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yeah, work is kinda having A

yeah, work is kinda having A Moment (tm) right now, plus personal life kabooms

good luck with the win 10 upgrades! (i'm actually gonna heado ut here and see if i can get some sleeps - will be back on tomorrow)


oh I am not tired, other then

oh I am not tired, other then I can't really sleep cuz I did something to my back so I am in a ton of agnonizing pain

I am just done with everything right now


I get it Zxe haha, I'm

I get it Zxe haha, I'm constantly tired after starting, my body is really struggling to adjust to the new wake up time.

As for my job yeah, its nice. It's not too difficult. Yet we are probably switching an entire school district to 10, basically all of the computers that aren't already.


crosses fingershopefully it

crosses fingershopefully it does - awesome, and yeah if they pay milage that's a good position then

hugs zebra hiyas! y'need a vacation after this last week i think


Yeah, its a little far from

Yeah, its a little far from home, but they pay mileage too so it helps, my car is at 160k miles though so hopefully that lasts at leasat through to summer 2020 so i can get a new car if need be.


Take care.

Take care.

As for me, just started my new job last week. IT work at highschools, 30k salary, the rest of the usual stuff. Its not too bad, still getting used to having to wake up at 6:30 again haha.


hihi sav!

hihi sav!

and yeah nez - i mean - office careers is one of those thigns you learn or you've learned to not care about them so it doesn't matter for career growth


most of my staff is

most of my staff is optimistic, and we have a year's warning. So that's time for me to ask everyone 'where do you want to land? What do you want me to say you do here, so that's what they place you in there?' Of course, the people who take the initiative on stuff like that already are where they want to be, and the people who wait for stuff to come to them... I don't know. No one is losing jobs, but I see some people letting themselves get put into dead-ends :( But I feel like it's a 'lead a horse to water' thing.


guuuh - yeah, good push can

guuuh - yeah, good push can be good - at least it keeps you from getting bored, hopefully it'll work out well in the end crosses fingerS


No. But it is 'political

No. But it is 'political appointee wants to leave a mark.' It's not totally unjustified. It's just... another thing that is going on. They're moving all of the agency IT folks into OCIO. They're not totally clear on what that would actually look like, if I would stay where I am and just someone else signs my paycheck, or if it's more extreme than that. I kinda like where I am, but I've also gotten way too comfortable, so maybe it's a good push.


ndonod that's the 'i'm'a read

ndonod that's the 'i'm'a read fanfic and try to chill' mode i'm in myself right now

ew for reorg - is it in response to the shutdown bullshit?


sick sick and more sick. I

sick sick and more sick. I took the day off to take care of Leah. So now I'm sort of in the 'too late to play thinking games, too early to tuck in quite yet' space. Work is keeping me busy, although they're doing a big reorg next year.


going ok so far - 2019 has

going ok so far - 2019 has already been a trashfire. cloud migration and drama and just guuuhhh

hows oyu?