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Grand Park

The Grand Park brings a bit of nature to the sprawling urban mass that is the black city of Ramsalon It is fairly close to the center part of the city, but not quite, but no matter it offers a different kind of atmosphere than the other parts of the city. It is lined with very large trees, providing a kind of natural wall to provide a break from the usual noises of the city. Some parts of the wall even turn into tiny little forests dotted about the park. During the Naga Nori War some of the grounds were damaged, busted up and burned. Most of the structures within the are have been restored, but some of the smaller shops are no more. Some citizens have also planted some new saplings to replace some of the trees that were completely destroyed, as well as planting some more bushes and flowers to bolster the greenery. Everything seems to be taking root well and once more life blooms in the park.

There are many different kinds of walk ways and trails that weave about the park passing by and through all the little forests, gardens, fountains and wide open grassy areas. Sprinkled along the ways are all kinds of benches Several places all kinds of people come to perform, putting on all kinds of shows for those walking on by. Vendors can often set up shop along some of the popular route, offering all kinds of snacks, drink, or even trinkets to indulge in. During the warm seasons, the entire park is lush with plant and animal life. Then in the winter, snow accumulates in drifts with the paths carved through making it look like a winter maze.

Candy Shoppe RP Chatroom is a cute little candy shop nested in a shopping area of the Grand Park. Staffed mostly by Faeries it offers a huge selection of all kinds of candy to satisfy any sweet tooth.

The East Side RP Chatroom of the park is stately and dignified. The trees seem to form a small forest in this section of the park, tall and graceful, and there are a multitude of small shops lining the eastern edge of the Grand Park here. There are remains of an ancient portal believed to have once been part of the Namori portal net work that have become a kind work of art for the park. The portal is made up of pillars and blocks, all surrounding a square stone platform with a circular crystal like disk that sits on top of it. It has been overgrown with vines that curl all around its pillars and blocks and then cascade down like magnificent curtains. There is a small gathering of trees around it with some flowering bushes mixed in. Before the Darkest Night there have been a few attempts to see if the portal could be properly reactivated to no avail. After the Naga Nori War the Shi Inkahan Empire let the Elven Alliance remove the crystals that seemed still infused with magic, ensuring that even if somehow it could be reactivated it can't. Now it sits there quiet, a monument to how nature reclaims even the most hardy of construction.

There is a Fountain Area RP Chatroom located in the west side of the park and has become one of the centerpieces of the city. The fountain showed up shortly after the Darkest Night. No one really knows whom built the fountain but the story is that the night after the last attack of the Darkest Night had settled that the fountain appeared. It is said to be a gift to the city from a nature spirit whom is even believed to be living in the fountain as some citizens have claimed to see it. The fountain itself is massive, made from all kinds of marble. In some places soft moss grows, but the water within the fountain never seems to get dirty or overran with algae and gunk. It is in the shape of a rectangle with walls just high enough to serve as a comfortable seat for most adults. In the very center is a statue that seems to be a rendering of swirling water and vines reaching up that water cascades down in sheets forming waterfalls. Smaller statues accent the corners with long swirls to let the water run as if fanciful dancing. No matter the time of year the water has no trouble running.

The Park Center RP Chatroom is just a grassy zone in the center of the park where no trees, flowers or bushes grow at all. West of the treeless patch about 30 yards is a massive Black Marble Oak tree, and to the east about the same distance there lays a rune-covered stone.

There are some Sparring Grounds RP Chatroom in a clearing at the south side of the Grand Park. It is an entire complex designed to handle any type of fighter, magical and physical. Here there are setups where people can spar or make use of several types of training dummies, with several environments to pick to practice on such as a stone flooring or a grassy area with obstacles. There is a small stone building in the Sparring Grounds, built for days when sparring outside is impossible due to weather or other factors. The floor has various markings on it for various types of duels and there are obstacles that can be moved onto the floor as well.

The Special Events Areas RP Chatroom and Havest Festival Grounds RP Chatroom are spaces large enough to be dedicated to festivals and special events. These areas are designed to handle a sudden increase of traffic as well as whatever equipment and temporary buildings and stages that are required for such events and festivals. The set up is so that it also won't disrupt the day to day activity that goes on in the park and that the event won't be disturbed or interrupted by the day to day on goings of the city. So when a circus, traveling zoo, or other big event comes into the city they will set up here.


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healing himself back up he

healing himself back up he takes note that Azure didn't use all his tricks. let's go to a bar. Maybe we'll meet a friend of mine and you guys can talk about grabbing his coat we can talk on the way, green grape? It's one of my favorites. and with that he goes to the green grape inn with hopefully Azure next to him.


As Daniel lands his swing

As Daniel lands his swing Azura falls over to the ground. He is beaten and even with the sword being made of wood, it made little difference in the force behind the strike. Eventually Azura heals himself back up and gets up yet again. He looks over towards Daniel and nods. "Congratulations. I do need to do some work myself. Now as for the claws, I picked them up a while back and customized them a little. The snap out when I need them otherwise they look like large bracers." He leans back against the wall before continuing. "So, we can go again, or we can head somewhere and grab a drink. Either is fine with me. But I would like to discuss my proposition further, if that is alright with you."


Daniel as he closes in will

Daniel as he closes in will feel himself being pushed back as he gets closer. It is almost like walking through some mud. However he is able to power through it to finish his own attack.

Just as he brings his sword down on Azura he takes a fire blast to the face for 15.95 points of damage. While singed, Daniel lands a powerful blow of his own dealing 40.25 points of damage.

I will break it down here like I have been so you can have something look over to hopefully help practice the ruling.

Azura - Throw then attack
-20 to mights due to 2 actions

Int might: 42 rolled: 68 diff: Daniel's Dex Might (64)
Spir might: 45 rolled: 77 diff: Daniels End Might (65)
Winsby=1 PP=0
While he is successful, its barely noticeable and has no effect number wise.

Fire Attack
Int might: 57 rolled: 80 diff: Daniel's Dex Might (64)
Spir might: 60 rolled: 70 diff: Daniels End Might (65)
Winsby=19 PP=11
With his weapon ((11x.45)=4.95 + 11 = 15.95)
His fire attack is successful! He deals 15.95 pts of dmg

Daniel - attack
Dex might: 64 rolled: 54 diff: Azura's Int Might (57)
Str might: 64 rolled: 71 diff: Azura's Cha Might (20)
(since Azura is taking double actions this does lower Daniel's diff in order to hit Azura. Again the Cha should be a 1, but I am keeping it at a 20 since its only 3 pt difference to help demonstrate the stat match up for diffs and ruling)
Winsby = 35 PP = 23
With his weapon ((23x.75)= 17.25 + 23) = 40.25
His attack is successful! Hea deals 40.25 pts of dmg




Daniel - Attack
Dex might: 64 rolled: 29 diff: Azura's Dex Might (25)
Str might: 64 rolled: 11 diff: Azura's End Might (35)
Winsby = 2 PP = 1
His attack succeeds. He deals 1 points of damage
(its 1.75 with his sword)

Azura - block
Str might: 25 rolled: 30 diff: Daniels's Dex Might (64)
End might: 35 rolled: 79 diff: Daniel's Str Might (64)
Winsby = -29 PP = 0
He critically fails to block




Comparison Numbers and teaching moment :3

Daniel - ?
In his post, he just says he stands ready, this can mean a lot of things so this is when we would ask if he was going to attack or defend. Never assume as this can really have an impact on the outcome - but this gives us a chance to map out the various possibilities for you :3 (We will just stick to the basics atm)

Str might: 64 rolled: 78 diff: Azura's Int Might (77)
End might: 65 rolled: 22 diff: Azura's Spir Might (80)
Winsby = -12 PP = 0
His block fails.

Dex might: 64 rolled: 81 diff: Azura's Int Might (77)
End might: 65 rolled: 22 diff: Azura's Spir Might (80)
Winsby = -10 PP = 0
His parry fails.

Dex might: 64 rolled: 81 diff: Azura's Int Might (77)
Str might: 64 rolled: 78 diff: Azura's Cha Might (20)
Winsby = 44 PP = 28
His attack succeeds. He deals 28 points of damage
(Now remember his sword - it adds 75% more points so that is: (28*.75=21), 21+28 = 49 pts of damage total)

Azura - attacking
Int might: 77 rolled: 80 diff: Daniel's Dex Might (64)
Spir might: 80 rolled: 70 diff: Daniels End Might (65)
Winsby=36 PP=28
His attack succeeds. He deals 28pts of damage.
(Ok! some fun times, with the recent changes coming up, weapons add to magic attack damage! I see Azura has some claws, which are a medium class weapon. So that will give Azura 45% more points to his damage. That will be: (28*.45 = 12.6), 12.6+28= 40.6 pts of damage total)

Things to remember:
If you can always roll any items that are relevant, especially for combat as this helps out the Shs. Often we have to hunt for weapons and armor, but the rule usually is if its not rolled it isn't being considered. I have just been putting in the numbers here to demonstrate how they would be handled in a ruling.

Azura also has no skill that gives him access to the basic defense moves. This makes him really squishy in close quarters combat, unless he sets up his activated shielding (this has to be rolled). And remember Cha is used for casters as their version of End. So without a defense aspect, his inherit defense might when using magic is only 20. Your end is a tad higher, but still without that avoid aspect for the defense moves, its only going to be 35.


So now your magic starts

So now your magic starts working? continuing his assult he goes for his shoulder swinging​ his sword in a downward strike. don't you know how to use anything else then magic?. Sure it's a useful tool but there are times then you just need to hit someone with something that won't disappear!


Azura is near the point of

Azura is near the point of rage now. None of his spells are taking hold, and he hasn't even put a scratch on Daniel. "That's is, I'm done trying to be fancy, just burn!" Azura rolls forth and raises both arms outward attempting to unleash a blazing line of fire towards Daniel.




Hello there!
Hopefully you all having some fun with your spar.

Since it looks like you are trying to also use this as a way to help get to know the system I am just dropping these numbers here for you to compare with and hopefully help ya out a little.

If you have trouble reading this, pop me a pm and I can copy it there. Of course if any questions can also come to the forums or pms


(whoops had a couple of typos and diff mix ups, should be corrected now)

Action 1

Daniel - Parries
Dex - might: 64 rolled: 64 diff: Azura's Int might (62)
End - might: 65 rolled: 20 diff: Azura's Spir might (65)
Winsby = -8 PP = 0
He fails to parry

Azura - Attacks (toss up in air)
(usig the first set of rolls here)
Int - might: 62 rolled: 70 diff Daniel's Dex might (64)
Spir - might: 65 rolled: 54 diff: Daniel's End might (65)
Winsby = 11 PP = 7
(Now we have a curious thing here - because a toss up in the air can be a type of attack for damage or an attempt to cc - this is why you have to be clear in stating which that is. Because if this is a damage attack then your weapon adds in some damage per the new changes.)
(However since the skill used does -not- have a damage aspect, it can not do dmg, so he does have a successful cc, which would have hindered any direct actions towards Azura )
Azura's attack is successful for 7 points

(If using the second set of dice that was rolled Azura then fails, however in the case of a multi post the first set of dice are always used. These only change Azura's results.)

Since this is an attack vs defense, this is a straight forward attack mights vs defending mights - which is how the diffs end up as they are (under the new changes made)


Action 2

Daniel - Attacks
Dex - might: 64 rolled: 31 diff: Azura's Int might (42)
Str - might: 64 rolled: 90 diff: Azura's Cha might (20)
(Now with the MAP, that would make the Cha might a 0, but we can't put a diff at 0 as 1 is as low as we can go. However I left it at 20 as there was only 3 pts difference, and this is just for funs, and to help indicate the might to diff relationship in comabt :3)
Winsby = 41 PP = 26 (including Daniel's Sword which is a heavy class and adds in 75% more in damage - so with the sword that would be ((26x.75=19.5), 19.5+26 = 45.5pts of damage)
His attack succeeds for 45.5 pts (or just 26 if not wanting to include sword dmg)

Azura - 2 actions - Teleport, then stealth
Int - might: 42 rolled: 16 diff Daniel's Dex might (64)
Spir - might: 45 rolled: 7 diff: Daniel's Str might (65)
Winsby = -60 PP = 0
Azura's critcally fails at teleporting

Int - might: 42 rolled: 9 diff Daniel's awa might (30)
Spir - might: 45 rolled: 12 diff: Daniel's awa might (30)
Winsby = -20 PP = 0
Azura's fails at stealthing

We use order of declared actions to determine how to handle the attack vs move actions. So in this case it is the teleport vs attack. So this is why you have to be clear and careful in describing your actions.

Since Azura is trying to do 2 actions, he suffers the multi action penalty of -20, which reduces his mights to 42 and 45.
A winsby of -25 or greater is considered a critical failure, often this means the fail can have some even more negative or effect then usual. (one such example is instead of porting away, Azura ported right into the path of Daniel's attack, which in turn could also be the reason why he had. Its pretty much a means to have a bit more fun and flair to the narrative when ruling )


Action 3

Daniel - Attack to Knock Down
Dex - might: 64 rolled: 13 diff: Azura's Int might (62)
Str - might: 64 rolled: 15 diff: Azura's Cha might (20)
Winsby = -16 PP = 0
Daniel fails his action.
(Again to note, knocking down can be seen as an attempt to do damage or to just cc - it is important to state which, so the SH can rule it properly.)

Azura - Teleport
Int - might: 62 rolled: 12 diff Daniel's Dex might (64)
Spir - might: 65 rolled: 3 diff: Daniel's Str might (65)
Winsby = -43 PP = 0
Azura's critically fails at teleporting


Action 4

Daniel - Parry
Dex - might: 64 rolled: 57 diff: Azura's Int might (62)
End - might: 65 rolled: 31 diff: Azura's Spir might (65)
Winsby = -6 PP = 0
Daniel fails his action.

Azura - Throw against the wall
Int - might: 62 rolled: 17 diff Daniel's Dex might (64)
Spir - might: 65 rolled: 6 diff: Daniel's End might (65)
Winsby = -40 PP = 0
Azura's critically fails his action

Things to remember:
clearly indicate what the end goal of the action is, remember to keep that inline with your skill aspects. SO if you try to knock someone into the wall, it won't do damage unless your skill has a dmg aspect. (In the case of falling the environmental rules will apply there.)

CC type moves are one of the few things that is not tied to single aspect to allow some flexibility. But they don't deal damage, they just are to try and incapacitate or interfere with the targets actions.


Azura groans as his spell

Azura groans as his spell fails to take hold. He shakes it off and instead goes for the defensive. He will be attempting to teleport and conceal himself with invisibility to give himself the upper hand.


Azura smiled. "Glad you knew

Azura smiled. "Glad you knew there was a catch, thing is I don't even know what the catch would be yet. Power, sure, gold, sure, both would be lovely. The thing is, what would we gain from eliminating them, I don't yet know." He sighed a little bit when Daniel asked to spar again. "I suppose so, shall we begin?"


What's the catch? getting up

What's the catch? getting up so there gaze is even. most of time if not all the time when someone like you wants something. So what is it? making some space between them is it power you want or gold. We're on the opposite spectrum so you understand what am trying to say right.

Now do you want to spar instead of talking because I don't think this is the right place to talk about such things. If you want to talk about this we can do that later in a tavern perhaps.