Azura and werewolves

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Azura and werewolves

So I was doing some research into the wiki and I decided that being a werewolf would be kind of cool. I was wondering if I could get someone to help me out with that, as since I can't just bam make him one I would need an Sh to either do a sort of solo session with me on it or i would have to do a scene and get it ruled. Either way thanks in advance


Ps if this is the wrong place to put this then my bad.

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There is a couple of things to becoming a werewolf.

It either happens by coming up in rp without prompt (aka getting infected during a session etc).
Or the character has earned the respect of one of the werewolf groups out in GHOUL, and gets one of them to infect him.

Since Azura is also past the 20 HXP we can't just alter that either.

In order to get set on the path you will have to earn some reputation with a pack of werewolves out in GHOUL.
There is also a set of laws that come with it (aka pack loyalty and their internal politics and laws and such, as well as GHOUL and Ramsalon laws regarding werebeast.) Which the character will have to deal with as well. Will cover some of the basics below.

Also it does look like we need to update the werebeast skills as I don't think they have been touched since the last skill revision we did. So do note those may change.

Werewolves are a condition that does require 40 HXP to qualify.
Atm you have that so you passed the first hurdle there.

As such, this condition does come with some extra maintenance and risks from play:

- Character is unplayable during forced changes.
(While we do have it noted that a SH can run something, due to the nature, for the moment System is concerned with the possible abuse that can be done. So atm we are making that unavailable until such a time we can develop a better way to handle the loss of control a forced change brings about. As especially during that play the character will do some actions regardless if the PC desires them to or not which may get the character into some very deep crap and then some. Especially in Ramsalon. Atm there is too much risk of a vindictive actions that could be taken. So for now, if there is a forced change - unplayable.)

- For Ramsalon there is an extra set of rules regarding werebeasts.
Historically werebeasts were either killed on site or the lucky ones shipped off to GHOUL.
This has weakened over time, and much of the people have kind of learned how to better handle werebeasts, but in some small pockets that resentment still runs high. So there is a small chance that upon being discovered the character may face some severe discrimination from NPCs or even PCs that choose to go down that line of play. This also may interfere with casual play and some sessions. Again small chance, but still a chance.
Part of the law for a werebeast to remain in Ramsalon is that they have to have some place where they can lock themselves away for a forced change. (considering the route you will have to take, that is likely to get taken care of in the overall process)
If they can't seem to control themselves or are found to be particularly dangerous (this doesn't even always apply to their werebeastism in general as there is still some biased) Then they will be banished from Ramsalon - the first time they will just be sent back to GHOUL and not allowed to come back. If they are found in Ramsalon once more after that, they may face some severe punishment, possible death.
So this does put some potential more weight should the character be found breaking any laws, or engages in constant aggressive and risky behaviors.

-Infecting other people
To infect anyone it requires a scene and consent. So there is no going around and biting other PCs to try and make them part of something they don't want to be. And in order to infect a willing PC they must go through Setting approval as well as they are subject to the same rules (IE need 40HXP and will need a run down with setting to ensure they know what they are getting into)
In regards to NPCs, it can be done through a SH monitored scene or in a session - however there are consequences.
An infected NPC may report the character triggering the above laws.
If a character is found infecting characters against their will - triggers the above laws.
An infected person does not have to be loyal to the one infecting them (they all still have free will)
Most people don't want to be infected - so that may trigger NPCs becoming vindictive against the character, along with the enacted laws.

As with all conditions needing Setting approval, if the player is found abusing the privilege of getting to have a character and playing it with this condition, they run the risk of loosing the character.

I think these are the big ones

So if you understand and agree to those terms, then you can get started by doing some solo scenes.

Azura will have to become rather friendly with a pack (or even a lone, but a pack would be his best bet) of werewolves in GHOUL. (I mention GHOUL as they are the closest and actually have a process for inducting a willing new pack member)

There are several groups which he could try.

Will work on getting some in for the actual rep rewarding here soonish.

But yeah you can start out with some solo scenes - Azura scouting out, trying to work his way in, earning respect and trust among the werewolf community and just kind of introducing himself.

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Alright then

Interesting enough, I might hold off on it for now but I definitely plan to. just depends on my free time to start doing some solo things actually. Thanks for the info.