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Pops in for a sec. Hey, Hi,

Pops in for a sec. Hey, Hi, and Howdy! If folks are free on the first, maybe we could do an RP? :D Which sounds like an april fools joke, but I swear it isn't. I'll try to poke around that day so hopefully I'll see you then!


Okay, noisiest kitten is

Okay, noisiest kitten is doing dishes and getting ready for bed. That means I too should probably at least pretend to be going to bed.


I completed understand.

I completed understand. Especially in this case where you don't know how they feel about the situation.


but yeah if they reach out I

but yeah if they reach out I will def talk to them., but to me just feels more weird if I did it first kind of thing >.>


Yeah... although it sounds

Yeah... although it sounds like you were at least expecting it, which helps. And no one is getting invited over to Thanksgiving (although maybe you would be happier if they were??)




its weird, like I aint overly freaking out over it? but its just like weird


yeah I am still the eldest so

yeah I am still the eldest so iuut still makes it weird for them.

but as I understand it our father was a piece so I never really felt the need to get to know them


we had a similar story with

we had a similar story with my family. I'm the eldest child. We found out a few years ago, I'm actually the second eldest. Skeletons in the closet.


I was talking with a coworker

I was talking with a coworker today. 71 years old. He did one of those type sites along with his brothers. For some reason it keeps saying his brothers are actually his cousins or nephews. Digging in, he realizes his father wasn't actually his father.


I honestly don't know, taking

I honestly don't know, taking it as goodish as least no one is calling to yell at me for ruining their life? soo

and no, its been non stop betwween work and raid team


yeah that back to back combo,

yeah that back to back combo, bleh :/ keeping hope out for a speedy recover and combo breaker ;)

not yet, its been quiet and the other fams dropped it. So just in the usual holding pattern


yeah, admittedly not great. I

yeah, admittedly not great. I came home early to help out. She's asleep now, so I get to eat dinner, settle boys, and tend to pushy kitties.


little blessings, right?

little blessings, right?

My wife has been sick for like four weeks now. Bronchitis, then when that started to go away a stomach bug, then something else, now bronchitis again. I was lucky to only be out one week, although I really probably should have stayed home a little longer.