Vaxia - Fight Night at the Cavum

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Vaxia - Fight Night at the Cavum

In starting what I hope will be a regular trend, I'll be hosting a regular "fight night" at the Cavum brawl pub in Ramsalon. Fights are non-lethal, there is prize money for winners and bets can be placed. I expect to run 3-5 fights a night. If you wish to fight, please let me know which character in advance so I can plan NPCs accordingly. Spectating is also fine :)

Out of character, this will also serve as an excuse to practice combat mechanics you might not get the chance to fool around with in your average session. Some fights will intentionally have constraints (like "no healing" or "must wing by ring-out") to encourage exactly that.

I plan to run these every two weeks. Each will be its own posting so I can keep competitors straight :) Unlike most sessions, I'm willing to run these with even just 1-2 players (they'll just be shorter than usual).

Monday, February 13, 2017 - 19:00 to 23:00


  • Vaxia
Max seating: 
12 seats
Fast posting


  • PG-13
  • C: All fight - no talk
  • TW: Graphic violence
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Am free at night so am up for it!

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I think I should be able to make this, will prolly come on Quin to do a fight unless you get a lot of signups before time then I can bring someone to spectate to ease up the load.

Interested, but wait-list me for others