Non Critical Bug: Eligible for election as lead?

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Non Critical Bug: Eligible for election as lead?

Short Description: So, I was on my account page, and happened to look at the Election Setting box, and it says that I'm eligible for lead position in all 3 departments? o.O

Browser: Chrome
Version: 49.0.2623.112 m
Computer / Interface: Win7 Pro

Are you logged in when you do this? Yes

Steps to replicate:

0) Starting from URL:
1) Clicked on the Election Settings link to open the box.
2) Clicked the Edit tab to see if there was something that I had checked that shouldn't be checked, but couldn't find anything out of the ordinary.
3) Logged out, cleared my cache and updated Chrome, relaunched and still saw the same thing. I am eligible for Lead.

What you expected: I expected to see that I wasn't eligible for any lead position.
What you got: I saw the site saying that I am eligible for any lead position.

Other patterns:
No other patterned noticed at this time.

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The actual election code does

The actual election code does limit putting names in the hat to the right roles so I think this is just fields that aren't being hidden the way they should be on your display. So not a huge thing to worry about at the moment, but I'll add it on the next round of code. :)

Thanks for the thorough report!