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The Kalvania

Length: 87 yards from Forward to Stern. 49 yards From Port to Starboard. Four Decks, roughly 33 yards in height, with a total crew compliment of 79.
Minimum Crew: (Excluding Security and Medical Personnel with all weapon alcoves manned) 24.
Armament: 12 Mark 3 Sirian Interactive Energy Cannon Alcoves. 24 Mark 4 Sirian Tactical Automated Energy Cannons. Two Primary Single Barrel Mark 5 Energy Cannons. Four Missile Bays. Primary and Secondary Shielding, Type 4 and 2.5 respectively.
Specifications: Primary Type 3 Deuterium Power Generator. Secondary Type 1 Deuterium Power Generator. Quad Signal Array for multiple tractors, beaming, or other Sweeping Array Functions. Limited Long Range Sensor Capabilities. Mark 4 Targeting Sensors. Primary Type 5 Ion Solar Drive with Two Secondary Mark 3 Ion Solar Drives running in parallel. Type 2 Inter-dimensional Wake Drive. Jack Rabbit Thrusters of unknown Zuxian technology.

The Kalvania is a small ship that is more suited for quick raids, or tactical combat than for exploring the galaxy. However, what the Kalvania lacks in sheer firepower, it makes up for in maneuverability thanks to its Jack Rabbit Thrusters and overstuffed engine room. In atmosphere or in space, the ship can 'dance' and plan its attacks.

The hull is made up of Steel, Mithril and Titanium components. The ship has been giving a glaze to its exterior to remove all sudden stops, seams or drag. Other than its 12 Mark 3 Energy Cannon Alcoves and the 24 Automated Cannons, the ship seems free entrances, until an access hatch or the hanger bay opens. It has the rough shape of an Isosceles triangle, with a flared backend.

The hull of the ship has been given a silver sheen. While the interior is a mixture of silver and greens. Each deck is accessed by shafts, with levitating platforms that take you through access shafts throughout the ship. They are all interconnected, moving you up and down at your desire and sometimes sideways through the heavily accessed areas. There are also some smaller crawl space access shafts, which serve as maintenance corridors on the ship.

Command and Bridge: (Deck 4) Perhaps the most important part of the ship, as it has vital areas including droid Command, Six of the Interactive Weapons Alcoves, as well as the Bridge is located here.

Primary Facilities and Crew Quarters: (Decks 3 and 2) Deck 3 is primarily the medical quarters, security station, the holding cells as well as the primary weapons locker for the ship. Recreation rooms, the mess hall and both holorooms are on this level.

Deck 2 is primarily crew quarters. The standard crew quarters is 7x9 (2 meters by 3.2 meters), including a table with three chairs, a data terminal, a small double bed (sleeps two comfortably), food/drink replicator, and a door leading to a full bathroom (shower not tub). Built-ins include closet, viewing screen, and storage. While size is standard, the layout can vary depending upon section of the ship.

Hanger Bay: The Hangar Bay spans the width of the ship, towards the front between Deck 3 and 2. It allows the ship to contain 12 Pipe Fighters (see: Sirian/Ships/The Pipe Fighters : The Pipe Fighters, 2 Shuttle Craft, 2 Exploration Craft and/or one or two larger vessels.

Operations: (Deck 1): The bottom of the ship.

Engineering covers the aft section of the ship, as well as creeps up into Deck 2 and 3 in areas, though is not accessible from there. The other Six Interactive Weapons Alcoves are located here, as well as the four front facing missile bays. Heavily protected as well are the life support systems, backup systems, emergency power and other key systems.


Being the ship's Intranet - a collection of what parts of the Internet of the planet were flagged for uploading when they last left - including research journals, design updates, and generally a cached copy of the internet from Sirian Planet Plus a collection of on-ship-generated material: Forums, videos, photographs and entertainment. The on-ship collection of the internet is updated anytime the ship comes in to port, but otherwise due to distances between the ship's net and the planet's net is known to be out of date until check stations or comm probes connect it back with the rest of the net at port.


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Pepper chuckled a little. "I

Pepper chuckled a little. "I wouldn't be surprised if that is how they organize how they do the upgrade roll outs really, well locally. For most people once they get a solid set up they don't really need to go back until they have trouble. But usually with the big upgrades they put them in a select few of us, and I usually am up in the first wave. Anything more beta then that you have to apply via clinical trials, like you would for like drugs and stuff. Well at least for any 'official' channels."

Though she did hum thoughtfully, as she did kind of wonder if they kept a trial candidate list for such things...

"Tell me about it, that would just be all sorts of nasty." she said with a sigh, of course such a subject had long been a matter for horror tales... but who knows what all could have been inspired by truth...

"Honestly sleep sounds like the best thing I have heard so far today." she said returning the loose hug, without a fear of getting any oil on herself. I mean its part of her job at times to get covered in a different variety of the stuff.

"Yeah, I will be ok, probaby replace the wires you notice, get the old chip in and then skidaddle on out for my own sleep and make arrangements for more indepth repairs."
"Get some rest and watch out for any more goop."

She watched Jake take his leave, and with a glance over at Darcy whom was still blissfully passed out, she just sank into the table again, before sitting back up to send out Jake's results to people.

Thank you all for coming tonight! May try and mix up the days in the future to also try and fit more schedules :3


"Yeah - if you're not in

"Yeah - if you're not in their beta test group - you should be. You'd be able to get them good feedback." He chuckled, stepping over to Darcy's table to pick up the figuring and bring it back to Pepper, "It's kinda cute really..." He set it where it could perch on top of her tablet.

"Y'welcome - I'm just glad it's something straightforward and not more dangerous like a virus or something. I'd hate to think what could happen if someone got something malicious into the production chain."

He rubbed at his shoulder, finally noticing the rip in his shirt and fiddles with it. "Well - I think I'm gonna go get a new shirt for one thing. And rest - I mean this is end of my shift and..." He poked his shoulder and winced, "Ohhh that's gonna sting once it stops tingling. Yeah. Sleep time for me I think -"

He leaned in to offer her a loose hug if she was willing, trying to be careful not to get oily gunk all over her "You take care, ok? Scream if you need anything -" And with that - was heading out on his way to crash out. Well shower - then crash out.

thank you so much! this is an Awesome idea :P and was a absolute blast - thank you!


Pepper nodded a little and

Pepper nodded a little and set the chip beside the arm not wanting to put it back in. Though with her own tablet she was already asking one of the other guys back at the mechanics bay to go fetch the old chip for her. At the very least they should be able to patch up the more noticeable wires and get the old chip in so she could get out of here until a more, tolerable, arrangement is bad to do a full repair.

"Yeah its the chip that was in here before this supposed upgrade so it will be fine until a corrected batch comes it."

"Just hope they hadn't upgraded too many people, cuz yeah." though she made a face as she thought on it a little more. "Though they likely started with the people that do a lot of overclocking and modding. Well if we have a rash of naked figurines being printed all over the station...we know whats up.."

she waved her hand regarding covering the damages. "My usual medtech is really good about that kind of thing. They really don't like it when something like this happens, and they can be kind of scary. Cuz yeah I actually don't mod too far without having them give it a pass, so all bases are covered. Its just they aren't in right now, so dealing with the others, yay."

She flopped back on the table, stretching out a little. "Well thanks for looking, it will prolly help expedite things on their end, and can give it out for the others to take a peak."

"Whats your plans now that you don't have to be tortured with epoxy removal?"


"Yeaaap. Mostly it was ok -

"Yeaaap. Mostly it was ok - until it got to the business of trying to do an initial bootup and the commands went out to the wrong flavor of hardware. Lucky it was too long and not too short really - long it blew now. Short it'd've mostly worked but there would have been hitches when it got into junk memory. So - random flakey behaviors at unpredictable times... odds are good just when you most needed it to work."

Jake nodded to the code then closed down the tablet and dumped the code review out into a file for her to take with her. He popped the chip free to hand it back over. "Hopefully the backup will work fine - and they should get you a new chip and cover damages and all that. And scream if they don't. Hell - I'll scream at them if they don't, k?"


Pepper kept an eye on Darcy

Pepper kept an eye on Darcy as she laid back down. It was in its own way kind of amusing, though she also had the concern of the lady falling off the table too.

As Jake presented the tablet for the reading, she pulled it closer a little. "oh boy...." she just murmured as she stared at it. She had an idea what it was suppose to look like, and that wasn't it.

"So when they got it connected to to analyze, they likely were going to do a print of the hardware to take apart before actually taking apart, and they got naked people instead...hurrah...."

"Course that is why it was missed in the initial turn on, everything is there, so it sort of behaves." she kind of blinks. "Oh fuck that would have been horrible over time...."


"Sure Darcy, sure - I might

"Sure Darcy, sure - I might respect your threat if it were a little less... slurry...." Jake smirked over in her direction, watching to make sure Darcy didn't fall off the table.

"... body modeling stuff? Cool - yeah that would make sense actually -" Jake frowned, reviewing the code and quickly found the models Pepper and Darcy had talked about. "Ohhhhhhh oh. Here we go -"

"... it looped and dumped the entire model from the base-ware out - that's -" The code on his tablet scrolled through a long series of images and wireframe models. "Here is it -"

"I think... yeah, here it is - it looks like the chip code is expecting a memory buffer of..." Jake wrinkled his nose, "Longer than the chip model but a good few bytes - and it skipped forward into the base model memory. Which then of course - ran out the whole memory as a dump cause it ran over the edge of the buffer."

He pointed at the memory point where the buffer should have stopped but didn't - "Looks like they loaded the leg chipset with something for lower forearm and hand model - the memory set is longer cause there's finger movement. And - yeah, that's a manufacturing error. Med's gonna want to tell the company they need to do a recall. Wasn't anything you did wrong at all."


"Am so..." she pouted in a

"Am so..." she pouted in a huff, and crossing the one arm she had...

"Its something.." she just huffs in a puff of grump. Then just pinches the bridge of her nose as she tries to think for a little bit. "It could be related to some of the software which basically tells it what part of the body it is for laying out the basic behaviors and what not. "
"Ugh whats it called, but its used to tell what its suppose to be on the body, and its related to the, oh I should know this... she grumbled a bit to herself. "Screw it, like part of the software which works to basically help translate nerve signals to the prosthesis to control. Combined with the hardware mechanics, its how they are able to essentially fully mimic the range of movement from picking up an egg without smashing it to punching someone in the face."
"And usually what you want to mess with if wanting to get a bit more performance beyond the usual, like you would with the chips in a computer based car..."

"Usually don't want to confuse dessert and desert, but there is a joke about sandwiches there I guess."

As Jake begins digging in there, at first everything seems ok, but with the commentary from Darcy and Pepper, it wasn't exactly a virus, but seemed like something maybe got crisscrossed in regards to the part which tells it which part it is. And it seems to be looping on that and reading out the full design of a body and all the various anatomy's humanly possible... which is a fairly huge chunk coming out at once.


Darcy half gets up before the

Darcy half gets up before the monitor starts beeping again and she has to lie back down. "Whoof, on second thought, maybe I'll just...lie here and not move for a bit. Like, a long bit. Like forever."

"Jake, you install any junk in Pepper's arm-trunk and I will personally see to it that bad things befall you. After I get done laughing about tiny naked people in the printer."

It's 1AM and I need to crash again ^^; Thanks again for the RP and sorry to yo-yo!


"Well I mean - you're the one

"Well I mean - you're the one apparently having interesting dreams, D - you dream up something fun f'me?" He smirked in her direction.

"I'm about to run a baseline scan on it but hop on in, water's fine -" He scooted over a little to give Darcy space to join them on the table - a little close and crowded but really it might be more reassuring for Pepper with two friends blocking the medtechs on both sides.

Jake set the tablet readout out where they could all look it over and started the scanning to look for the virus package.


"...harsh but fair," Darcy

"...harsh but fair," Darcy admitted to the third date comment. She points at Pepper. "You are most definitely not doing that. Honestly it sounds like either malware or just straight-up data corruption? Makes sense that there might be biomorphic models on a prosthetic's firmware, a quick crossed wire and BOOP it's printing little naked boys for all the world to see. That couldn't been way worse, and WAY less funny to be honest..."

She chuckles at Jake, shaking her head. "Oh yeah, you know, nothing but good dreams up in this piece. Guess you said "dessert" and I heard "desert" and thought of home. That always puts me in a happy mood, right? Home ought to make you feel safe..."

She trails off, clearly trying to remember the punchline to the joke she set up, but getting a little too lost in the setup. "No offense to Pepper here but do you need an extra set of hands over there, Jake?"


Pepper just gravely nods her

Pepper just gravely nods her head yes to Darcy's question of making sure she wasn't being joked with.

"I...don't.know? Like I didn't even begin messing with the software, they updated a chip, I went to begin my mod process, internally electrocute myself, and now causing naked people to be printed out." With an exasperated flail of her arm. "I am locking myself in my workshop and never leaving again.." she weakly whimpers out.

She looked like she could just melt off of the seat now and just hide under a table. Though as Jake asks permission to inspect the chip on the software side. She nodded her head. "Yeah I kept the old there is a backup option, just in case."


"Big-D - the odds of you

"Big-D - the odds of you getting a third date are higher than random nekkid printing. It's anatomical even -" He tossed her the example figurine.

"Pepps - I'm pretty sure this is on the flashware, mind if I pop the chip to have a look?" Once she gives permission he pulls it free gently and sets it up hooked into his datapad in the 'working with tongs dangerous code' configuration - the usual safety precautions when dealing with a virus risk.

While he ran the initial scan looking for the print code he looked over at Darcy, "So.... good dream? I told you to dream of dessert and you woke up practically yellin' about the Captain..."


Darcy blinks a few more times

Darcy blinks a few more times. "Wait, seriously? Seriously."

"Listen, Pep, I love you, but that is HILARIOUS." She snorts a laugh and lies back, cackling to herself. "Why is your arm full of 3D images of nudes, girl? No kinkshaming, I'm honestly curious. Like, if it's your collection, much respect - if your arm went and found those on its own, though, that's cool as hell."

She sits up again suddenly. "What if it's a totally random glitch? Like those monkeys with the works of the Rohearn bard, that kinda thing? That would be amazing..."


"I guess, it is kind of hard

"I guess, it is kind of hard to shower fully clothed." He was five, and she was feigning obliviousish... sorta.

As Jake mentiones the wires looking crisp she whimpered. Mostly cuz now she would want to make sure all wires were checked, which means she may have to go with a rental for a couple of days...oh boy... "Oh joy...." she muttered, and then groaned harder. "If those wires got toasting, looks like they are going to have to check the implanted ones too...." she said with an even bigger whimper.

Darcy's sudden re-animation with a snort causes Pepper to become a little startled.

Blinking a little to Darcy's question of fire. Umm, at least not yet?"

"Less of a who, and more of a printer is spitting out naked figurines and my arm might be the culprit...."


"It is the second best

"It is the second best location for nakedness -" He wraggled an eyebrow, really working the innuendo. Honestly - he was five.

"... yeah, I mean - I mod all my gear too - it makes a lot of sense. This sort of thing..." He mused, looking like he was getting absorbed into the piece now that he has a grip on what he's looking at. Making a few hm notes and nodding to himself as he scrolled through the spec comparing to the micro-image he was getting fed on the HUD display in his eye. The blue light was shimmering across his eyeball as he looked it over.

"... ah - hardware looks like a match..." He muttered under his breath, "Second power feed looks crisp - may have t..." And that's when Darcy wakes up.

"Captain ain't here -!" Jake reflexively answers with his own startled yelp in reaction to Darcy pulling a spooky ghost act on them - he almost drops the tablet, ending up staring wide eyed at her for a second. Nothing like coming out of hyperfocus a bit of a surprise.


A few blinks in her direction before Jake breathed out and settled back down with the tablet. He scrubbed a hand back through his hair. ".... no one's naked here -" As Jake clearly hasn't flagged his shirt's condition. "...perv."


Darcy sits up suddenly with a

Darcy sits up suddenly with a snort. "--ptain of the ship has to be the one!" She blinks, trying her best to focus roughly on the hazy outlines where Jake and Pepper were sitting. "S'not...not protocol..."

Squinting a few times, she finally shuts one eye and seems to level off a bit. " guys okay? Everybody...nothing's on fire, right?" She glances up at the noted absence of red alert lights in the calm, quiet med bay. "...okay let's pretend I never said anything."

"Also who's naked where? I can't see yet, you're gonna have to describe it for me in excruciating detail..."


"Not exactly my cup of coffee

"Not exactly my cup of coffee." she said with a weak smile. "But hey, at least other people prolly getting a laugh out of this. At least its the med bay. Seems, fitting, in a way for it to spit out naked people."

She takes just a glance, but does nothing more. People of their scars, visible and not. She wasn't one to pry, but there was a bit of relief when it looked like he would be ok from his most recent incident.

"Yeah, I mean when its going to be attached to a person, they go full out, all stops pulled and yeah. I only get as far as I do cuz well, its attached me. Shoulda seen my first arm though after I got done taking it apart......"
She poked her head next to is as it seem he was having trouble with the bearings. "Yeah here." she pointed, he was close, a bit more poking and he would have seen it as clear as day.

Now that he had his bearings, things were making more sense in the layout. He could tell now that hardware wise it was looking like everything was - at least regarding the chip itself. Though some of the wiring looked like it had suffered a little from the feedback as she described. Likely would want to replace those just to be sure. But nothing at least from the hardware that would have made it angry from the get go.


"Hey, I hear nekkid people

"Hey, I hear nekkid people can be fun -" Jake nudges her with an elbow lightly as he settles in to look at the code. Of course once he is settled in Pepper can see there's a nice rip down the back of his shirt and the skin there is a bit red. He'll be feeling it later but nothing looks terribly damaged at least - other than his dignity. He's also got a nice latticework of various scars she can see there - the most visible set right now look like a tree-fractal pattern running up to his shoulder and across his shoulder blade.

"Huh - ok yeah - this is definitely a different style of hardware than I'm used to..." He fell silent for a long moment, looking over where the power connected and confirming with her for a few of the components - sensors, heat sinks - "Ok - wait - ok - upgraded chip.... this is it right?" He pointed at the one he was thinking it was and tapped his glasses to compare the expected spec against what he could pick up on scanning, checking to see if there was a bad soldering job from the factory, misplaced wiring, or if he was going to have to pull the chip to examine the programming more closely.


"Sooo, yeah, could have been

"Sooo, yeah, could have been much worse.... yay?" She said in a weak jest to match jake's wake smile.

Pepper just huffed a rather disgruntled grunt. Was right, but still doesn't' mean she had to be happy.
"And now dealing with potentially my arm making the printers spit out naked people....yaaaaaaaaaaay..........." she just groaned.

"True, but it can make you feel better in the moment..." Though as Jake was talking with his nurse... and then seconds later it was the rip the bandaid manuvar. Pepper just stared a bit wide eye, kind of surprised that no other hair or skin went flying.... and a bit of a 'are you ok look' towards jake. But it would seem his plight was long over.

Pepper made room for Jake so he could start taking a peek.
Up front it seemed like just like any other hardware, but hot damn it was putting up a fight. Like a metric ton and then some of precautions taken, and for good reason - as expected with medical grade hardware. He can barely make out the expected components and has a very very very rough idea where the upgrade chip was.

lmao got 1 pp on that


The nurse answered before

The nurse answered before Jake could. "Lasers. Also burn treatment when it heats up -" It sounded like she knew what she was talking about from experience. Jake flicked her a wide eyed look then smiled weakly back at Pepper like 'yay?'.

"And you gotta admit - that mechanic was probably right - I mean hey. You're getting to hang out with me, and I bring the cool-factor in the room up by at least two, right?" He teased, aiming to keep the mood light.

"...hammertech is generally not very good... can -" He glanced over at the nurse, having a small conversation in raised eyebrows, squirms, eager little smile, then the nurse eyeballed him. "You sure?" Jake took a deep breath and braced his hands on the table.

Two seconds later, and something that sounded like ripping fabric and a muffled yowl - and Jake was free. Thankfully only lost a little bit of hair on the back of his neck. "There y'go - " The nurse dropped a towel on his head. "Get outta here."

And with that, Jake stepped over to settle beside Pepper to look over her shoulder, "Let's see what y'got here..."


Pepper just winced and shook

Pepper just winced and shook her head at the idea of trying to clean out the hardened epoxy. "Ugh, I don't even want to think of what the clean up for that would have been like."

She huffed a laugh as Jake's rag just kind of floated short. She gets extra squirmy hidey in the med bay. Though as Jake confessed own bit of uncomfiness regarding being in the med bay did seem to help a little. "Ah, yeah, I , uh, just don't do very well, in the environment, considering..." she looked to the side. "I probably wouldn't even be in here if it wasn't for one of the other mechanics picking me up off the floor...." she said a bit sheepishly.

The grumpiness by now had been replaced by utter confusion and now a bit of concern. She scrambled about to pull out her tablet which she already had the hardware specs of her arm and the plans out on, as if to prove her point further.
"Look, I swear, if I do anything with the actual software it gets sent to my usual medtech..."

Though as Jake pipes up, the current medtech just seems to deflate a little... more in that oh fuck we need to check our inventory... Seemingly now satisfied with the current answers the tech hurries off to start essentially an emergency recall.

Pepper just sinks in her seat. "If it will help hurry this up, and get them away, yeah. At this point I am likely to analyze with a hammer..."


Jake nodded, for once

Jake nodded, for once shutting up to listen even as the glue pulled on his shirt and his skin, and the nurse just kept slicking his back down with oil to get it off him. This was just gonna be gross and he was really hoping he was gonna be able to catch a shower sooner than later after this. "... yeah, I was lucky the other container didn't get popped or this would be a lasers needed sort of job. At least it's not hardened."

Jake snags a oil smeared tissue and tosses it in Pepper's direction - it falls short - but the point made. "None o'that - just noticing you squirm as much as I do if I'm in here f'anything an' m'preferred doc ain't around to run interference." He smiled in apology at the nurse, before looking back at Pepper "If I gotta take my shirt off - I get pretty damn squirmy too - I mean..."

Then the tech comes marching up - like there's something right wrong going on, Jake's back tenses defensively under the nurse's hands, that sort of stompy stomp behavior immediately set his hackles up. "..."

"... oh. My gawd." Jake muffled a snicker, "Ok ok ok - hang on - chip replacement?" He waved, trying to keep the medtech from going aggro on Pepper and making things worse, "Bios on chips can be compromised from the shop even if you've got an air gap - so... Pepps, d'ya want me to take a look? Up to you -"


"Its possible, a lot of what

"Its possible, a lot of what is in for the arm hasn't really been touched, since, well,..." she mimicked explodey sounds with a point down. "Outside of the occasional like touch up as need be. Not many opportunities when everything went to hell for all 'proper'"
She nodded at the mention of specific to each person. "Yep, once its in, its unique to you. There are some things that are a bit more generic, but that is all related specifically to the hardware alone. How it functions as a whole... lets just say for some check ups I have spent days laying on a table in here...."
"But once most of the ground work is in that doesn't really need to be bothered too much, though when they make better chips or wirings and what not. Or like you end up shorting everything out...." she said with a sigh.

"Would be a sure fire way everyone learns the lesson."

"Oh that would suck. Cuz I think for that stuff the dissolvement is pretty destructive right? And Much of that you can't either bring liquids around or can't use. Yikes...."

She suddenly pauses all movement, as now she was feeling a bit self-conscious. "Oh sorry... She murmured with her eyes towards the ground and her hand instinctively going to cover the plating on her left shoulder that her prosthetic attached to. "I just, uh, really, don't like it here. they usually sedate me and stuff, but with this and yeah..."

Though it would seem a distraction was being provided as the medical worker that had taken her arm marches on up, holding up what appeared to be a rough figure taken straight out of their bay's printer.

A closer inspection showed that it was a full, very anatomically correct human figure.

Pepper just looked at it confuse and then over to the medical officer holding it. and before she could say anything, the worker said. "The printer started spitting these out after we had hooked up your arm. Did you try to download any software to it?"

Pepper just looked all the confused, and slightly insulted... "No, I was just working with the hardware...."


"ooooh - yeah - late patch,

"ooooh - yeah - late patch, bad patch - wait. Could be two versions of the ware that're incompatible maybe?" He wrinkled his nose. "I've not dug much into prosthetic-ware honestly. It's pretty specific to each person from what I gather."

"You know... that is \amazzzzzzingly temp-ow-ting -" Jake winced through as another layer of goop came up, this time freeing part of his shirt at least. It lifted enough for Pepper to catch a glimpse of scars and rougher skin under his collar but it was quickly hidden as the nurse patted the freed shirt back down so she could hold the fabric still to pull a section free.

" - at least it didn't get into any of the work, right?" He waggled an eyebrow in Pepper's direction. "You look like you've got ants up y'butt - need distraction?"


She took a deep breath and

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, like really hard, as if attempted to wish herself away, but for as much as she would like that it was not the case. Just a kind of coping mechanism to try and like calm herself down. Especially as she was starting to get more and more fidgeting in her seat. It was at first legs kind of twitchy, but now that she had flipped herself on over, she was scooting every which a way.

Though a pause to pop an eye open to check on Jake as he was having his own moment.
She nodded a little. "Both are possible, third option, they didn't update the chips that are in the upper part of the spine, or that wiring finally had enough... Or all of it...."
"Finally got around upgraded the ones for my leg a bit after being on the station."

The face she made as she saw the landing site of the epoxy said it all, was a cross between a yikes and ew... Especially as there was now gaps all over from the nurse doing the slow and steady pulling of the loose sections as they work in oils and other less dangerous things to help chunk out the epoxy.
"Sounds like a regular adventure, I would be too tempted to make it a physical book, and when someone opened it they got gooped."


"Yeah, not my favorite place

"Yeah, not my favorite place to be eiiiii-" Jake squeaks as the goop comes off a particularly sensitive spot behind his ear. "Either -" He reached up to start to rub at the spot before catching himself, barely avoiding sticking his fingers to himself. His hands went back to his lap to keep from getting stuck while the nurse snickered softly and squirted more oil to start unsticking the back of his head.

"Yeah - smaller warnings, easier to handle... big ones - never fun. The tingles don't go away for -" The nurse handling him pinches him on the upper arm ('You zap yourself you're supposed to come see us.') Jake ignores this. "... sounds like a screwup in the documentation maybe? Or maybe one of the subcontracted chips they're relying on doesn't match the docs?"

"... yeah, so far keps the eyebrows - it caught me from the back -" He turned just a bit so she could see the splatter, back of the head down his shoulder, neck to middle of back where his shirt was stiffly plastered down. "So - this has been a fun day. And by fun - I mean - now I have to write up training safety docs about liquids in orbit."


"And now I have to be, here."

"And now I have to be, here." She mumbled, it was a ll grump, and well even for her regular check ups, it was all grump. She just did not really like the medical bays/hospitals.
"Yeah didn't have any of that, usually if it can't handle the mod it would like tingle just a little or do the coppery taste thing - enough a warning." she huffed a little.

"Yeah, the first phase in you know attempting to design attachments and what not. They all know I do this to my prosthetic, and they like give me all the information on them...." Now she seemed more sad and frustrated "Unless..." she then just sighed with a rather defeated look.

"Oh, yikes.... followed up with a rather visible wince as jake got to the part of the epoxy finding him. "Yeah.. at least you keep your eyebrows?" she added in, with the whole it could have been worse.


".... ooooowwww-" The nurse

".... ooooowwww-" The nurse paused mid pull - and Jake glanced over, "Oh, sorry - not you this time - the whole electrocuting yourself thing -" He gestured towards Pepper. "I've done something like that before, made my teeth hurt and tasted like coconut and copper."

"Ramping up the power - that makes sense, the feedback sensors..." Jake shrugged to her question, "Naw, just a coincidence. Big-D got shook loose on low-grav section of maintenance... smacked around a bit from what she described."

He pointed at his hair, "Me? Someone let loose epoxy in D-sec - and uh... I 'found some'. Or it found me to be more exact." He wrinkled his nose, "Could've been worse right?"