2014.08.18 Leads Meeting

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2014.08.18 Leads Meeting

Post Gencon we held a meeting for the Leads to get caught up post Grievance, Anon. Mailer and the like. Given that we have both of these in progress at the moment, in order to avoid biasing the handling of those these notes are partial notes. After the related cases are wrapped, I'll update with the full notes and a copy of the audio from the meeting.

Many apologies for the minor editing here guys, but we're trying to keep the site in the loop and at the same time not stomp over the needs for handling social stuff.

Update: 08.27.2014 - Now that it looks like the mediations discussed in the meeting are resolved... here's the full notes, and I'll be getting a WAV file up shortly as well.

Meeting agenda:
a) Department Operations
- What to do in cases of non-compliance with disciplinary actions (general case, cold decision)

Non compliance: Is a yellow strike
* First we request to take a specific action
- those confused will ask on their own for assistance to get fixed
* Second request / refusal to follow direction -> yellow strike and immediately start training
- those who think they understood but didn't will be woken up with the yellow if they don't
- those tho don't care will hit the wall and deserve the yellow
- SHs who hit this for failing to follow rules within reason, may be down-graded to ASH for re-training
- Players may be asked to take specific actions / avoid doing specific things
* And rinse, repeat until red and out the door if a player is just not interested in following directions

b) Grievance Wrap-up
- Strikes to be given, if any, giving feedback on the matter to Social
- Other disciplinary actions and player training required?

* LadyK notes that there's a pattern and repetitions to trouble seen
* It was a lot - and I mean a lot - of actions and instances of these behaviors
- reminder - three yellows => red, red => gone for a month
* How many to give for the grievance?
- GE and Sin - initial warning and series of attacks
- Limbo and Grievance - secondary warning and yellow
- Tanya and interactions after - third set of behaviors
* Will be posted publicly with rational stated so far for department feedback before action
* Lady K will work through apologies, they must be public since the actions were public
* Exact Strikes to be determined
- LadyK feels confident she can work through them with reason
- More than one strike may be on the list, will try to use evidence as basis

* Basic ideas on the mediator test?
- Mediator test should be essay and human approved only given the job, no auto-approves
- Players with a yellow or red within a year, cannot become mediators
- Players who have the mediator role, lose the permission immediately on getting yellows / reds
- Abuse of power may actually be a red, revenge moderation is a hard limit

c) The recent mailer
- Review incident in Limbo
- Define if there were additional steps to be taken after situation cooled at the time
- Define if we want to allow "revenge" mailings after Social has already stepped in
- Determine any strikes to be given
- Determine other actions if required

* LadyK was witness, in her review:
- Some misunderstanding
- Then agressive short fuses
- And not letting it go, both escalated
- Neither rolled it back or asked re: misunderstanding that
- BOTH have taken the social test, both get a greenies
- LadyK stepped in and both stopped

* The rulings on Limbo re: Tanya / Sin may be already resolved per the Limbo conversation
- Maybe worth it to add a way for players to see when something is being addressed to assure action is being taken?

* Was the anon. mailing in combination with the post in forum possibly a setup attack on player's position?
- Zxe maybe as a attempt to hit at Tanya
- Maddy felt like that proximity is a little suspsious as well
- Bast too
- LadyK also felt it was a bit suspicious

BUT: we want* people to still feel able to come in and talk to Social about a poor ruling!
- So we want to make sure the precedent isn't being set of closing-the-door on the issue
- Zxe notes making sure Everyone gets covered in those reviews, so you Can shoot yourself in the foot
- So we're going to take that as a possible cost of having that open to review system, better than the other way around

* Social will handle the Anon Posting all on this one too, we'll use the standard systems in place
- Social will handle as a call for mediation

d) General Things To Do
- Getting a log of social interactions to-date, where to start?

* Savior - from Maddy logs
* GE - from Maddy logs
* Some stuff from Sin as wells, but we just want to keep the records going / up to date

e) Sinsational
- Are we a help or harm to him?
- Is he a help or harm to the community as a whole?

* Maddy: GE showed a desire to improve, Sin doesn't seem to be. Established strikes system will take care of community harm issue.
* Zxe: Help to neither. Harm is uncertain. Uncertain on judgement pending Social deciding, wants to see response to it.
* Bast: Not a help, temporary harm. But non-compliance strikes may solve the problem for us so let it ride.
* LadyK: Same, we'll see how the strikes handle out at this point.
* It's really clear that this Cannot continues, the site is ghost towning when Sin is around. But the system we have in place seems like it will be readily able to handle what's going on so we're still a go on using standard approaches and use the strikes to handle the disruption / encourage growth in the player. He'll have every opportunity provided to get it together that we'd provide to anyone else.

Actions To Do After Meeting:
* LadyK as Social will begin working through Strikes on Grievance and anything from the second Mailer
* Maddy will begin copying PMs / incidents over to Record keeping for Sav and GE pre-lead stuff
* Bast as Tech will set up a Record keeping system so that is separate from Strikes
* Bast will also setup the post and wav file for the forums

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And the audio of the meeting.

And the audio of the meeting is in the File depot under Public: http://vaxia.org/index.php?q=filedepot_download/11060/10