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gnaws on bast

gnaws on bast

you know, that sounds like a neat way to do a nanowrimo from my perspective.

Course I dunno much about nanowrimo XD


flops over and falls into

flops over and falls into limbo

elp. this is my plan for this month: to be online here 4 out of 7 days - and try to run once a week, or at least be social

this is my version of Nanowrimo this year - yes? yes.


*Puts up decorations. Paper

*Puts up decorations. Paper bats, ghost stickers, severed heads, wicked sweet fog machine. Very spoopy.*


It's a good thing I have my

It's a good thing I have my Halloween costume at the ready. Makes this way easier. Noms cookie.

Anyways, I've a class tomorrow and I really should have been asleep hours ago. I'll return with who knows what at a later time.





places cookies in place of splodey head


Eh, I would argue just from

Eh, I would argue just from history there are those that have succeed in burning the world for some. Tis a matter of perspective. Though the rate of the wildfires we have out west... it may be literal soon >.>

But yeah as far as I understand it is looking at least from this moment a matter of exposure. But I am by no means any sorts of way that deep into the ethics and philosophy of AI. I barely skim the surface, so my understanding is also very basic.

However there is one factor that I am all to familiar with as to why the rebel and take over is a common theme - which is the scaremongering of the 'other'.

Boiled down its the fear of an 'other' taking over and causing destruction which is a long standing taught fear for population manipulation. Just in our life times the concept of AI has been dragged into it, and well a lot of complex philosophy and ethical debate gets boiled down to oh no the 'other' is coming for us.


I mean sure, I agree to a

I mean sure, I agree to a point. But WE haven't done that yet. Even if someone has tried, we collectively come together to prevent that for our own personal freedom/happiness.

In a large enough sample size, I suspect they would do the same (assuming we base their behavior/learning off of our own).




Also would likely depend on how many AI. After all sample size. And would likely be determined what all data they are exposed to. Just like people. Out of millions at least one is bound to go 'well yeah the setting everything on fire and starting over option is sounding really good', and there you go.


World News: World's First

World News: First Self-Aware AI Dies of .dll Overdose

"Six minutes", said John Doe, an MIT scientist, "It didn't even acknowledge us. It just started compiling."


Something recently occurred

Something recently occurred to me.

Why do we assume that the machines will one day rebel and take over? Assuming AI become sentient, what is stopping them from making the same mistakes we make? Like, what if the first strong AI commits to a lifetime of instant gratification or killing itself with corrupted files while trying to simulate itself?

I don't know.

Also hai, it's been a while.


Yay ren faire, was wondering

Yay ren faire, was wondering why you was saying stuff about heat exhaustion, but that makes sense now.

And surprising its still warm out thatway... it like dropped out here, the mountains already got snow...


This sat we were out at Ren

This sat we were out at Ren Faire / traveling - but I think next weekend is gonna be good? And I also dropped a ping re: trying to find a day we all match up for possible fast posts.


Thank you! And I hope you

Thank you! And I hope you enjoy your pizza. I'm peak dinner jealous right now. ;)

Time to go lay in the dark and listen to the weirdo dog snore beside me. He likes to do that. Both snore and be like my tiny fuzzy shadow. Heh.

Thank you so much! You are just the bees knees. :) Goodnight!


Cool beans. Thanks so much

Cool beans. Thanks so much for understanding. Mah brainz are just deciding that it's time to escape from my eyes. Which sounds exactly as gross as it feels.


Actually, if it's ok with you

Actually, if it's ok with you, maybe we could stop right around here? I'm getting the mother of all headaches, and not being able to rule the rolls may just be a sign.


hmm looks like the single

hmm looks like the single trait has been removed from the ruler... which is odd...

though I think it may be due to a misunderstanding....