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Businesses Ideas

Business Ideas
We’ve been trying to figure out how the business skill is relevant in relation to economy/business and I just had some ideas.

Here is what I think we should not do:
Every business is enabled to make a scene with a simple business roll each quarter for profit bonuses. (This is because it will overload the scene folder.)
Every business must come up with a business model for their business. (some people on the site are going to be teenagers or not good in business themselves, but their characters are, so we need to represent that fairly I feel)

Here is what I feel we maaaybe should do (I personally am not sure where I sit on this, but if you like it, whatevs):
Just as with a promotion in rank brings additional econ levels, so should be the case for business. So when a player gets to a certain predetermined and unmodified might (such as 40, 80, 100 and not modified by items), they are able to request a ‘business session’ where their business ability is measured. Based on that session, the SH is then able to reward the player with a boost in econ relative to the rolls and PP generated. It doesn’t have to be crazy long and epic unless both character and SH wish it to be, just a short session could do. Having a large enough gap in the might totals will ensure that SHs don’t get overwhelmed with requests either.

While most players would stop there and think, “Well why don’t I just raise my dress making skill and make more dresses. I’ll get more money that way.” I think these sessions will also have a greater reward on the business and player as a whole. I think we should leave it up to the discretion of the SH, but one such instance may be that the player is given a special item, and at a higher level, 25xps worth into a new charisma based skill or added into an existing one, and higher perhaps a significant boost with the reputation among multiple factions.

This I feel will encourage players to raise this skill for the purposes of how it relates to their business ventures rather than just wanting to raise their “dressmaking” skill.

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I like where you're going

I like where you're going with this.

Given how we're working on reputation and factions, it may have non-cash rewards you can't get by just selling dresses. Your shop isn't just a dress shop, it is THE dress shop, giving you a stat boost when dealing with certain groups and NPCs.

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Econ and business skills

In terms of encouraging folks to raise the skill, we have a bit of that already with the rules for recruitment sessions. The Econ boost received is based on the skill at the time of the recruitment session, and if you later raise the skill to the next tier, you could request a new recruitment session for promotion or a new store opening or whatever your character's 'job' is and gain the difference between the last boost and the new boost.

We cap the econ boost for employment at 15 deliberately to avoid someone with a high skill gaining massive rewards for a short solo session with typically no loss mechanic (recruitment sessions should hopefully never be fatal and failing to get recruited is both very difficult and simply means you can try again later). Beyond that, someone with high mights in a business skill would need to either craft and sell items or record scenes that would result in specific one-time boosts to silver that they could then invest.

Which means a business owner could submit scenes at any time for a chance at rewards of any of the usual types, it just wouldn't be a further Econ level boost directly (although silver rewards translate into effective boosted Econ scores). That's all assuming we keep the current model of econ boost for recruitment, which I believe System already has on their radar to look at and possibly replace with a fairer mechanic.

That's also assuming I read all this correctly and you're talking about PC-run businesses, solo sessions and resulting rewards. If you're talking about NPC businesses jockeying for better position within the city as a whole, that's a different can of worms altogether - although we do have a system we're piloting currently to try and make that a reality :)

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Here is basically what I have in my outline so far:

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Dropping a few more possible

Dropping a few more possible ideas here for when we get moving on this (with two other system discussions already going I don't want us to get too swamped). But I don't want to forget them int he possible things we can do with this.

* If we have a monthly roll for characters with businesses - we might be able to set up something like automatically generating a certain amount of silver a month without having to put a scene in - so a player could get a bennie from not having to make a scene for that chunk of change. Boosting the Econ score directly can be a huge impact esp if you already started with a high Econ - it's a big lever so I'd like to avoid using it if we can.

* I really like the reputation boost a lot actually since that's a universal thing. Not all businesses create items, so we should make sure we have non crafting businesses covered.