Grievance 09/12/2014 Closure

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Grievance 09/12/2014 Closure

As many of you know, we recently had a grievance filed on 9/12/14. Last night the results came in which can be seen here:

While it was a unanimous vote that there was no misconduct, we were one vote short of reaching the minimum number for a passing vote. So, as social lead I am going to close this out as we would an anonymous mailer. I will explain why in detail in a moment. But first, let me explain why this wasn't handled as a mailer in the first case. Honestly, it should have been. I made a mistake by not stepping in to make it a mailer instead of a grievance due to the nature of the submission. So that was all my fault. I deeply and truly apologize for all the stress and conflict that it caused by continuing with the process as submitted instead of as it should have been.

Now, let me explain why this should have been a mailer and not a grievance, and why I am going to handle it as such.

-No evidence was provided with the filing. Most of it was vague accusations targeted toward multiple people which should have immediately set it up to be a mailer instead of a grievance. Not including relevant evidence should have immediately knocked it back to a mailer and allowed social to handle it privately.

-More importantly it wasn't calling into question a lead being able to do her job, but it was about a personal dispute between a lead and another player. At no point was her ability to lead called into question, but it merely asked if she'd misconducted herself as a player rather than as a lead. Which also means that it should never have been a grievance.

We have since clarified the submission forms for anonymous mailers and grievances to hopefully prevent any misunderstandings in the future. As well as a forum post on the social forums to explain the differences in submissions so that this can be easier for everyone.

So in summary, I'm going to do my job as social, and take this matter back into an anonymous mailer. With the unanimous votes, we have a clear and unmistakeable answer. Therefore I am closing the grievance due to the reasons that I've stated previously, so that Bastlynn is cleared of any charges of wrongdoing and may resume her roles onsite with no need for any more votes. Again I sincerely apologize for not handling this before in the manner necessary. If anyone disagrees with my decision, you may set up a proposal to open up my decision for review. And you may also voice any concerns you have below. Otherwise this matter will be closed out.

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Based on this, and talking

Based on this, and talking with LadyK about the logic involved now that we have clarified the grievance process. I'll be resuming active duty as Setting lead and tech admin.