Managing Expectations. IE: What to Expect From Your Time Here

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Managing Expectations. IE: What to Expect From Your Time Here

Vaxia is a game with pacing that stands alone in this day and age. While many forms of entertainment are geared toward instant gratification that is not the case here. What this means is that we play in a persistent world. Characters age in real time. They develop their skills and goals in a realistic and constantly fluctuating world. What does this mean for you as a player? For starters you'll have opportunities to see your characters grow and develop as you grow as a writer. You'll feel a real sense of accomplishment as you get to unlock rewards for your characters over time.

This lends itself to a state of mind that will serve you well here on Vaxia. Simply put: patience makes perfect! The old saying "Rome wasn't built in a day" definitely applies here. No matter what goals you set for your characters they will take time to complete. If you want to make an incredibly bad-ass character it takes a long time to do so. It's easy to look around at some of the high level characters and want what they have. But remember that the character might be 10+ years old. That player has put in a lot of work to get their skills and stats to where they are. You can get to that stage as well but it will take you an equal amount of work.

The three F's are easily found on the wiki. When it comes to the characters you play fairness is very important to consider when you manage your expectations. This is why everyone starts out with the same number of points to allocate and the same restrictions on their skills when they make a new character. You will level up over time but everyone started at the same level. That's why it's so important to keep that in mind when asking for new skills or items for your character. Items like talking swords are rare. So making a starting character that already has one won't work. You can always ask but be understanding if the answer is no. It's not personal, it's all about keeping the setting balanced. Your character can absolutely have a goal to get these kinds of items but it will likely take time/rp/work to make it happen.

Vaxia isn't for everyone. Some people can handle waiting 30 minutes or more for a post and others can't. If you find yourself feeling unable to wait, there's a chance that this game just isn't for you. There's no shame in that. Making an effort to show that you understand the system and the way the time commitment works counts for a lot. Instead of looking at the pace as slower than you would prefer, try and picture it as relaxing. It may not be the go-go-go that you're used to playing but that doesn't mean it's not equally good.

Please add onto this if you would like. After all, some people are very good at managing expectations, and others may have questions. Feel free to discuss this and add additional advice/concerns/tips or anything you believe helps the discussion.