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Limbo is our primary OOC location. It's the break-room of the site, and a good location to get to know your fellow players. It is considered a strictly OOC location - so you area allowed to post on your personal account in this room. This room is a great location to ask for casual RP, or coordinate more complicated plans between players. During a session it may also be used by the A/SH to coordinate players or answer OOC questions during play.

Otherwise, the same Site Policies apply in Limbo that apply elsewhere: Be nice.


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I don't blame you. They're

I don't blame you. They're being so demanding (and it sounds like also pretty unreasonable too). Taking a nice break sounds like a really good plan.


yeah right now what no one

yeah right now what no one knows that if this goes through once they stablize I am prolly gonna either give up my leadership role or take a break XD


yeah its about the server

yeah its about the server transfer, but I am also to the point, of being snarky and snippy cuz I have done alot of lifting alone and yeah


Yeah, that's completely

Yeah, that's completely ridiculous. If they can't make a choice on their own without 'picking teams' than they're a baby who shouldn't be there at all.


nah, just like someone being

nah, just like someone being I want names! rawr, part of me wants to go, well if the names of people will change your vote, then you are not committed to making this work and yeah


It does. It's like 'nudging'

It does. It's like 'nudging' someone with a brick. ;) Hehehehe.

That sounds awesome. Cafe in the bow. So, I'll totally let you post first if you'd like to decide who feels right. And then we can go from there. :)


lmao really does want us to

lmao really does want us to gho to sirian didn't it XD

Eh there are always cafes and such and what not that still a bat could be getting caught in XD


Aha! Success! Batty Success!

Aha! Success! Batty Success! :D Although I admit I'm still laughing at the Sirian one about the lady screaming obscenities in Ex-Live. When the random nails it, it really nails it. XD

So, Beth Bow, Bats. I actually love it. What do you think? I know it's more of a neighborhood, but we could fudge it if you wanted to go with that one.


Play suggestion

In Sirian, a woman wandering around screaming random obscenities at unsuspecting passers-by at ExLive.

Want to add some suggestions? Click here.


Quin and mo are both pretty

Quin and mo are both pretty low key for me.

hmm, try the i'm bored and see what comes out and whom matches better?


Aaaaah, gotcha. That makes

Aaaaah, gotcha. That makes sense. The bed is just so good, I like to show my appreciation for it by laying on it for at least 10 hours at a time. ;)

I am! I've got a bit of a mig-rain cause of the weather, but I already took meds so I should be fine. :D

I was totally gonna make you pick. XD Maybe we kick some folks out somewhere weird? Like Linden and Quin really do seem like they'd be fun together. Or we could go with a classic low key pairing like Mo and Catherine. I'm good either way. I would say since sleepies are an issue something relatively low key would be good (so like, no explosions XD).

Gotcha! And if we need to pause during at any point, that's totally fine! Just lemme know and we can take a break for a bit if you need to focus on kitten wrangling all the peeps. :)


well it was mor elike I woke

well it was mor elike I woke up for work, hubby was making a lot of noise, and nothing needed my immediate attention so I stayed in bed way too long XD

but yeah can rp some if you up for it as well

sadly I hvase no topics in my head

still trying to field this server transfer thing for the guild


Aw that sucks so bad. I'm

Aw that sucks so bad. I'm sorry. Naps are supposed to make you feel way better, dang it. That sounds like it had the opposite effect.


I feel bad, cuz I snuck in a

I feel bad, cuz I snuck in a nap most of the day, but the hubby was home so I couldn't focus on work anyways