Ramsalon's Winter Revelry

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Ramsalon's Winter Revelry

It has become a tradition here in the Vaxia Setting to hold a kind of end of year festivities, this is known as the Tournament of Champions, and every year we have been expanding the event.

This year it will be known as the Winter Revelry and it will be a four day event spanning December 30 2015 to Jan 2nd 2016, and each day will have a series of events in addition to the usual tournament action. We will also be spreading out the tournament events so we don't have to rush like we did last year. Some events have some pre session requirements in order to participate in hence the posting of this now to inform what is coming and how to get started.

The Tournament of Champions has 3 types of combat style competition to participate in:

    The Sorcerer’s Showdown - A showcase of some of the city’s finest spell casters out to see whom wields their magical talents to earn them victory. Rules: Magic Spells only

    The Brawler’s Clash - A showcase of some of the cities greatest physical fighters whom use their physical prowess and wit to see who will stand as the others fall. Rules: No Magic Spells or effects

    The Champions Free for All - The competition that started it all. A no hold bar display of the the various magical and physical fighters of the city competing to see whom can overcome opponents that may throw one type or all types of magical or physical fight their way.

    Anyone is allowed to participate in all of the competitions so long as they can follow the rules of each.
    Only one character per player in each type of competition.

Tentative Schedule (some items may be removed or rearranged depending on signups or what happens at the scheduled day):

Dec 30
Start time: 1pm PST | 4pm EST
    Opening Ceremonies
      Parade of Participants to the Arena
      Performances at the Arena
      Decorating of the Arena - offerings to honor the fights, past and present, here and deceased

    Tournament of Champions: The Brawler's Clash

    Evening Festivities:

      Cooking competition to win being featured at the Feast of Champions
      Fashion Competition to win being featured at the Revelry Ball
        These competition have some pre event preparations to be done.
        Players must do a scene of the character in the contest 'crafting' their item for the competition.
        The crafting scene can only have 3 crafting rolls performed.
        The scene must be submitted no later then Dec 23rd.
        The character will be given a chance to sway the judges to their favor at the actual competition.

      Various art options/opportunity - TBD
      Mini feats of ‘strength’ showings - TBD
      Drinking competition with last years champions

      Only one character per player in each type of competition.

Dec 31
Start time: 1pm PST | 4pm EST

Tournament of Champions: The Sorcerer’s Showdown

The Nobles Showing:
The people of Ramsalon are known for following leaders of action. This year they are bringing something more to the Revelry - a charity. Here the various noble houses of the city and those that they have invited from all will compete and showcase a select set of activities of their choosing. All proceeds generated by the event will go to a set of charities they support. This years charities: Star Child Orphanage, Foundation of Hope, and The Agricultural Assurance Organization

This year’s selections:

    An Auction

If a player wishes to participate in the event can do some preliminary RP to be patroned by a noble to participate. There are no official prizes for doing so. But one may be able to earn reputation and gain a foot in the door in certain social aspects.
For the auction - there is a bit more. A character may donate an item to the auction via a Noble they can convince to be a patron of them for the showing. If this is done then a reward will be worked out equal to the worth of the item donated. Items can be crafted or bought.
If interested please contact me so I can send you a list of the families involved and let you choose which of them you would like to do your character attempting to get a patron scene with. This must be done no later then Dec 23.

Jan 1
Start time: 1pm PST | 4pm EST

Tournament of Champions: The Champions Free for All

Winter Revelry Ball
Nothing says giant celebration then a giant fancy party right? Dancing, drinking, socializing of all kinds to be had. Even a bit of gambling, artists displays and shopping.

Jan 2
Start time: 1pm PST | 4pm EST

Tournament of Champions Finals - Our winners are determined from each combat type!

Closing Ceremonies

    Champions Awarded and Recognized
    Performances at the Arena
    Honoring of the Fallen
    Parade of Champions leading to the Feast of Champions

Feast of Champions
A giant feast to thank and celebrate all participants of the tournament, and to let everyone eat and drink until they can’t eat no more.

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A few tentative grabs...

All of my suggestions are completely subject to change. If any A/SH or SH would like one of these instead just say so, and I am extremely happy to mentor instead. :)

So, with that in mind, I would like to request the following slots as either a mentor or a session runner.

December 30th Evening Festivites: Drinking Contest (evening event)

January 1st: Winter Revelry Ball (evening event)

January 2nd: Tournament of Champions Finals (We've got a lot of A/SHs who have more combat ready characters than I do, and so I would be keen to take this one so that they would all have a chance to compete in the combat event of their choosing.)

As stated above, A/SH's feel free to grab any one of these events or time slots and I will mentor you. :)

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Tomorrow, Dec 23, is the last day to submit any scenes for the Winter Revelry competitions.

Saturday Dec 26, will be the last day for signing up a character for the Tournament of Champions. (it was originally going to be Friday but then I saw what day it was XD)