Sirian Quarterly Update: Jul 2016

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Sirian Quarterly Update: Jul 2016

Update on Operation: Homefront
The Treatise Body’s continued aggressive efforts to restore a foothold on the planet and push back against the Crowned and Unlife threat has been met with repeated failure, and the ongoing exhaustion of resources has led to open calls to abandon the operation in favor of improving orbital habitation conditions for the long-term.

Desperate for a win, the Treatise Body is now investing heavily in unconventional approaches to warfare, including custom biological weapons tailored to the DRNV strain. Efforts have been made to enlist willing test subjects from the Halo station to try and isolate physiology which might help target the Crowned, but so far Halo’s makeshift leadership has blocked all efforts, citing concerns over what such studies could pave the way for in the future.

Public Denouncement of New Domai
Tensions continue to rise between the Treatise Body and the Independents of New Domai, leading to a public denouncement by the TB Administration, demanding New Domai turn over those responsible for the attacks on TB shipments to Ardiel. Meanwhile, news from New Domai suggests that their leadership are decrying the Treatise Body military for guerilla raids against their own supply vessels. It’s unclear where the truth is amid all the chaff from both sides.

While neither the Independents nor the Treatise Body can current risk open conflict on a grand scale, it’s clear that tensions have reached the point where small, clandestine scuffles are likely in the coming months and years.

As the conflict grows more heated, the lawless haven of Shrapnel City only gains in number and influence. Already, most of the small, unaffiliated makeshift habitats in orbit have been forced to take their chances in Shrapnel City, and the denizens are already making a killing playing both the Independents and the Treatise Body against one another.

Nebular Exploration
The Gargorian nation continues to push exploration efforts to the furthest reaches of the nebula. They are currently working on a small fleet of science vessels designed for unmanned outer-system exploration. The probes launch soon and should arrive at their destination within a few months if all goes according to plan.

At the suggestion of a team of young but promising interns, they have equipped the probes with the same capture and manipulation interface as the various holorooms, allowing for those piloting the probes to experience and interact with the distant environments as though they were actually there.