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That one definitely sounds

That one definitely sounds like it's a lot cleaner in terms of taste. Just the right blend of sweet.


yeah I was seeing a bunch

yeah I was seeing a bunch that was using oil, and I was like Ia m pretty sure the one like doesn't have taht in there


Yar. Some things are great.

Yar. Some things are great. Some are great in moderation. And some are just hell no even in small doses. Heh.


You've also got like... super

You've also got like... super tastebuds. So I'd imagine that it can go from zero to sixty real frickin quick. XD


yeah like even if it is

yeah like even if it is natural its like it taste synthetic of sorts? its like one of those weird tastes you have to experience to explain XD


Yar. It's like... gloopy

Yar. It's like... gloopy almost. It's not good when it's too fishy.

That sounds a lot more like the one I like too. It enhances, not overpowers.


yeah like, if you go too much

yeah like, if you go too much with the fish, it gets that weird fishy tacky taste which just overpowers everything

the one I like is more sweet, with a hint of spice to it, and its like runny, so its more like a dressing


Fish sauce seems to be

Fish sauce seems to be extremely variable. I've had some that are amazing and others that are definitely not what I expected. The ratio seems tricky.


yeah its like rice vermicelli

yeah its like rice vermicelli, and like bbq some meat to add on top, then place the noodles and meat on top of some lettecuce and bean spounts.

The fish sauce would prolly be the trickey part


Mmmm. That sounds like a

Mmmm. That sounds like a recipe very worth knowing. There has to be a version out there that can be made at home that measures up.


I need to learn how to make

I need to learn how to make the vietnemese vermicelli I like so much, cuz I wish they would add in some bok choy, but they never do XD


-Random person- "So, Linden,

-Random person- "So, Linden, what drew you to Quin?"

-Linden- "She said she'd kill me."

-Random person- "..."

-Linden- "It's the most romantic thing I've ever been told."

Like, I know we joked about shipping those two, but they are kinda cute in a way.


Oh, please. No apology

Oh, please. No apology necessary. I had a 3 hour break after all. ;)

Hopefully all went well?


what next unicorns? how

what next unicorns? how phallic will they beeee

no wonder we are doooooooooommmmmmmmed