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Vaxia - General Reputation Groups

*Place holder for the moment for organizing purposes.*

The following are considered general reputation organizations which represent larger groups such as a general population of a city, rather then a more specific group.

These organizations often provide reputation which can come into play in keep track of a character's general reputation and overall notoriety or infamy.






GHOUL Werewolf Packs

  • Status of Organization: Active
  • Active Membership: 200
  • Where Based and Areas of Influence: GHOUL
  • Leadership: A council of the leaders of each pack, whom answer to the GHOUL Council
  • Legal Status: Most of them are in good legal standing.
  • Distinguishing Marks: --
  • Known Enemies: Werewolf hunters, couple of small groups that remain in Ramsalon
  • Known Allies:

    Founding origin

    When GHOUL was founded werecreatures were some of the beings that were taken in under their protection. Especially greatful many of these people have become a kind of foundation of the city and its people. They now all work to ensure that they will make the best out of GHOUL and ensure they never experience once again the turmoil and death that happened in Ramsalon ages ago.

    Werewolves have been at the forefront of this.

    Organization structure

    Each pack is more like a small extended family, often no larger then 10 members at a time.

    The packs do come together to form a larger organization in order to help ensure each pack can thrive and is protected. They often share resources and will fight together as needed. Sometimes conflicts between packs do happen, but they may request another pack send someone in to help sort things out. Though some conflicts are a bit more severe, and other packs not involved will stay out of it.

    While most of the packs are loyal to GHOUL and are law abiding, they will not turn over other packs which may not be as in the up and up unless their actions become severe enough to threaten the rest of them.

    Each pack governs themselves for the most part, however there is an overarching council of pack leaders which helps bridge the Council of GHOUL and their packs as a whole. They also often make decisions and declare actions should something arise that is too large for one pack to handle or is a threat to all of them.

    Current projects / Interests:

    Membership related information:

      How to join

      In order to join a werewolf pack of GHOUL one must be in good standing with the packs. They must prove themselves to be dedicated to their cause.

      When one reaches 10 reputation they will receive an invitation from the pack willing to take them in and make them a member. But they will not be turned.

      Once the member has become established with the pack they will be judged and then be offered the opportunity to start the process to be turned into a werewolf if they so desire.

      • This process is a petition to the Council of GHOUL for approval to turn a new werewolf.

      • The one wanting to be turned needs to be in good legal standing with GHOUL and have 20 rep with the werewolf packs

      • If the member meets those, then a mini scene will be done where a representative of the Council fills them in on the laws regarding their soon to be status (this also serves to make sure the player is informed of IC expectations and risks)

      • Once they agree to the laws and swear fealty to GHOUL and the pack, they will then be infected with the werewolf condition.

      Any benefits of membership

      Members of a werewolf pack have some access to the protection and resources the packs have to offer.
      Players can access these by doing scenes and rolling to see what will apply to the situation they are trying to invoke them for.

      Once they reach a good standing with the packs they will have the chance to be turned if desired.

      How to maintain membership and obligations

        Doing things that help promote and protect the interests of the packs.
        Performing tasks for the pack when called upon.
        Following the rules set in place by the packs.

        You do not turn anyone without approval of the pack
        The pack comes first, their needs are your needs
        You protect your packmates, don't do anything that puts them in danger

      How to leave (if you can)

        Leaving a pack can be rather messy, even more so with some of the past issues with Ramsalon tainting things.
        If one has grown unhappy with the pack they are in, they may petition another pack to take them instead. Of which the pack leads will make and agreement on something to trade for the transfer.

        If wanting to leave all packs together, one must declare their intent to go solo to the Council of GHOUL and the packs in writing.
        However someone will occasionally keep an eye on the former member to ensure no trouble will come back their way.

        One can also just cut off contact with them, however over time someone will come looking for them to ensure they are behaving and won't be causing any kind of trouble to fall upon the packs.

      How to get kicked out and any punishments incurred

        Disobey the rules put in place by the packs and GHOUL.
        Depending on the severity of infraction will determine the type of punishment. A small infraction will likely lead to just being exiled from all packs, a more severe infraction could lead to prison or even death.

        Cause too much trouble in Ramsalon
        Due to the history with Ramsalon, it is very easy for a werewolf pack face harsh legal repercussions should one of their own be found making trouble. This will lead to being exiled from the packs, leaving the member to face the consequences on their own, and possibly even turning the former member in to face punishment from the Ramsalon government in order to make amends and prevent any further harm to the packs.
        Those consequences/punishments will be depending on the severity of the trouble/laws broken.

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    This organization does NOT have goals
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    Cavum Fight Night - Suggested Rules

    Rules for Fight Night at The Cavum

    • Victors take home 100s per fight. Losers get no payout.
    • Fights last no longer than 5 rounds
      • At the start of the 6th round, the fighter or team that generated the most total PP during the five rounds is deemed the winner by the judges
      • This includes healing, buffing, etc. - all fight-relevant PP
    • No one outside the ring can assist or hinder those inside the ring
      • No CHA rolls to rally or demoralize, no magical buffs before going into the ring
      • Characters are allowed to try, but A/SHs should ignore the numerical effects of these actions
    • Unless specified, items and their effects are allowed - you can “buy” an assist
    • Generic weapons, armor and shields (light, medium or heavy) are provided for anyone who desires
    • Fights are non-lethal
      • Healers are on hand and succeed at restoring or reviving any combatants regardless of damage taken

    Betting Rules

    • Betting is capped at 50s per fight
    • Fighters can bet on themselves before a fight, but cannot bet on their opponents
    • Teams in team battles count as a single fighter for purposes of betting
    • Bets must be entered before the first round ruling narrative is posted
      • A/SHs are advised to ask for bets in their own short posts to ensure everyone gets theirs in on time
      • Players should specify bets - both the amount and who they're betting on - in an OOC note with their post
    • Unless otherwise noted, betting on a winner earns you money equal to your wager
      • If you bet 25s, you lose 25s for the wager. If your fighter wins, you then get 50s back, for a net gain of 25s
      • When an A/SH specifies different odds, they should clarify the exact payout for a winning bid
      • In a Battle Royale, picking a winner triples your wager (a bet of 25s nets you 50s). If the fighter you bet on comes in second, you get back your wager (gaining and losing nothing).

    The Wheel of Calamity
    To make Pit fights extra interesting, The Cavum installed a random wheel with fight conditions that could be spun before any fight. Some of these options can be directly chosen by the ruling A/SH if they seem particularly fitting, but otherwise, I recommend rolling to determine which option is selected. I encourage anyone to add additional options once they've been tested at least once in-game to ensure they work as intended.

    1. "Two Heads" - Team battle, two vs. two. Gamblers bet on teams, not fighters. Both fighters on the winning side win 100s individually.
    2. "Royale Road" - Battle royale/free-for-all, 3+ fighters, no teams. If the fighter a gambler picks to win comes in second, they get their wager refunded.
    3. "Bare Arms" - No items allowed. Includes armor and items which bolster Stats or skills. Weapons can be used, but no longer grant bonus damage or affect multi-action penalties.
    4. "Fire Pit" - The Pit sand is super-heated. Combatants take 5 damage at the end of each round (ignoring armor) unless they specifically use "move" or "endure" aspects (and associated actions) to avoid the damage.
    5. "Blackout" - The Pit is shrouded in shadow, though spectators can see combatants outlined by illusion magic. Use of "conceal" aspects or FIN rolls gain a +20 bonus. AWA rolls are required to detect your opponent(s) for targeting purposes.
    6. "All or Nothing" - Fighters are healed of all damage taken at the end of each round. The only way to win is to knock your opponent out in one round, or be the person to have done the most total damage when the 5 rounds are up.
    7. "Outlast" - Survival round, one fighter takes on 2 or more opponents and must remain conscious till the end of round 5 to win.
    8. "Lightning Round" - All damage is doubled. This doubling includes the bonus percentage from weapons. Armor subtracts damage after the damage has been doubled. All effects other than "damage" effects are calculated normally.
    9. "Rockhide" - All damage is halved. This halving includes the bonus percentage from weapons. Armor subtracts damage after the damage has been halved. All effects other than "damage" effects are calculated normally.
    10. "Kitchen Sink" - The Pit becomes a trap room:
      • Round 1: Darts shoot out of the walls (10-damage Environmental Effect)
      • Round 2: Darts + "Fire Pit" effect (see above)
      • Round 3: Darts + Fire Pit + The Pit floor rotates, placing everyone still on the ground at a -10 penalty to all actions. "move" aspects negate.
      • Round 4: Darts + Fire Pit + Rotating Floor + "Lightning Round" effect (see above). This does not include damage from traps.
      • Round 5: All trap effects end and all damage rules return to normal
    11. "Good and Evil" - THE RULES FOR THIS MATCH ARE NOT ANNOUNCED IN-CHARACTER. "repair" and "bolster" aspects become "damage" and "weaken" effects, damaging and debuffing their targets instead of healing and buffing them.




    Location Type: 


    Political Rank Play Guidelines

    Political rank play is intended to follow the more dynamic nature of those roles with in the game settings. This can be a ever changing story of gain and loss. This kind of play makes use of the Reputation and Rank System with some additional responsibilities for the players wishing to pursue this kind of play.

    These ranks require a certain amount of maintenance due to the ever changing nature of that type of play and that those roles have a more notable impact on the setting then most others. These positions are earned and must be maintained.

    For more information on how Setting determines which ranks can be filled by PCs refer to: Guidelines for determining political ranks that can be filled by player characters

    Yearly Audits and Setting Maintenance of Political Ranks

    At a designated time once per year Setting will go through and do an audit on all the ranks that qualify as political for play. This will account for the dynamic play that is part of such political ranks and the growth or reduction of various organizations experienced during play.

    • The audit will be announced no less then two weeks before the date. This is to give players a heads up that the review is coming and to make sure they are prepared. Also at this time players whom know their character will still qualify for the rank but no longer wish to remain in it can inform Setting their character is retiring to open the seat. Setting may use the time before they audit PCs to look at the organizations to determine if any new seats will be open, or other changes that may affect those ranks and them being filled.

    • If an organization has grown in Stats then more positions of higher authority should open up to reflect the additional management needs. The opposite may hold true for organizations that have shrunk.

    • Tallying the positions and determining how many can be opened for potentially interested players. At most 50% of the seats of a rank should be PC eligible if possible. If there is an odd number then PCs can take up the lesser amount of the split (ie there are 9 seats, 4 can be open to PCs)

    • Ensure the duties and requirements of the ranks are clearly stated. Any additional OOC responsibilities also needs to be listed as the players that take up these roles need to be able to work with Setting.

    • At the determined date there will be a review of current PCs in the ranks and making sure they meet the qualifications to remain in the rank.

    • Announce the open seats for PCs and allow time for players to respond with their potential interest.

    After the audit then the PCs contending for the rank seats will be checked to make sure they qualify. If there are more PCs then there are available seats, then the top contenders will be given the seats.
    In cases of a tie Setting and Social will contact the players and inform them of the tie. If things can not be resolved in the discussion then one of two other options will be used: A Setting determined related rep could be use to bolster the purchase. Or a kind recruitment session is held, where the one that generates the most pp in a set of predefined rounds wins. Any alternatives for a tie break will be listed by Setting in the organization information.

    At any time a PC can retire from a rank. The player must inform Setting that their character is stepping down so they can work out an exit strategy and enable them to make an announcement open the open seat for anyone that may be interested.

    Once a year there may be requests for SH volunteers from the Setting staff willing to help assist in handling the IC duties. Setting staff that take up this duty will receive extra training to ensure they have the tools on hand and to enable coordination as things move along. Any and all of the IC actions will be reviewed as well to ensure that everything is following the rules and to update accordingly. In the case of a lead's character being involved, then that lead must excuse themselves from any participation of review involving their character. In times where there is only two or less Leads, the Setting staff will act in place of the excused Lead as per the Site Constitution

    Expectations From Players with PCs in Political Ranks

    Setting will work with the players of PCs in these ranks on related plots to ensure what plots are being driven by the players are within the realm of Setting approval.

    Players filling these roles must actually RP out what their characters are trying to do in this role and are expected to make any requested rolls in support of these actions. Setting staff that are assisting in handling the politic RP will be available to assist as needed. These rp out actions can be done through a scene made from solo/casual play or sessions of any kind if available.

    On occasion a SH may make a request for PCs in a political rank to react to a certain story/scene. The SH should include which format the players can 'turn in' their RP of their character's reactions as well as set a deadline for submissions. In cases where a player desires to react to a scene/story with no SH prompt they may post their intent and a request for assistance from the staff as needed. Player instigated requests will also have deadlines depending on either the quarterly update or next part of the story.

    These requests should be handled on the forums to allow for a way to see that such requests have been received and understood by both the players and SHs, but also to ensure that in case something were to happen to any of the SH's assisting anyone that comes in to take over will know where things have been left off.

    If they do not do this, or if they do not respond to SH questions/requests for clarification prior to the deadline such that the SHs can incorporate those actions, it is assumed their character only completes the minimum activity expected for that role, and does not do anything with significant political impacts. Players will not be able to 'undo' or submit late actions.

    It is the responsibility of the player to know what is required for their character to keep its political rank and do the work in order to gain and maintain those requirements. If a player is unclear on the requirements for the maintenance, they need to notify Setting quickly so the wiki can be updated to ensure it is understandable and be able to clarify it for the player. Once a PC is in a rank Setting will contact the player to make sure they do wish to pursue this kind of play and that they understand there is a certain level of work involved.

    Once a year players should expect the political audit as outlined above. Players should make sure they have all their requirements completed before the audit and also may use the audit to bring up questions or concerns about the political play. They may also be asked for feedback in that nature as well to try and see what can be improved or handled better in the future.





    Guidelines for determining political ranks that can be filled by player characters

    Theses are the guidelines that Setting uses when looking at which political ranks are eligible to be filled by player characters.

    Political ranks are a classification of rank that tend to have larger impacts upon the setting and if mishandle could prove quite harmful.

      Ranks that are associated with elected positions, advisors, generals, and counsels that determine the direction of an organization or population. Leaders of any organization are automatically political positions. This includes elected officials, leaders and higher ranks of guilds, and highest ranking military officers.

    Ranks that are classified as political ranks will be noted in the wiki.

    There are a couple of things that complicate things if a PC were allowed to obtain certain ranks that Setting must consider:

      First and foremost player consent is required for actions regarding a PC. Meaning if the player does not agree to participate in certain rp and actions then they can not be forced to.

      This is a problem for some positions require certain rp or actions to take place in order to keep the story of the setting moving. If a player refuses to rp out these actions, it could have a drastic impact on the setting and upset the balance in regards to other players. This also applies to the 'quest giver' role these ranks tend to have, and if a player refuses to help create 'quests' in the content, then other player needs are not being met.

      Only a player can control their PC, no one else can.

      Back to the 'quest giver' role some of these positions have, SH's need access to these character in those roles to prompt the stories that lead to sessions. These positions are the source of plots. When a PC is in that role, SHs do not have access to it. This can further complicate things if the player of the PC can not always be around to play out the RP scenes other players need, even more so if they just refuses to play with other players. While Setting can null rp scenes or remove characters which have violated the rules, they can not take control of a PC and force things to happen. The only way Setting can control the PC is if the player consents to have the PC turned into a NPC. This way the player relinquishes control of the character to Setting, and no longer has authority over it, and further interactions with the character follows the standard NPC rules.

      Players are also not required to inform anyone of their PC's goals and motivations, they are also not required to stick with the same goals and motivations.

      Setting needs to know the goals and motivations of those in the position so they can keep the SH's informed in order to help drive and inspire plots and changes within the setting. In addition Setting needs to know and state what can be done to influence the NPC in order to achieve their goals, or possibly change them. Motivations are crucial as this is where many plots come from. In addition SH's need to know these in order to further play out plots when organizations have differentiating goals and motivations and why their leadership is driving them in those directions. If a PC were to be in these roles, then the goals and motivations could constantly change, or go unknown. This leaves a single player with the power to drive plots which could have drastic impacts on the setting and thus potentially override the needs of other players. This would also complicate things as then story arcs will become inconsistent and potentially damage the setting.

    Some of these ranks are a setting fixture. A setting fixture can be defined as something that is core to the setting, often something that is not intended to be beatable, it is part of the very foundation of the setting. Setting fixtures tend to rarely change. To change a setting fixture is a massive process and if they do they have to be replaced with another setting fixture. In some cases what makes some of these ranks a fixture is not even related to a character, but the very nature of the rank itself and just how much impact is has on the setting. Setting needs to be able to help direct any setting fixture changes, as this is part of maintaining the setting direction. Much of the change would be reflected in sessions, which is where the players will be able to exercise their influence.

    These ranks often contribute to the direction the story of the setting is going. Therefore there must be an opportunity for all players to have a chance to exercise their influence as they see fit. If some players do not like the new direction, they should be afforded the chance to try to counter it. While others that support it have the chance to counter those trying to stop it. This means those ranks need to have a chance to be influenced. So any rank a PC may hold should have NPCs in the same rank that could potentially act as a direct counterbalance that can be used when the story plays out.

    If there is only one seat of the rank then it will always be filled by a NPC. Due to the impact these ranks have Setting must be able to retain control as needed and keeps with organization rules of having a NPC in a position of authority to keep the organization active in play.

    Currently this means the only ranks that will truly be out of reach of a PC is one of the absolute highest authority (ie Queen, Emperor, President, etc). However PCs will have a chance to earn ranks which will allow them more direct influence over the highest authority in their play and a chance to drive more setting impacting plots that they would otherwise be unable to.





    E'm Dorei

    E’m Dorei used to be a thriving part of the forest. Then six months before the Darkest Night the Black Knights had returned to take on the Ramsalon Wood Clan It was here the Knights and the Wood Clan with their allies engaged in a terrible battle. However the battle was a trap, as the Black Knights had a poison in their blood and on their weapons that inflicted whatever they wound or bleed upon a horrendous and lethal disease. It even spoiled the land, and it seemed no magic or mundane means could reverse it. Eventually the Wood Clan and their allies managed to hold out until the Black Knights retreated, but the damage had already been done. A few thousand were dead and the very ground had become infected.

    The Wood Clan buried those that died in the battle in the ground since those bodies would infect anything else they touched. When they had returned the next to to finish the burial they had discovered a Weeping Tree growing from the grave of a paladin that had perished during the fight. The ground around it seemed slightly restored, which gave the Wood Clan hope that perhaps the spirits of their dead may one day undo the damage of the Black Knights.

    Since then E’m Dorei has become the burial grounds for the Ramsalon Wood Clan, their allies, and other denizens of the forest.

    The land is mostly barren with the remains of dead or dying trees and scorched looking rocks dotting the landscape. Most of the ground are shades of browns and grays, and nothing seems to grow.

    E’m Dorei extends a bit past the original battle site, as over the years no changes seem to come to the infected lands so the Wood Clan put protections around the center to help keep people from accidentally wandering in and spreading the infection. The outer ring of E’m Dorei has a the graves circling around the center area. The headstones of those graves create a makeshift wall between the two sections, and the stones extend down deep into the ground. The is a stone inlaid walkway that divides the graves and encircles the whole of E’m Dorei. On the east side on the border of the center and outer circle another Weeping Tree had appeared at the site where Alanonal James died fighting a stalker prime.

    At the very center is where the burial grounds begin, with the paladin’s weeping tree standing as a brilliant beacon of hope. This area can only be accessed with a guide to help keep the infection from spreading until it can be reversed. There are rows of gravestones of all types of stones marking the final resting place of those laid there. There are stone pathways between the rows of graves.

      Notable Gravestones
        Here Lies Captain Connor Bandon Langus. The truest of the Ramsalon elite. Rest in peace old friend.

        Relia Tar'laius. True friend and honor to her clan. May she find her rest. (It is next to Captain Connor Bandon Langus’ grave)





    Location Type: 



    Esaldell is a research station the Elven Alliance had established to study the ruins known as Omyle Aethel.

    The building is off to the side away from the tunnels and on the path leading up to the ruins. It is a single story and large rectangular building. It has a door at the shortest side facing the ruins just up the path. The door to the building leads into a small storage room that has many lockable boxes on its shelves, here anyone that enters may store their personal belongings for safekeeping.

    The next door is covered in runes that leads to the work room. This door will not open unless the person has no magical items on them, unless the item was imbued with a very specific magical signature to be allowed entry. The room itself is large, with many work areas and tables and shelves for storing and cataloging. The room is warded so that no magic can come in or out, and no one could teleport themselves in. The walls are covered in protection runes as well.

    The door out also has protection runes etched in the frame so that nothing can leave the room without being allowed to do so.

    There is a mirror one the wall to the left the side of the door in the work room. A small stone platform sits before it on the ground with two runes glowing where one's feet would go. The mirror is a portal that goes back to the Elven Outpost but one must know how to activate the runes for it to work. This allows for safe and quick transportation of discoveries.

    The area is heavily guarded with by a few teams of Ramsalon Wood Clan Hunters with a few other trained military members from other Elven Alliance Clans that work in shifts to cover all hours of the day and night. They are very strict and take their job very seriously and trespassers do not experience a kind fate.





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    Candenord Continent

    Geography of the Candenord Continent

    The West Coast of Candenord
    The west coast stretches from the Barzhak Mountains in the north to inhospitable Arrenotenos Bay in the south. Along the way is Corpis Peninsula and most of Candenord's bigger cities.

      Corpis Port
      This is where all the interesting stuff happens. Merchants from Vaxia and Ardenia and occasionally Shi Inkahan mingle, sell, and occasionally settle here, the primary Caucasoid influence of the Five Nations. The Coast Road leads south to the rest of Candenord, but most travelers find all they need in this large, bustling trade city.

      Arrenotenos Bay

      Arrenotenos Island
      Arrenotenos Island is hot, dry, sandy, and inhospitable. Big, though.

    Central Prairie
    The central lands are semi-arid grasslands, hot and dry but not quite desert. Dry Alquepor to the south, cold Del Japor, the provisional capitol of the Five Nations, to the northeast, and tiny Mirtrin Kun to the northwest.

      Alquepor City
      Alquepor is hot and dry, settled ages ago by desert nomads from the far east, beyond the Mosgrov Forest. To the south is dry Arrenotenos Island, to the west is the East Kadrass, to the east is the Mosgrov Forest, to the north are semiarid grasslands, and Alquepor itself is dusty, its people going about their daily lives without comment or conversation.

      Del Japor City
      Del Japor is supposedly the capitol of the Five States, with the 3 Towers Plaza with the capitol building, the Pass through of the Druids with its mighty Zoo, and its populace who couldn't care less about national politics or the union of the City-States or wars on other continents or anything.

      Mirtrin Kun City
      Mirtrin Kun is a tiny city, but located in more fertile grassland than most of Candenord. It is notable only as a way station for the journey between Corpis and Del Japor and Alquepor.

    Belrun Plateau

      Barzhak Mountain Range
      The Barzhak Mountains run parallel to the coast. Very little lives west of these mountains, and very little lives east of them, for that matter. They stretch far into the unexplored, elementally hostile territory to the north.

      Bel Runn City
      The northernmost of the Five States is home to morbid Death Mages, scholars of the Abyss and the Cemetery, and a few farmers who try to scrape out a living in the inhospitable soil of the Plateau.

      Bel Raman Abyss
      The Abyss cuts through the Belrun Plateau like a vast scar, between the Barzhak and Belrun mountains.

        Cemetery Of The Abyss
        The Cemetery of the Abyss is a pre-Cataclysm structure, dating back to the Namori Civilization in north-eastern Candenord.

        Picture a huge, solid hemisphere of stone, miles across, flat-side-up, as if a mighty giant chopped the top half off a particularly round mountain, then turned it upside down (i.e., flat side up). The hemisphere is suspended over a vast chasm (the Bel Raman Abyss) by four massive bridges. On the flat side is an ancient cemetery, still used to bury the kings and queens of Candenord.

        The Cemetery of the Abyss stands supported by four massive bridges, two on either side of the Abyss, a lightweight island of stone over a vast emptiness. The Cemetery is ancient construction, mostly mausoleums and tombs, and nobody but the Kings of Belrun have been buried there for millennia.

      Belrun Mountain Range
      The Belrun Mountains run east-west, seperating Bel Runn from the southern states. Far to the east, Dessegdale rests near the southern slopes, while Erksivan and Del Japor are tucked into vast valleys southwards. These mountains are inhospitable, home to Goblins and eagles and manticores.

        Red Moon Mountain



    Mosgrov Forest

      A city in the heart of the Mosgrov Forest.


    Mosgrov Sea
    A body of water located between the Mosgrov Forest and Kar Qurabi Desert. It connects to the Kadrass Ocean by a river on its south-east end.

    Dead Peninsula
    Just south of the Mosgrove Forest.

    Far East of Candenord
    The unexplored, hostile far east. There is an endless forest to the north, though south of the Belrun Mountains, which extend far beyond explored territory. Then there is Minotaur territory, in the grassy borderlands of the Kar Qurabi Desert. And then there are the dark-skinned desert nomads, hostile, xenophobic, and isolationist.

      Kar Qurabi Desert
      The Kar Qurabi, the Dry Sea Without End, is home to the nomadic desert people, and the borderlands are home to the world's Minotaurs

      The minotaur city inthe Kar Qurabi Desert by the Mosgrov Sea





    Location Type: 


    Shi Inkahan Continent

    Geography of the Shi Inkahan Continent

    To the east is the Vaxian Continent with the Wesul’kadrass separating them. Candenord is to the west with the Cesil’kadrass in between. The icy waters of the Tahotz’kadrass borders it on the north. Bording the south of the continent is the Sovren’kadrass. A few islands can be found near the continent of Shi Inkahan, scattered to the east and south of the main continent.

    Much of the known region of Shi Inkahan is covered in forests with a very large and lush plains know as the Mojigan Valleys in the center that is flanked by two mountain ranges, the Red Dragon Mountains and Blue Dragon Mountains that merge into one range in the northern end.

    To the west of the Red Dragon Mountains is some more forests, but past those woods is the beginning of the desert that is known as the Land of Witches.

    Jinkara Peninsula
    The easten end of Shi Inkahan which is mostly forest. The climate of this region is largly a temperate broadleaf and mixed forest type

      Wang Port
      One of the port cities of Shi Inkahan, located on the northeastern tip of the Jinkara Peninsula

      A village in the heart of the Jinkara Peninsula

    Goro-Goro Island
    An island located south of the Jinkara Peninsula, covered in rain forest.

      A city located on the east end of the island.

    Blue Dragon Mountains
    The eastern mountain range, home to the Shimpo Ryu Temple .
    The blue dragon mountain chain is one half of a main mountain chain that comes from the north, and divides in two, that locks the actual Mojingan's Valley. This mountain chain is located at the west of the Wang Port and its part of the path to Kiotoi the capital. This mountain chain is full of Chachimes, giant trees that only grew at this part of the world. A few hermits lives at this mountains, training as martial artists and finding their spiritual ways.

      Shimpo Ryu Mountain
      The mountain of Shimpo Ryu is in the middle way to Kiotoi coming from Wang Port. This black stone mountain holds in the top, the famous Shimpo Ryu Temple home of the bravest Bashumatsus. There´s a main staircase, carved in the stone, that reaches directly to the temple, decorated with some plants and statues, of black stone too. It´s hard to go up, only them who have a good constitution can reach without problems, but the look from there is beautiful.

    Mojigan Valleys
    The central valley between the Blue Dragon Mountains and the Red Dragon Mountains. Along the east end that runs along the Blue Dragon Mountains is a temperate deciduous forest, though at the southern most end this forest is more like a temperate rain forest.
    To the northwest end along the Red Dragon Mountains there is a temperate coniferous forest.
    The center area of the valley is a temperate grassland which is quite fertile thanks to the rivers that run through it.

      Poi Poi
      A city in that is located in the northern most region, right where the mountain ranges split into the Blue and Red Dragon mountains split.

      Also known as the Imperial City, Kiotoi is the capital of Shi Inkahan and is located right in the center of the Mojigan Valleys, and where the rivers intersect.

      A village near the Red Dragon Mountains, just south of the forest.

      The trade center of Shi Inkahan, this city rests at the mouth of the river as it empties into the ocean.

    The Southern Islands
    Two rather large island right off the coats of the main land of Shi Inkahan. largely covered in forests, which are more like a temperate rain forest.

      A city located on the east southern island.

    Red Dragon Mountains
    The western mountain range.

    A city located to the west of the Red Dragon Mountains in south Shi Inkahan, right along the southern coast.

    Land of Witches
    A tundra desert far to the west of Shi Inkahan, full of wild beasts, oni, demons, and worse.

      Nagatin's Door Landmark located in the Land of Witches.

      Mikonaga A city located in the Land of Witches.

      Buried Palace
      Accessible only to those with arcane talents and a knack for breaking ancient seals, this palace once housed the greatest clan in all of the world. Through betrayal and unnatural shifts in the surface of the continent the palace was buried. Death was a sure thing until the clan realized they could thrive using the arcane ways to mimic sunlight to raise their crops. The clan is once more thriving, though there are few with the ability to get out, a tunnel system has been proposed but is still in discussion by the clan elders. All but three of the ninja clans of Shi Inkahan owe their allegiance to this clan, the day will come when the dust and sand will clear and they will regain their rightful place of power.





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    Vaxian Continent


    Geography of the Vaxian Continent

    The continent of Vaxia is surrounded by the Wesul’kadrass, Easol’kadrass, Sovren’kadrass, and its northernmost land borders are flanked by the Tahotz’kadrass as its landmass extends up and merges with the northern pole ice caps.It sits much higher north then Shi Inkahan and Candenord

    Northern Peninsula
    A peninsula on the east end of the Vaxia continent bordered by the Gauntlet Gulf to the west, and the Kadrass Ocean on its southern and east end. Most of the peninsula is covered in the Ramsalon Mountain range and a dense forest called the Ramsalon Forest Though parts have been cleared to make room for some small farm lands near the towns and city nestled in the area. The Habrin River is the largest river in the region and is rather wide and deep. The river runs from the Ramsalon Mountains through the Ramsalon Forest where it forks one branch flowing southeast to empty into the ocean. The other branch called the Crawfang River flows southwest right through the city of Ramsalon then into the Gauntlet Gulf. This area experiences all four seasons, but is subject to harsh and very snowy and icy winters and mild summers.

      Ramsalon Mountains are a mountain range that takes up much of the northern area of the peninsula and go westward a little bit before forking with the northern form ending in the Groms and the southern fork merging into the Azure Mountains. The mountains themselves are littered with , many paths and roads, ranging from major highways to overgrown foot paths.There are also several cave systems within the mountains, and a couple lakes of various sizes scattered about. The Andular River is a small river that runs past Andular and towards the western section of the Ramsalon Forest where it flows into the Habrin River before it forks.

      Ramsalon Forest is a boreal forest that covers much of the southern half of the Northern Peninsula. The trees are a mix of pines, spruces, birch and larches.

      Notable Cities and Towns

      • Ramsalon is the largest city in the region, it sits on the southwestern most tip of the Northern Peninsula. It was the former captial of the Vaxian Empire and now serves as the Shi Inkahan Empire’s seat for their Vaxian territories. Current major RP hub of the setting. Other Names: The Black City
      • Nazmarshin is a Nethar city that exists several miles directly below Ramsalon
      • Chulub Village is a small village settled in the Northern peninsula by some mojigans.
      • Andular is the town that is Ramsalon's base of operations for their mining located in the Ramsalon mountains.
      • Magrethiak is a dwarven town nestled in the Ramsalon mountains. Makes most of its business from operating like a trading post.

      Notable landmarks and features

        Old Trade Road is the main route through the mountains which merges into the roads leading to Ramsalon connecting the city to Andular and other towns and villages along the way to the city. The large road is well maintained, four wagons can travel side by side in most areas.

        Dragon's Maw is large cave system that is deep in the Ramsalon Mountains that can be reached by following an old dusty rarely traveled path that winds up one of the many mountains in the range. One can tell they are close to the cave’s location when they come Its opening looks like a huge gash in the side of the mountain it sits in. The main room is nearly 100 meters across, with natural stone bridges and pillars of enormous size, through the center runs a crystal clear stream with tiny blind fishes. There are many crevices one can explore that lead to small cramped tunnels occasionally opening up into larger rooms, there is no ambient light and the walls are slick with mud and water, some sections are flooded and some rooms there is no room to stand. For those lucky enough in the deepest part of the system opens up into a huge room that has a pale greenish glow emanating from a huge crystalline formation that looms in the dome shaped room pulsing as if it were alive. Reflecting of the minerals in the walls giving the appearance of a star lit sky.

        Andular Silver Mines - there are many mines that can be found scattered in the Ramsalon Mountains, though close to Andular rests what is considered the main silver mine in the immediate area. The work is rough and getting there is just as rough as one has to take a small and haggard old mountain road up into some of the harsher terrain.

    The Cold Lands are the northernmost section of the continent (currently not on the map). This region is in a constant winter like state year round and is incredibly diverse and coldly beautiful. Towards the southern end along the northern borders of nations like the Groms, there are some boreal forests, lakes, river valleys and mountain ranges that kind of act like a natural barrier before it shifts into an icy tundra, and then into a harsh frozen land, littered with icy and rocky mountains and glaciers merging into a massive mountain range that runs right to the northern pole. Ruins from the time before The Namori Cataclysm can be found scattered about the region. Creatures and species that make this land their home are built to handle the intense and harsh cold and icy climates. There are outposts scattered near the borders of other nations to help with supplies.
    Other Names: The Northlands

      Frost Leaf is a small village that rests between the Cold Lands and the East Grom border. This village is located in the heart of a forest just at the end of the Cold Lands and belongs to the Ramsalon Wood Clan

    Forest Of Kerronen sits in the north west corner of the continent just below the cold lands. It is considered to be perhaps the most haunted and impassable forest in the world. The trees are hardly a foot apart in places, hardly any discernible paths can be seen. The stories alone of the kind of creatures that make this forest their home deters many, with tales of direwolves the size of elephants, chimeras that are from the worst of nightmares, treants that devour any traveler that get too close, and demon possessed plants and Elementals that torment and confuse anyone that wanders in be it by land or sky.

      Kerronen is a city located in the northen end of the Forest of Kerronen near the Cragtooth Mountains.

    Cragtooth Mountains is the mountain range to the east of the Forest of Kerronen named after the volcano that sits at the end of the range in Meribor, Cragtooth. There are no roads that go through these mountains, but one can find many paths scattered about and most of them derelict and treacherous.

      Cragtooth is a large and active volcano that sits at the southwest end of the Cragtooth Mountains, right in the area of Meribor. IIt rises into the sky for several thousand feet, piercing the air like a giant tooth of an enormous mouth trying to devour the world which earned its name. There are a few well kept road like paths that litter its sides around its base, but the rocky trails that lead to the summit are fraught with peril and treacherous ice for much of the year. Most of the life seen around the paths are spiders and vultures.

      Temple Peak is one of the largest peaks of the Cragtooth, located a few miles north east from Cragtooth. This peak is named due to the massive rune temple that sits in the side of the mountain which looks more like a cliff. There are small valleys and a massive cave network that tunnels through most of the lower section of this mountain. These valleys and caves are scattered with the ruins and artifacts of those that once had called this area home. No one seems to live there now except the spiders and other scavenging creatures that no one has come back to tell stories about.

    Forest Of Shadows starts west of Tarona valley and stretches southwesterly towards Meribor. The forest receives its name because the strange trees that grows there, big, tall, with very closed tops one between other covering the forest in a kind of perpetual darkness. Only plants that can thrive in the dark tend to grow on the floor, with thorns being common among them. Many creatures and species with nocturne activities inhabits this forests, such as owls or wolfs, to other abominations, like Werebeasts and Vampires that can use the forest as a haven. Rumours says that some nefarious cults have made parts of the forest their base.

    Tarona Valley starts just before the Cold Lands, it is to the west of the Grom Mountain chain and east of the Forest of Shadows.

    • Tarona is a small village that is nestled in the valley for which it is named. They are most famous for the lavish temple to Ziekahu which takes up much of the village.
    • Cuddled Egg is an orc village that is just west of Tarona. Its ran by a half orc-half ogre woman known only as Boss Lady.

    Meribor is a desolate wasteland in the north-western area of the Vaxian Continent It is west of Jorkana south of the Forest of Kerronen, east of the Wesul’kadrass, and north of the Meribor Sound. The terrain consists almost entirely of rocky badlands and wastes. Severe storms that scour the surface year round, keeping open the scars of the many battles had taken place in the land which can still be seen in scorch marks and the many ruins that litter the land. Though the area is thriving with civilization, one just has to look underground to find it as the people that call this region home have taken to living in the many complex cave systems under the surface.

    Meribor Sound is a deep, semi-natural seaway that cuts deep into the Vaxian Continent. GHOUL City and Victory City are built behind the huge cliffs at the eastern end of the Sound, on the ruins of the orcish city of Ghuundagor

    Notable Cities and Towns

    • GHOUL City is the home for Gaunth's House of Unwanted Lifeforms. Completely underground GHOUL City has built over many of the ruins of Ghuundagor and has expanded through many of the tunnels in the region.
    • Victory City is a vast city sprawling right next to the ruins of Ghuundagor. Much of the city is underground and some of its tunnels connect with the ruins of Ghuundagor and GHOUL City. It used to be the penal colony of the Vaxian Empire, but now has been annexed into GHOUL as part of a deal with the Shi Inkahan Empire
    • Vrraul'kezrai is a Nethar city in the underground region located at the edge of the central plains, on the borders of Jorkana and Meribor.

    Notable Landmarks and Features

      Tower Of Flies (ruins) is a single tower, most parts in ruins, built with carbon-black rock that sits on the east border of Meribor.. It was originally 13 stories tall, but the 13th floor is nearly entirely destroyed. Some stone gargoyles are intact over the entrance and windows, many more lay in pieces.

      Ghuundagor (ruins or built over) was the ancestral home of the Orcs and one of the oldest cities in the world. It consisted of a vast and complex network of tunnels, arranged around the hollow mountain fortress of Mount Fang, with bridges all over the huge cliffs of Meribor Sound., and was inhabited by orcs well before the Namori Cataclysm. Now it is part of GHOUL City with many of its tunnels forming the district of Shingack Ghoroth What parts have not been built over remain as ruins.

      The Green Hill (formerly the Black Hill) is a landmark located on the surface near Victory City. It is where all the orcish bodies were piled and burned after the Orc War Thousands of orcish corpses were dragged and placed into a single pile, and burned. Several months later, only a huge lump of year-old charred orcish corpses, dusted with a layer of Meribor's dry, yellow dirt remained. For years the smell wafted on the wind for miles, mixing in with the foul, sulfurous stench of Meribor, making the whole region just that much less pleasant earning it the name the Black Hill. Then followers of Gaunth planted grass and wildflowers and lush plants on the faces of the hill that turned the hill into monument of celebration of life and birth instead of death. There is a single hardy evergreen tree at the peak, and tough bushes scatter the slopes. The Green Hill requires constant tending in this harsh environment, but it remains green during the non-winter months

    Jorkana is a nation, part of the Shi Inkahan terrritories, that sits in the north central area of the continent with Meribor to the west, West Grom to the east, and No Man’s Land to the south. Its lands are extremely rich and fertile, which lead to it making it one of the largest agriculture industries in the entire continent. It has a rich and complex history having survived the constant conflict surrounding them, their own tyrannical leaders, the chaos of Red Priests becoming part of the Vaxian Empire, and now being part of the Shi Inkahan Empire. Their people have proven to be resilient and adaptable as they weathered the constant change while continuing to build a rich industry of agriculture and artisans.

    • Thamas is the northernmost town of Jorkana. It is located right at the edge of the Cragtooth Mountains on the southern end of the Forest of Shadows which is a bit thinner then the rest of the forest which has made it easier to provide more secure roads through that section of forest.
    • Arasitan is a city located in the northern county of Antrim, near the border of West Grom.
    • Keren is the capital city of Jorkana.

    Grom Mountain Chain
    is a small mountain chain nestled between the Forest of Shadows and the Great Forest of East Grom, in the northern region of West Grom.

    East Grom is a nation in the north-eastern corner of the Vaxian continent, east of West Grom north of Ramsalon, south of the Cold Lands. Fertile, rolling and rocky hills make up most of the territory supporting a rich agriculture centered around animals that can easily make their way around such terrain. And with the ocean at their eastern border they have a rich history of sailing and cultivated an impressive naval fleet. There location has put them in the center of many conflicts, which the East Gromians have prided in being able to defend their way of life and their land.

      Njaradgrad is the capital of East Grom located in the Njarad canton. Other Names: Njaradbad

    West Grom is a nation that sits between East Grom and Jorkana. The mineral-rich mountainous land of West Grom has led to a long, proud tradition of quality metalwork. They have a similar agriculture to East Grom as there are some livestock well suited to the mountains. West Grommians are a bit more aggressive than East Grommians, and often have been the source of conflicts between the Groms due heated political differences that they prefer to solve in combat. This warrior culture attitude has also provided trouble for other neighbors or those that would try and come use them for their resources.

      Njordstrom is the capitol and largest city of West Grom.

    Gauntlet Gulf is a large bay of the Kadrass that borders he east central area of the Vaxian continent, and the west coast of the Northern Peninsula. A small strip of coastline separates it from the Azure Mountains to the west.

      Arpaksad is the home of Fort Lirr and a coastal city, north of the Iron Desert, resting on the edge of Gauntlet Gulf.

    Azure Mountains is the mountain that spawns much of the central area of the continent. They surround No Man's Land on the west, south and east forming a kind of horseshoe shape and their eastern end merges into the Ramsalon Mountains. The range earned its name from their constant blue like appearance and a misty haze that covers them. The eastern end is a bit smoother than the western side due to the exposure from the gulf.

      Charashdan is an underground city below the Azure Mountains and somewhat west of Ramsalon.

    No Man's Land is a dense, hot, hostile jungle located in the center of the Vaxian Continent. It is surrounded to the west, south, and east by the Azure Mountains, and Jorkana to the north. Before the Namori Cataclysm this area was Aryanthia, a huge metropolis and was the center of the events that triggered the Namori Cataclysm. The lush jungle is on something of a large plateau, and is one of the warmer and humid places on the continent. It is theorize the jungle exists due to residual magical energies from the Cataclysmic events have altered the area, it is even speculated this is why the lands of Jorkana are also so fertile despite their location. Even more so as many of the creatures that dwell seem to be a mix of adaptation and magical alterations.There are some small communities and tribes that do call the jungle home, having adapted to being able to thrive in the humid and dangerous wilds, and rarely see outsiders. Ruins of Aryanthia can be scattered throughout the region should explorers manage to survive the jungle and its inhabitants.

    Rose Forest is a forest at the western side of the Azure Mountains, south of Meribor and north of the Snar Abyss. It is a kind of temperate broadleaf and mixed forest though the trees are more scattered about. What makes the forest renowned is the variety of flowers, especially roses, that grow on the forest floor. It is perhaps one of the most colorful forests in the entire continent. Many of the creatures that reside in the area seem just as colorful as the flowers of the forest. The elven Rose Clan claim much of the forest as their territory.

    Snar Abyss is huge canyon that cuts into the continent like a scar. It stretches from the south west corner of the Azure Mountains all the way to the western coast where it opens up to the Wesul’kadrass. Its cliffs is what divides the Snar Mountains from the Azure Mountains. It sizes 20 whole miles in its widest point, and as nearly as 5 in the shortest, where the Dawnport-Crystal bridge can be found.

    Dawnport Crystal is a nickname for a mostly-ruined pair of cities on either side of the Snar Abyss. Not much remains other than the Crystal Bridge, a massive edifice spanning the chasm that dates back to the Namori Civilization before their fall.

      Crystal Towers are the ruins of a once great crystalline city on the north cliffs of the Snar Abyss that existed during the age of the Namori. Records indicate that it was one of the greatest cities during that time, often cited in poetry for its sparkling beauty. However today only dull silhouettes of its towers that once was remains.

      Dawnport was once a great port city located on the southern cliff of the Snar Abyss. Founded after the first orc war, it once had a great wealth in being one of the few locations that was a kind of cross roads as regional issues made it and the crystal bridge they too up maintenance upon one of the safest routes to take. Though as the Vaxian Empire began improving on quicker routes to Ramsalon, Dawnport soon fell out of favor. It is still an active port city, but much of it is in disrepair as it is not as active as it used to be. Though now with it being part of Tesaria's territory, there is hope that a new life will be breathed into the city.

      The Crystal Bridge is a relic from an age even before the Namori. There is much debate over the origins of it as some say it indicates the rise of the Namori happened well before they thought, others think it was left by an even older civilization that perhaps fell to the Namori or disappeared, a few even think that perhaps a bored faerie made it, or perhaps was a gift from one of the gods. No one has really been able to discern why it is there or how, but it is a very curious mystery as it has seemed to be nearly indestructible. Most of its maintenance is about keeping certain creatures from nesting underneath it to help keep it safe to travel.

    Snar Mountain Chain is actually two Sets of small mountain ranges that are south of the eastern end of the Snar Abyss. There is a wide valley of high desert between the two ranges, and together they act like a natural wall for Nebrak and Iskrania to the east. There is a complex cave system that exists within the mountains. Though the region is treacherous thanks to its history that have left many creatures and the very environment twisted.

      Grokul are the ruins of a once luxurious town called Gro-Kane (meaning Majesty Kane) meant to be an escape for Kane that was razed and then later turned into a forced labor camp. In the time of Kane, Necromos had sent his army to ravage the place and kill all that was there turning it into a nightmarish sight, earning it the name that means Majesty Darkness (Grokul). Later in the time of the Vaxian Empire they used Grokul as a forced labor camp for the worst of offenders, as to be sent there was to be sentenced to a long and painful death. No one ever left that camp. It also special to the LanCorian vampire clan, as their stories make this camp their site of their founding origins. Now Grokul is quiet, as the Shi Inkahan Empire shut down its operation, leaving it to the creatures and Ghosts

    Western Prairies take up most of the region just south west corner of the continent, starting south of the Snar Mountain Chain. It is a shortgrass prairie type for the most part, though closer to the coast line it is a bit more humid than the rest making it more a tallgrass prairie.

    Tesaria is a city state located in the south west corner of the continent, south of the Snar Mountain Chain. Tesaria has a rich culture centered around art and textiles. It produces some of the finest textiles in the land. They are also known for their university where one could gain access to knowledge not as controlled by the Vaxian Empire. The city was granted its independence by the Shi Inkahan Empire, making it one of the newest city-states in the land. They were given control of the Dawn Port and Grokul territories in a gesture of good will by the Shi Inkahan Empire.

    Nebrak is the name of the region of temperate and very fertile grasslands that is nestled south of the Azure Mountains, east of the Snar Mountain Chain, and west of Kundul Iskrania sits to its south west. The area is named after the lake and is host to an independent confederation known as the Nebrakian Collectiva composed of an alliance of several of the communities that are in the area. They are one of the few places that have remained independent of the Vaxian Empire, and have a kind of uneasy coexistence with some of the other sovereign nations and states that also reside in the area, which also include some of the largest centaur tribes outside of Candenord.

      Lake Nebrak is a gorgeous and massive lake that is near the southeast corner of the Azure Mountains. The lake is large and wide enough to where communities formed on the sides of its shores were hardly aware of each other's presence. In the center of the lake is a massive temple, its architecture a kind of ancient elven predating the Namori. Inside the temple one can find signs that the Namori did repurpose the temple, though visitors are very few as local Elves keep outsiders at bay as they had sworn to protect it at all costs. Though the most odd thing about the lake is that its waters seem to have magical properties. But no one has ever been able to get a large enough sample. Many of the communities protect the lake fiercely from each other and themselves, though where they fail the elves or Centaurs will surely not.

    Iskrania is a city state that was founded by Kosmos in defiance of the Vaxian Empire. Located to the east of Tesaria and the west of Kundul, it is one of the more unique and larger cities of the continent. The city does not grow past its boundaries, staying within a circle that was a line drawn by Kosmos said to always protect those that stand in it. Due to this the city instead found ways to build up. It is also close to a null magic zone which made spell casting difficult in some parts, and many of its communities found ways to use it earning it the nickname of the Antimagic Capital. For the longest time it had no formal government as its seven churches ran the place in a chaotic and ongoing war between each other, making it a breeding ground for syndicates to rise in its shadows. Though now it's odd balance having been broken the attempts to centralize the government has not been going well and now there is the problem of even more bloody battles as groups all want to fill the power vacuum.

    Kundul is a small range of mountains that is stronghold of a Dwarven nation located in southern Vaxia, to the west of the Iron Desert separating it from Nebrak. It is currently ruled by Dwarven King Simril. Other names: Thunder Mountains

    Somisain Mountains are a medium sized mountain range, south of Nebrak and Iskrania, and separate Ish Lavin and Miser from Iskrania and part of the Iron Desert.

      The Flat Place A large, flat valley in the Somisain Mountains. There is a rather old forest with massive trees. The area is rich in minerals which makes it popular for boom towns to pop up during agreeable seasons to harvest them.

    Bay of Lavin
    is an indention in the central area of the southern coast of the continent. Ish Lavin developed on its eastern end, and a smaller village Miser on its western. Other Names: Lavin’s Gulf

    Ish Lavin a port city located in the central southern coast of the continent. It sits on the Bay of Lavin for which Ish Lavin takes its name. To the east and north east there are the East Hills and the Badlands before one encounters the Iron Desert. To the west is a river, and the smaller village of Miser. It’s size and wealth is comparable to Ramsalon thanks to its location at the bay, especially as trade with Shi Inkahan and Candenord could re route the bulk of their trade to the city during the winter when it would be harder to reach Ramsalon. Much of its culture is influenced by the constant trade of Candenord. It is currently part of Shi Inkahan’s territories in the continent.

    Miser is a small fishing village offshoot of Ish Lavin in the Western plains that rests on the western edge of the Bay of Lavin.

    East Lavin Hills a series of hills just to the east of Ish Lavin, acting as a natural barrier between the city and the badlands that run into the Iron Desert. The caves in the area are inhabited by Gnolls and in the spring the area plays host to breaching great worms the size of several whales lashed together end to end. The rest of the time it's just desolate and hot.

    Badlands are the massive badlands formed by the Great Worms that are largely responsible for cutting off Ish-Lavin from most of the mainland from the east and north sides. Sparsely vegetated and shaped into amazing and bizarre formations, the landscape here looks twisted into an imitation of a Dali painting.

    Iron Desert is in the southeast corner of the Vaxian continent and is a fairly large expanse of rocks, sand, and cacti. There are a few legends on how the desert got named from the belief that it once was entirely iron as people traveling by would always see what appeared lightning hitting it, rumbling from the mountains that bordered it, to its rusty colored stones and sands that make up much of it, to stories of those that can survival the trials of those that reside it they shall earn a will of iron. Though there is much life in the desert as a few small towns have settled the area, and many creatures call the place home.





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