A letter delivered to the Orchid (Mo)

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A letter delivered to the Orchid (Mo)

A letter was delivered last night to the Orchid. Inside the simple folded, unsealed envelope was a small note placard.

It Reads:

"Dear Moriaaiway,

I am sorry if I've slaughtered your name, but I felt a desire to write to you. I do hope this note reaches you. As you know, I make dresses, and after our talk on the beach and later throughout the night, I thought I'd whip up something for you. If you feel like, when you are free, I am generally home in the evening and up until very late at night. Feel free to stop by if you wish.

(Enclosed is her address in the Beth's Bow District close to the Wayward Ho)

Hope to see you soon,

There was little to no indication of the woman's very evident accent in the message and it was written with a very beautiful cursive, indicating attention to fine detail.