good." A wry smile crossed her lips. "You could make some good money being one of those models they pay to lay naked and pretend to be a platter and serve up some food."

She nodded a little. "I would imagine the intensity is relative to his goals, especially as he seemed to be one that didn't want to miss the smallest detail."

She hummed in thought as she tried to recall their first conversation. "I think the first one, was about the time of the book case building. Right when things were budding. He hasn't been afraid to make inquiries here and there, even if just a double check to make sure he picked up the right idea."


Catherine couldn't help but

Catherine couldn't help but nod. "It's true." She smiled. "Bedrooms are the best caves for hibernations too. And now it's spring and we get to burst out and find snacks." She said chomping down on her pastry.

She laughed. "Cozy. Yes, that's the word. Lets use that one instead of cavernous." She said, nearly breathless with the giggles at that point. "As long as he doesn't mind the constant screaming, he may just try to take up formal residence there year round."

"Oh, I'm very sure you can say just about anything to a drunk person and they'll either not remember it, or just like that it's you saying it. But I'm pretty sure that's a talent that you're just naturally better than most at." She said with a little shrug. "You could try it with reading them a recipe in a different language." She leaned forward, putting on her best 'alluring' voice (which really just meant talking even lower toned than usual). "Three Eggs, A cup and a half of flour, one cup of uncooked chicken..." She said in slightly slow paced Falnoric to try to make it sound cool.

"Exactly. There's just so much out there. Sometimes things could sound good on paper and then..." She wrinkled up her nose a little. "Not great in practice. So it's good to check."

Catherine made another one of those teakettle sounds. Only slightly less of a ear piercing whistle and more of an aww, thankfully. "He's sweet like that." She said with a blush. She looked down at the table. "I don't think I've ever met anyone who studies others the way he does. It's intense sometimes. But really endearing." She looked up again. "When did he ask you?" She was curious because she was pretty sure she could guess when a marked improvement had occurred, but she wasn't totally sure.


"I mean in your defense it is

"I mean in your defense it is pretty dark and dreamy during the winter. One of the perfect weathers for drifting into naps."

Mo couldn't help but to grin as Catherine worked herself into a bit of a panic at the very idea. " I mean true, is cavernous, and bat just adores caves, and to find one so cozy...." she decided to stop before she had a day old biscuit tossed at her head. Not that she would mind a biscuit.

"Oh it is, even if its just for a bit of amusement just to look at the bewildered faces, or such. Anymore its hard to tell, but aye glad I only have to worry about it for mostly drunken patrons whom probably don't understand half of what I say, so long as it sounds pretty and in certain tones." she said with a chuckle.

"Mhmm, and well such affairs is not everyone's cup of tea, so just as well. Get a taste, and offer more if desired."

Mo nodded her head "That he did. He was very studious to know what exactly would make for your kind of romance and interests, rather presuming to know."


"Well, especially with my

"Well, especially with my name. I'm pretty sure my parents knew exactly what kind of kid I'd end up being in the winter." She said with a laugh.

"Oh god, no! I am not tit-jobbing a damn bat. There's so much blasted cleavage in there he'd be climbing around for a week." She blurted out with a horrified look on her face. It was more audible than it really should have been.The moment it left her mouth she flinched and shut her eyes. "I'm in public... Good gods save me from myself." And it was then that she turned awfully red again.
She nodded as she composed. "All it's flying for not when it's in a rat nest." She said. "Pretty sure no amount of treats could coax it out when it's wrapped up like that."

She nodded. "They really are, aren't they? Every time I think I've figured out the lingo they have something even newer and more clever. It's a race I'm glad I'm not running constantly, that's for sure."

"Gauging the temperature before diving in. I can respect that." She agreed. "Especially when the gauging is so cute."

She raised an eyebrow. "Oh? Did he really?"


"Napping is a very wonderful

"Napping is a very wonderful way to spend much of the winter. Least I think so, I wouldn't mind at the very least."

"I think the bigger worry is if it got to your neck, you get in a frantic panic, and next thing that happens is the bat drops down in the nearest little nook of shadow. Now that would have probably made for some stories." She couldn't help but to chuckle about the hair. "well they are use to flying about bushes, though if it got cozy, then I think it would have been an adventure."

"With some youth you could be as serious as possible and they would still twist it about. I mean those bland stories about a carrot, and they make up all new innuendos just to sneak it past their parents. I mean many of those wee ones are a bit too clever."

"Alone and blushing? Oh no no, the alone is for more, physical moments. Its more fun to try and get the blushing in less anticipated moments, though with a bit of timing considered. Or seeing if anyone wants to experience what may happen in the more secluded moments."

Mo chuckled a little. "Well science can also appreciate said handsome man is also not above asking friends for advice to ensure the perfect nights."


"Oh, I hadn't even thought of

"Oh, I hadn't even thought of that." Catherine admitted. "They could play in the other rooms and then go to that one at the end for snuggles." She said with a little smile. Totally not figuring out the world even though she does is her shtick at this lunch.
"I think I've been napping all winter." She said with a giggle.

She laughed hard and nodded. "If it had gotten to my neck I'm pretty sure I would have never stopped screaming. You'd have found me six miles away still shrieking even after it was safely gone and flying away." She said. "Oh god, if it had gotten to my hair!" She realized suddenly. She clutched at her wild hair a second, not doing much to tame the wildness at all. "It would have never gotten out."

She chuckled. "Hopefully the innuendo will be thick enough that the kids really will think that tips on how to maximize your squash efficiency really will sound like gardening articles." She said. "And if not, just make sure your editor puts a comment box outside that leads to the incinerator. Boom. Problem solved."

"I have literally zero problem imagining that... Not that I imagine you two alone blushing often... Well, ok, I'm only human." She joked. "Well, science is going to go home to a very adorable man tonight, so science always appreciates some research to get in that state of anticipation." She said with a laugh.


She let out a long little hum

She let out a long little hum on the don't hurt someone bit. "Well, at least not intentionally. Some people pay good money for the right amount of hurt." Then left a long pause as she took a draught of her tea, with the ever slight gleam in her eyes.
Though she couldn't help but to laugh at Catherine's love of naps. "I think everyone does every now and then if we are being honest."

"At least one? I would have thought at least 2 with the way your eyes widened in that one moment, especially as the bat was going for, higher ground."

She laughed a little. Though heavens know how many parents would come storming along as soon as the little ones seemed to catch any of the more riske articles and mimicking them back at the worst possible times. Or even better, hearing it said by a friend and well putting their own little embellishments."

Mo just grinned a little. "Oh I could have him three reds shy of a cherry and then some with the right little whisper. Though if you are inviting a more, intimate witty remark. I am sure we can manage. I mean it is after all, for science." and there may have been a rather suggestive way of taking a bite of her pastry in there as well.


"It's fun to play around but

"It's fun to play around but you don't wanna actually hurt someone. Those puffy bits likely help a bit." Catherine agreed. She started to chuckle though. "I imagine at least it'd stop some of those "Watch this cool move" tragedies. Falling while naked is even worse than fully clothed. Not that I've done either. I'm extremely coordinated and graceful." She lied with a smirk.
"Aaah, after sex naps are great." She agreed. "Every so often I just skip the sex entirely."

"Yeah. I feel like the partners that wake us up nicely are the most treasured of all." She mused.

"There'd have been at least one extra shaped like me in that wall." She joked pointing over her shoulder.

She laughed. "It could be a whole section though. One people read just to see how much blushing they can do. And besides, we need to make the news fun again. I don't want to know about carrot season unless they make it sexy."

She raised an eyebrow a little at the tease. "Listen, I'm not a good gauge. I blush over everything. You gotta get Seryi. I bet you can do that constantly, so you know you've made it to the big leagues." She said. "Besides, I barely blushed. You hardly even flustered me." She teased back. Totally a fib, but it's not like she'd just admit how it had gotten her mind going down some very different paths.


" Well, they could work, but

" Well, they could work, but some have them for some wee bit rougher kind of play, and perhaps bit more, tumbly bit of positions. Especially when one things they are not as acrobatic as they think."
"Though they are also good for a nap afterwards."

"I mean truly, the transition to the waking has to be as gentle as possible, and a little pampering goes a long way. As well as a nice cozy fire."

"I just feared that the building may not had survived, lest a new entrance have been made in the panic."

She laughed a little at the mention writing copy for the Rumors and Riddles " I may be able to get through one before I end up taking more liberties then should be in a story for the paper. I mean after all you seemed to get a waft of the heat at the mere mention of a riding crop."


She nodded. "Good knee

She nodded. "Good knee support does seem to be one of the most romantic gifts ever." She said with a little laugh. One would have assumed that after so long living in the city she'd have a little less of that 'sheltered' aspect to her. But somehow no matter what she sees or how much rather risque fiction she reads, it always seems to surprise her the way some folks spend their time. "Oooh, fully padded rooms would be a hoot. Although then I'd probably just fall asleep right there and be no fun at all."

She nodded. "Absolutely!" She agreed. "There's nothing quite so lovely." She sighed. "Warm tea and pastries do help. Also if they've already started a fire that you can cuddle near to help ease the transition as best possible."

Catherine hazarded a glance around. Even in her state she'd noticed quite a few about ready. "Very much like dominoes. I think that it would have been a stampede."

Catherine laughed. "You could write copy for Rumors and Riddles." She said with a big grin. "I especially like the idea of the random person three blocks away getting interviewed. By then your tale of heroism would have you sounding even more capable and more statuesquely beautiful than you already do. 'The Angel of The Bow.' Something like that."


"Then you only need to worry

"Then you only need to worry about making sure everyone has fashionable pillows for their knees, after all, love is a very important sacrament to take in proper." She was of no help what so ever.

"I know! There is a very sacred moment in time where you reach the zenith cozy with one's blanket and only to have that ripped harshly away to the cruel cold harshness of the waking moment. It only suffices if one is offered an acceptable gift of warm team and pastries."

Mo just giggled "I am sure you wasn't alone in that. Like one of those precarious dominoes set up where even the wrong breath and it all goes crashing."

"The Chills and Thrills one a bat's day afternoon. Or Terror in the teacup more like it. Followed by nothing but random snippets of those that heard the commotion but wasn't there, presuming to culminate into some story of a creature causing panic with the young misses until a lovely heroin saved the day wooing all."


There was a slightly faraway

There was a slightly faraway look in Catherine's eyes as she pictured it. "Oh my... Yes..." She mused. Well now, it seemed to have gotten quite a bit warmer in the cafe all of a sudden.

"Oh! That's a grievous crime. Pulling blankets is a class one offense in my book." She said with a little shiver. "Blankets are meant to be kept on. It's just politeness."

"I'm just glad you were fast. I'm pretty sure I had about three more seconds before I shrieked bloody murder and scared it back inside." She admitted with a little giggle. She gently patted Moreaaiwe's hand in thanks. "You saved me and the bat all in one fell swoop."

Catherine giggled hard. "Oooh, see... Now I'm picturing the headlines. Something like 'shrieking woman scares bat into friend's face' or 'why residents of the Bow heard screams of pure terror yesterday'. The second one's a bit less catchy, but I feel like some people within a few blocks would have certainly had some questions." She said with a smirk. "Pretty sure I would never live it down and also have to pin a copy to my wall out of pride."


Moreaaiwe just grinned "I

Moreaaiwe just grinned "I think then all you would be missing are the riding crops and swings."

"Aye considering it already had an untimed and rude awakening, I know I would be rather startled if I had a gush of cool air to my face. I mean you just pull the blanket away and I am in chaos."

Mo nodded a little bit "Well I know one moment there you looked like a tea kettle ready to just boil over. So, much appreciation in finding the will power to hold out as little while longer. Even with a rather grabby batling."

Mo just chuckled a little bit. "Was the least I could do for everyone. I can only image what would happen if everyone didn't manage to keep their cool. Likely somehting to get us a tale in the next day's paper."


She laughed. "Well, a big

She laughed. "Well, a big enough room and I'm not sure my fingers would be able to handle it all." She said with a giggle. "But I think the only way to know for sure is to try it and see. I'll bring goggles or blindfolds or something if it gets to be too extravagant." A short beat passed as she realized. "Wait, that's a different sort of party altogether."

She nodded. Taking another breath herself. "I can relate to the racing heart." She admitted as she got much calmer.

"A little too much too suddenly." She agreed. The jarring warm to cold air had been pretty extreme.

She watched more closely as Moreaaiwe got it outside. It definitely liked it's spot (as she'd figured it probably would). But as it finally flew away she was sure it was on it's way to another fun adventure. Hopefully involving less bonk-y rafters this time.

"Much." She admitted. "You know, I've seen hundreds of them outside. But inside... That was a shock."

She grinned. "Well, next round of pastries is definitely on me. Thanks for saving me from a full on meltdown."


"But what if everyone in the

"But what if everyone in the room is wearing one of yours? Or would that be one of those forbidden gatherings as no single mortal would be able to handle the sheer extravagance of it all?" She said in turn with a raise of her own tea cup.

The whole scene had seem like some breath taking moment before the climax of the turning scene of a play. Like one where all the threads have been brought together for the big reveal for the shock and awe. Only less shock and awe and more potential mess as a cascade of screams and panic was on the cusp.

But somehow they managed and she had the bat. She nodded her head to Catherine as she asked if it was ok. "Mmmhmm I believe so. Its little heart is racing, but it has had itself quite the adventure. Its wings feel ok. so I think it was just startled, and likely the gust from the door confused it a little more."

She then walked out the door as held by Catherine, and started uncupping her hand to give the bat some room to move about. At first it didn't seem to want to stir but in time it opened its wings and made its way off to find some other nook until as such would be a better time for it to hunt.

With it gone she walked back in giving Catherine a glance over. "Feeling better now?"


"Very grumbly ones." She

"Very grumbly ones." She admitted. "But sometimes that can be fun."

She raised her teacup in a toast. Damn straight." She said with a laugh. "May no one ever get lost in a room when they're wearing something I've made. If it's not pulling all attention, even drunken, then what's the point?"

The look Mo gave her calmed her just enough that she didn't keep shrieking too much. She took a sort of choking little breath out, and luckily it wasn't a scream. It could have gone either way, but thanks to Mo keeping her calm as possible she didn't go full steam whistle.

As it climbed up higher, Catherine just clamped her eyes shut. Nope. Can't see it, it can't scare you. Just like a kid under the blankets. Eyelid blankets work too. She took a deep breath as she felt her reach for the little guy and it climbed off her.

Catherine breathed out a sigh of relief as she felt that. She opened her eyes and took a couple calming breaths as she saw Mo had the little one safely in her hands. She couldn't help but sneak a peek now that it was a more relative safe distance from her once more. It was dreadfully adorable and now that her heart was slowing down to a more normal rhythm she could tell it was in the best possible hands.

"It's ok?" She asked, making sure Mo had plenty of time to check the little one over.


"Those would be some truly

"Those would be some truly inconvenient party trays, unless that was part of the intent. Though would give a new meaning to ones heart through the stomach."

Mo mouthed too far to echo Catherine with little air quotes "My dear when it fashion and you I don't think you even pay attention to the possibility of, "too far" She teased in softly. It wasn't a bad thing, but they woman truly had no room to talk in the realm of spectacularly ridiculous.

Mo wasn't sure if she needed to restrain Catherine or get to the bat. It was a seeming powder keg that could shrill off any moment.

She mustered what silent pleading eyes she could to Catherine to just hold still for a couple of seconds. As she reached out to scoop the bat.

At first the bat was having none of it and began to climb the shirt. Nothing like a bat honk to help the rising scream.....
Though eventually Mo was able to coax the bat to climb onto her hand.

Immediately and as gentle as she could showed Catherine she had the bat, as she patted it down. Also making sure it wasn't injured, just in case it was more then confusion making it have a surprise landing.


Catherine laughed hard. "Oh

Catherine laughed hard. "Oh gods, they'd look like party trays. I'm in love." She wiped her eye a little. "Me, go too far in the name of fashion? NEVER!" She feigned shock very poorly (but then she's not great at acting). "I mean, it's not like I'd go so far as to make a dress coated entirely in food... That would be too far." She added with a wink. It was still one of her favorite dresses of all time.

Catherine winced slightly. "I believe it. I read a book the other day that clearly expected me to know a LOT more slang than I do. That or they were definitely toying with me." She said with a shrug.

With more attention on the bat, Catherine was just working on making sure she didn't flub up her part. This was key. Doors. She had it.

No she didn't.

As the bat latched on, Catherine's already giant eyes widened to a near impossible size. A sharp sound began deep within her. Like a teakettle starting to boil. That hint way within that someone is about to scream bloody murder but it hasn't gotten up to their mouth just yet.

She tried to just not move and stop that sound coming out of her. She didn't want to mess things up and as Mo got close she just kept teakettling (only as soft as she could manage as it was hugging her). In any other circumstance she would adore cuddling something small and adorable like this. But indoors she was having some sort of weird crisis.

Definitely another successful roll! :D


"Now there would be a

"Now there would be a seasonal fashion statement. I am sure someone would then try to figure out if they could hide snacks in the darts as well. Or other trinkets" she said with a little laugh.
"Just do take care, you don't slip up too much for the sake of science there." she said in jest with a slight stick out of her tongue, having Catherine's own little wit about 'pet names' come back about.

Mo just laughed and rolled her eyes a little. "Sadly some are even worse then that. Believe it or not."

The bat was still a bit erratic in its descent. Didn't help once it was in view, a couple of patrons was shocked and the loud clatter of china and chairs confused the poor thing as it swung about for a moment. But Mo pressed on and evenatually came to the door.

Catherine did manage to open it, but the sudden woosh of air offered the bat a new obstacle and for a moment it went and clutched itself to Catherine's shirt, holding on to it for dear life.

Mo rush overed to try and quitely keep her friend calm, and try to coax the bat back to the path of the door.


"There would be so many

"There would be so many meatheads looking like porcupines to impress someone they had their eye on." Catherine said with a little sigh. She giggled wickedly at the suggestion. "It's all about misdirection. It's not my fault if drunken eyes are naturally prone to certain patterns." She wrung her hands together like some b-grade evil mastermind from one of her books.

"Oh, that would be fun." She said giggling. "They must have heard of the Shinkan Slide. And I hear that the Ramsalonian raft is all the rage in the fall once the apples come into season." She teased.

Catherine watched in anticipation as the little bat flitted around still frantic. But as it calmed down she worried less and less about it slamming into something and hurting itself. Thankfully, the little guy seemed to absolutely adore Mo's 'song' to it, and it followed along very well.

"It's working!" She gushed. She wasn't surprised Mo had done it (after all, she knew how talented she was). But she was very pleased that it seemed to have been able to do so without any injuries.

As it drew close she pulled the door open with a swoosh. Just fast enough to make the gust hopefully go right toward it and also not make anyone else in the restaurant confused or startled.


"Eventually get enough

"Eventually get enough wayward darts and then you get a new game no doubt. As eventually you get the embolden to see where and how many darts they may take." She said with a waggle of her finger "Just don't go about making a dress to encourage certain targets."

"I am sure there are plenty of courts that try to be witty with the pet names for more lewd acts. Though half the fun is if you get one brand new to the more adult end of the festivities and they are trying their best to seem rather experienced so you feed them the wrong names." she grinned a tad wickedly.

Once there was an escape path, Mo went to work with her song. Trying to pick something soothing to help calm the poor bat down while getting its attention without being a bit, much, for the non bat patrons. Trying to accommodate for everyone for the moment it would take.

It took a couple of moments, but slowly and surely the bat became less frantic and started to in a more orderly fashion go from beam to beam, taking its time to track the allruing sound.

Course by then Mo had put herself right near the door as to get it close, and the little bat came swooping down, and seemingly towards Catherine manning the door.


"Like training against little

"Like training against little baby spears." Catherine agreed. "As long as it doesn't go in anywhere too... squishy... it should be fine." She said, subconsciously blinking a whole bunch in the brief moments where those particular squishy parts flitted through her head. "Heck, I bet even I could take a dart or two if I was really drunk." She mused with a little giggle. "I should enter my name one of those nights. Fame and glory await."

"Exactly." She said with a laugh. "Besides, code names will have to be all the rage one of these days. I've just got to try to beat the trend."

She nodded. "I can also be... a bit much." She admitted. She started to try to hide her smirk but it still pulled at her cheeks a little. "If I had to wake up to an overly chipper version of myself every morning I would likely fly around in a mad rush to get away too."

"OK!" She said quickly. She stood up, trying hard not to draw too much attention to her actions, while also trying to be as fast as possible.

The windows looked like good options, but she was worried about trying to open one when there were tables so close by. So she figured that her best bet would be to try the door when Mo got it close. Between her abilities and the draft she figured it just might work. She put one hand on the doorknob and then turned to Mo with a big thumbs up. She was ready to pull the door open the second it got close.

Looks very much like a success roll to me. :)


She nodded her head When the

She nodded her head When the safe games have all lost their appeal, I guess some do have to find a way to get their kicks off somehow. But you know with the danger comes all that more excitement. Though least with the darts, most just leaves flesh wounds as opposed to something more dire."

Mo just smirked "Well not the most romantic name for it, but I suppose it does the job. Least less likely to become a social pariah."

She nodded her head "Aye, plenty of nooks, nice and warm, and seemingly all alone so seems safe enough, and then now you have two ladies under you having tea and pastries. While perhaps not the most startling thing, if you wasn't expect it, then can still be a surprise."

"At this point wouldn't hurt to try. Get the door open or try and find a window. I shall see what I can muster that up."

*With that she stood from her table, trying her best to keep eyes on the bat and try and coax it to a safe direction."