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Yeah the normalization might

Yeah the normalization might sound good in theory but it just means people get locked out of participating b/c of major decisions like race and spec rather than being able to adapt and overcome based on play styles -_-


If I could manage with all my

If I could manage with all my friends would be ok. but schedules, and so many of them have quit games cuz of time issues or interest issues.

For WoW my raid team is prolly the most people I know still in the game, with a few hand fulls of people.

And with blizzard going back to bring the class and not the play philosophy, thats mucked shit up since I enjoy my shadow priest


Honestly I'm kinda the same

Honestly I'm kinda the same way with grouping -_- I'm willing to give it a go to help with content that can't be solo'd but in general I'm kinda terrible at it over the long-term, I'm finding

Which sucks because I have lots of friends I really should enjoy grouping with but fear of playing badly and fucking up their dungeon runs and stuff always eats my brain first


I have a dragon bard XD

I have a dragon bard XD
though leveling my astrologian, and then red mage jobs.

But yeah at this point, I am not really looking for any more groups or crews.

Waiting to see what happens with the team, though I doubt I will find another one (assuming I can find any more fun in that game). Especially as my dungeon running group has semi sidelined me? and sort of don't play as much.

So atm I am rotating between WoW, Guild Wars 2 (though I am kind of stuck there and need a party ><), and FF14

least ff14 you can pug all the old content.

Just seems like anytime I get in any group either I get overwhelmed pull I don't belong and leave to make space, or it falls apart. ><

RE MMO - yeah unless you have like a way to firmly put in rules its way easy to get sucked in. TBH I dunno how I manage it, but I also do a lot of things so I try and make time for what I can. Just actually publishing some of the things is a different matter XD (like some of the stuff I worked on for her but I just keep forgetting to post )


Yih, I made a lalafel for a

Yih, I made a lalafel for a second, I might have to go back to that

I'm giving BfA basically one more chance with 8.1 to see if the story heads in a less awful direction, if not I'm probably gonna drop it


well the brightside is I have

well the brightside is I have a job to bury myself in, so just been doing that >.>

though I do have a lot of catch up in ff14 so just been soloing that XD


(the LOL was re: maddy - not

(the LOL was re: maddy - not zxe - wow bad post timing)

and yeah :-/ that triggering a depression cycle makes sense honestly. it sucks - hard and it's not fiar given how much work you put in


There is more to it, but that

There is more to it, but that is the cliff notes.

But considering everything else I play is just me, it's also kind of triggered the depression cycle hard.

Also finishing up here so heading home


and that SUCKS re: wow :-/ i

and that SUCKS re: wow :-/ i'm sorry - i know how much fun it's supposed to be and the guild bs can't possibly be helping that


Okay both are super good - I

Okay both are super good - I'm good with either, maybe slight preference for the Sirian scenario?

Also I'm sorry to hear WoW's gotten rough - I'm still super upset with the story direction in BfA but game-wise I like a lot of the stuff they're trying


Re wow. Let's just say for

Re wow. Let's just say for the first time ever I have lost all semblance of fun in that game and just feeling like I am drowning in bad shit


Good question. I did not come

Good question. I did not come up with a theme like I said I would. Sorry.

Also item on my phone with out my stylus so also super slow