Assina's Tailoring Shop

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Assina's Tailoring Shop

The shop is tucked away on the bottom floor of a multi-story building. There is a hat maker next door, and a dress shop on the other.

The front room is ream after ream of fabrics, baskets of threads, yarns, needles, and other such tools. Behind the counter, which is at the far end of the front room, is the workshop which has six tables, and plenty of space for people to do their craft.

A tall, stern, and proper woman named Michelle Assina (NPC) owns the property. She has three rules: A proper stitch, a quiet team, and timeliness.

Upstairs are rent-able flats, and the top story is where Michelle lives.


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"I know getting replicas

"I know getting replicas sometimes isn't hard, and for the most part you can't tell the difference. But in some of the more intricate embroidery or beading there is always a slight discrepancy as some of the flourishes can't help but to take on the form of their replicators style. In a way it even helps make the copy's a bit exciting."

She nodded a little "Aye, some tethers are easily breakable and such, and while have some advantages, just not my style. As I do tend to favor the element of surprise as I can."

"Aye, kind of depends on the owl, but the do have some characteristics that may be handy to have."

Moreaaiwe could go on, however other obligations came creeping back to call to their attention. New orders coming in for Catherine, and Mo's own work calling her in for scheduling and such. With a quick change she was soon back on out, however she was grinning a bit ear to ear, for the lovely visit, and the even more lovely gown of which she would have to find the perfect moment to use.

thank you! so much fun. you da best lady :3


She nodded. "I think they

She nodded. "I think they strive to continue the work but also to make their own mark. So it does seem like people try to go a step apart to make their own mark."

Catherine giggled. "Oh I can. I imagine it got out of hand in a hurry."

"Especially since they're smart enough to find a good spot to hide and wait. If they stuck around cause they were tethered to a leash, it'd definitely be a huge cause for worry. So letting them fly free is extremely wise in the heat of the moment." She agreed.

Catherine nodded. "I'll keep it in mind." She said, already planning ideas but also knowing that it might be a bit before the winter rush allowed her time. But she could always sit by the fire and stitch at night while reading. She started giggling. "The best possible muse!" She gushed. "I'm pretty sure all my co-workers turn green with envy and hide my scissors whenever they know you're coming over."

She let out a huge laugh. One that shook her whole body. "Miracle workers!"

"Oooh, an owl would be a lovely addition!" She gushed. "It might be on a slightly different sleep schedule as well. So that might even help with the transition with the others until they all got used to each other."

Eventually work and appointments would beckon them both back to the real world. But Catherine had such a lovely day that it hardly felt like work at all. A visit from Mo was always lovely. And that night when she headed upstairs to rest, she had so many ideas that she nearly danced the whole way up. Mo was just too inspiring.

Thank you so much for the RP! It was so much fun, and a blast like always! You're the best! :D


"Or change here and there as

"Or change here and there as it can go sometimes. New influences or the original creator had moved on leaving the ones that had studied under them to continue one, of which they tend to have their own ways of doing so."

"Well, even the bad weather didn't deter some of the wee ones from getting out there and making a whole mess. Which you could imagine how sometimes that would play out." She chuckled

"It is part of why I prefer to just let them loose as opposed to leashed. For if there is a spot of trouble, and things get a wee bit out of hand it is one less thing to worry about as they are able to get to their own safety as needed instead of having to need someone else to make sure of it."

There was a bit of a tiny laugh at the mention of worry, it wasn't dismissive, more like a the worry of her beloved companions was perhaps a bit of a drop in an ocean. "It would be a tiny bit of a relief, but really. Please don't feel obligated in any way. I can't necessarily stop you if it makes for a good side project for you. However as much as I do adore your gifts of your talent, just know I won't be upset if nothing comes of it, or it takes a bit of time. Really." she said with a soft smile, which then soon turned into a grin. "And well if it so happens to also help the business get ever further ahead, well I guess I do make a better muse then thought." she said with a wink.

"A bit worse a couple of times. Have I mentioned how much adore the launderers around here?" she laughed

"At the least never a dull moment."
She nodded her head. "Aye. I am not entirely sure, but I have been considering an Owl. I have been watching a couple in the forest nearby. They do tend to be more solitary from what I understand, so I am not entirely sure what kind of temperament one may have with a bit more feathered friends."


"Oooh, yes. Some styles fade

"Oooh, yes. Some styles fade away but always look good. Even years down the road, as long as they're kept safe they can be a perfect new edition to a wardrobe." She said with a nod. "Bad weather is the perfect time to bundle up with some fancy clothes and play pretend."

"It would be ideal to have it eye catching for people, but not so much that any other animals might also spot him more easily." Catherine agreed. She nodded quickly to the mention of both portable and safe. "Things go pear shaped in a hurry. It's good to not have to worry about their safety as much in the heat of the moment. Anything to make it a little easier has to be good." She said.

She gently waved her hand. "Oh, don't be silly. I love making things that I've never made before. And if I can be on the cutting edge of the ramsalonian companion fashion scene, that's even better." She said with a wink. She grew momentarily more serious, but her smile still stayed gently on her face. "Besides, if it would help you feel less nervous about them going out, that makes me happy too. Your happiness is important to me." She said gently. "And if a little project like this can take a bit of the worry away, it's worth far more than it's weight in time."

"Oh dear." She said with a giggle. "Was it like flapping a tablecloth at a restaurant that specialized in crumbly breads?"

"Rascally brothers sounds like a very good way to be." She agreed. Her eyes widened. "Another bird? How exciting! What type?" Catherine gushed. If anyone could handle many adorable feathered friends, it was Mo. She took excellent care of her feathery companions.


She chuckled a little. "Well

She chuckled a little. "Well it didn't hurt that my collection tends to run a bit older then some, so some styles you can't really find, or well at least not easily, anymore. But more often then not, especially during some of the more dreadful weather, there was a bit of dress up being done. Especially with the costumes."

She raised a curious brow as Catherine asked about embroidery on the vest. "Not particularly. Perhaps just something decorative, just enough you know to where it is a bit obvious that it is more then just some cloth the raven has gotten all wrapped up in. " She nodded her head. "Aye, I just worry a bit more, as he doesn't seem to get as many feathers. So it would be nice to have something a bit more, portable to be able to take him out more and not have to worry if plans for awry. After all you know this city." Though she paused for a moment, as Catherine seemed to have gotten that 'look'.
"But darling please don't feel like you have to try and make anything from all my prattling, you have already given me far more then anything I deserve and I know all to well some of the crunch upon time." she said with a soft smile.

"I am just thankful his new spot isn't my trunk, twas a bit annoying finding all kinds of crumbs in some of my skirts." she chuckled.

She nodded her head. "Indeed. Well for the most part, not all family is like that, and sometimes it is a learning experience. But thankfully Scaramouche and Rowan seem to be more in that good fun rascals, as opposed to the other. Which I was a bit worry about. Of course, still worried about as I am considering getting another bird. Going to need a whole other room if I keep it up."


"Oooh, yes!" She gushed. "I

"Oooh, yes!" She gushed. "I can imagine how excited they would be to finally be old enough to wear something they always adored. Awwww." Her mind trailed off into little adorable vignettes all on her own. "I imagine there were lots of times when you had the little ones playing dressup in things that were just far too tall on them." She said with a grin.

"Oh yes. A veil would probably help that little bit extra." She mused. She'd probably never have thought of something so clever until she already had the red line deep on her skin and was desperate. So it was a very good idea (and a good thing to know for the future). "Best to stick to makeup, I think." She said with a giggle.

As always when thinking of an outfit idea (even one for someone small), Catherine could feel her fingertips tingling. She just loved sewing that much. Her hand snaked across to the pad of paper and she started making notes. "Would you want Scaramouche's vests to say anything specific?" She asked. "Cause it'd be easy enough to embroider a message to help people identify he was a companion." She started to puzzle out some of the logistics in her head as she mentioned a warmer coat for Rowan. "Oh, that would be dashing too. Then he could look just as pretty in the winter as he does in the summer."

"There will never be lean times for Rowan." She agreed. "He's got life all figured out in terms of snacks. I could learn a lot from him." She giggled.

She nodded. "Family knows just how to tease and get under someone's skin without hurting them to do so." She agreed. "So putting Rowan in a box was the ultimate big brother sign of approval." She said with a little chuckle.


Moreaaiwe nodded her head a

Moreaaiwe nodded her head a little. "Aye, and not to mention it helps with the gift giving should a little one finally grow into an outfit you know they have adored and it is well preserved. Help making a bit of room for new collections."

"Just a bit. Some of the masks they have designed better to take a bit more to leave their marks, but after a a bit and if there is enough moving around to cause it to rub and bump it causes it to leave its mark. Some even wear veils in order to gain a bit of extra padding. Though when all else fails there is still the make up." she said with a chuckle.

She pondered Catherine's suggestion for the vest for the raven. It could work, well should he ever get acclimated to such a thing. "That could work, probably would need a collection as that raven would get his kicks for leaving bits and pieces for his amusement. I have also considering looking into something for Rowan. I do get a bit worried for him during the colder weather, Scaramouche can at least weather it a bit as his kind is better adapted, but Rowan is from the jungle. I have thought maybe something to help keep him warm, like his own little personal ball of warmth he can just hop around in."

"Well it does pay to have a full food stashed. Never know when it comes in handy." she said with a chuckle.

"Indeed, only the elder sibling has the rights reserved to torment their younger siblings, after all they know what not to cross as it is all done in usually good intentions."


"That's a great idea! Trading

"That's a great idea! Trading seems like a good way to help too. Especially when one group might have come from an area you hadn't been in a while and had access to styles or fabrics that you would normally miss." She mused.

She giggled. "Ouch." She hissed in sympathy. "You're saying it's possible to get those little bruise lines all around the edges where the mask gets bonked into your face on the impact?" She said with a little giggle. "Then I imagine it takes more and more to cover it up."

"We keep them on their toes." She said with a chuckle.

She nodded. "Definitely. Something with a single row of whip stitches just to hold it in place. But at a sharp pull from behind or the side, and those would pop free and he could get away." She said.

"He might even have full seed cookies up there that he can eat at his leisure." She said. She giggled. "Exactly. It's like family. He can say or do whatever he wants to try to torment little Rowan. But heaven help anyone who tries to harass him. They'd find themself with a face full of angry Raven, I'd wager."


She nodded her head "Heavens

She nodded her head "Heavens know how many outfits I had that done to myself, before just flat out trading them with other caravans."

She laughed a little. "Even I would say its a bit much, perhaps try first trying to paint up like one of those little dolls. You know the ones with basically red circles for cheeks. Plus masks tend to slip, and heavens know how many walls I have walked into, or stages walked off thanks to one. You would be a whole new shade of red after a while." she teased

"I imagine such messes is often how they perfected their craft. "

"Perhaps" she mused about the vest idea. "My one worry with that as well is that it also may make him easier to snag, as it gives something else to grab hold, be it a creature, a being, or a tangle of branches. Especially as he is adjusting to it. So it would have to be something he can also easily slip out of when in such a situation, or made in such a way to not likely have it happen.."

"I can only imagine what Rowan has stashed away in there. No doubt as mentioned, his own share of crumbs as well, not only for his own safe keeping, but his tendency to take his meals there just to make sure the greedy raven doesn't snatch it."
She chuckled a little "Siblings is about right. Drive each other crazy, however I am sure if Rowan was to come under threat Scaramouche would have none of it. Even if its for the whole notion of only he gets to pick on the wee one." she said with a slight laugh.


"Oh absolutely." Catherine

"Oh absolutely." Catherine said. "When I first moved here, that's exactly how I started. I didn't have enough to really get anything special, so I'd take the time to improve and enhance the clothes I already had. It worked to scratch that itch until I felt better able to splurge on occasion."

She giggled. "I need one of those full metal face masks with the beautiful etchings on them. That way no one ever sees me turning pink." She said. She giggled. "Oh, I'm pretty sure he thinks my natural color when not sleeping is tomato red."

"They work miracles." Catherine said. "I'm always amazed at how they can fix whatever craziness I can bring in. Often after several attempts to 'help' that end up making it worse they are still able to salvage the fabric. It's more than worth a good tip." She agreed.

She nodded. "Perhaps a little vest? Something about halfway between the full costume and the harder to see collar. That way he could still freely fly around without feeling too dressed up, but anyone he might come across would easily spot that he was a companion." She mused.

She giggled. "Blatant size-ism!" She said with faux horror. "Although I imagine that some of the treats he wants to make sure he keeps for himself are tucked safely into those small spots pretty quickly." She grinned. "They just sound like the cutest siblings. Or at least what I imagine siblings are like." She said with a giggle.


"It is also something that is

"It is also something that is easy to find a little indulgence in without breaking one's bank too much so to say. While some I imagine are out right ridiculous in terms of cost, on occasion one can save up enough to add at least a little bit of embroidery to their favorite blouse or skirt when making a few repairs. So a bit of art, a bit of function, a hint of indulgence, and happiness."

She chuckled a little at Catherine's comment of blushing more. "Should you be of assistance to find a way to ensure a bit less of possible swooning, there is some theater make up which could help with it. Or perhaps your beau may be recruited for alternative glows." she said with a wink.

She nodded a little about the laundering. "Oh heavens, it does make me appreciate those I can pay to launder for me. I mean I could do it myself, but as you say there is so many methods, and the time it consumes. I try and ease what I can where I can, but a health tip to express gratitude for a job well done is the very least I can do for them."

"Oh that bird has on occasion. I just worry for the day its a bit too much for myself to be able to handle. Though perhaps the real worry would be should his ambition bring him to encounter one whom is a bit quick on their strike. Even more so as there isn't much indication he is one's companion as opposed a wild raven. He tends to not take off as much when in his bunny outfit. Uses it more of an excuse to be carried around and absolutely spoiled.' she rubbed her temple a little At one point I have considered perhaps getting him a kind of collar, or necklace, but I fear of it getting caught or going ignored."

She grinned "Oh yes, Rowan is a bit tiny in comparison, so he has found out that he could get in the tinier spaces, and has even tormented the raven with it. Dragging a recently acquired toy or prize or bit of scrap to places just to watch Scaramouche get all flustered in frustration as he tried to squeeze in."


Catherine nodded. "It really

Catherine nodded. "It really can be wearable art. I have seen some women and men come in looking for something special. After all the process is done and they actually have what they wanted, even if it's not something that I would have chosen, it's what makes them happy. And that confidence helps make those colors a lot brighter." She agreed.
She smiled. "Oooh, I should blush more often." She said with a giggle. Although when she would find the time to do that more is nearly a mathematical impossibility considering how often it already happens.

"Oh heavens yes. Trying to figure out the best ways to clean the specific type of fabric can be so exhausting. I even keep notes and I still seem to never remember which method to use."

She nodded. "He is very clever. Hopefully he'll never bite off more than he can chew. But if he ever did, I'm sure he'd know to go straight to you and then he'd be right as rain and no one would be able to pick on him."

She giggled. "Oh, well spotted for him!" She said with a smirk. "I'm sure that gives him a bit of leeway to get him back and then get to safety until Scaramouche calms down."


"No doubt I would get some

"No doubt I would get some attention, but not as much as you think. Its like a piece of art after all. You have seen some of the more drably dressed or even flat out nudes in still lucrative poses meant to draw the eye about. And however still the mind's eye finds part of it dull. Now you go to the pieces of which a bit more vibrancy and pull is brought by the shades, forms and colors of outfits, it brings a whole new appreciation to the piece and the eye and mind. For it is also beyond just being fancier, after all you could have a mess of everything that is glittering and still not have the same pull."
She chuckled softly as Catherine patted her cheeks. "Well at the very least it does help bring out your hair a bit more." with a wink added in.

"It does seem that with sticky there is a bit more to it then most other stains, and its just like endless layers to it that just is exasperating."

"I don't doubt it. Though one of these days I do worry that raven is gonna get in a bit over his head." she sighed.

"Oh no worries about dear Rowan, he has come to settle in a bit better, and has learned that even the emboldened raven has a couple of weaknesses. For one Rowan is a tad smaller, so there are more spaces he can squeeze into."


Catherine chuckled. "Oh, I

Catherine chuckled. "Oh, I think you'd get just as much attention in a boring dress or a sack. I think you might be underselling how beautiful you are." She said giggling. "But the fancier an outfit is, the more attention it does seem to draw. Goodness knows we go through enough sequins and beads to prove it."
She nodded. "I imagine it's like anything that a person gets good at. It becomes second nature and then sometimes they don't realize exactly how enviable the skill is that they possess in their craft." But she blushed very red at the part about being a bit awe inspiring. "You made me all red." She said patting her cheeks to try to cool them.

Catherine grimaced. "Ooof, I bet." She said. "I'd rather clean up most other types of stains than the really sticky ones."

She laughed. "Oh no!" She said with a giggle. "I need to remember he's way more clever than me. I keep forgetting that he's likely to have already figured out a way to get what he wants and he's three hops ahead of me." She couldn't help but giggle even more. Scaramouche was just too cute.

"He probably expected a treat for being so clever. I imagine he was ever so put out when it didn't happen." Catherine said with a little laugh. She cooed. "Awww, poor Rowan!" She said gently. "I don't blame the poor dear. All that and then he didnt' get his fair share of cookies. He had a hard time with that one."


"My dear I could walk outside

"My dear I could walk outside right now in this very dress, and no doubt a fair share of tongues would be wagging without any other action from me then to merely walk right past them. Not to mention how entranced they would be upon the sight. And while, my own presence could be accounted for some of it, there is the saying of 'its the clothes to make the person.' So I assure you they would not have the same reaction should I happen to walk by in something a bit more drab, like a flour sack."
She grinned a little. "I think many perhaps think of magic like that as well, though some seem to think magic a bit more mystical, that isn't to say any other way is the same. Regardless you work, of whatever origins is a bit awe inspiring."

"Well I have lost a couple of dresses to such disasters."

She laughed a little. "Be careful though, Scaramouche is not beyond a little extortion to gain a favored treat. So while you won't have to worry about your shinies going missing without notice, he will instead do it right in front of you and hold it out for the biscuit ransom."

"Oh he was, even amidst the scolding that clever raven was all too proud of his whole set up." she said while shaking her head with a little roll of her eyes and a laugh I swear he is the avatar of hubris at this rate. And poor Rowan, he wouldn't go near another box in ages, which also meant if I brought any more home Scaramouche could steal away even more for his greedy desires."


"It's all in how you frame

"It's all in how you frame the composition." Catherine said with a chuckle.

"I could see that happening." Catherine said with a little giggle. "One might ask for a single hat and then end up with a whole ensemble because they started to conjure and then just didn't want to stop." She turned just a little red at the compliment. "Oh gosh. Do you really think so?" She said, clearly very flattered. "I think that I just tend to focus so much on the stitches and the different ways to do things that I don't always see the forest for the trees until it's all done." She admitted.

She snickered. "I bet."

"Yuck. It probably makes cleaning out the stashes even harder when they get all gloopy like that." She said.

"Oh, that sounds positively adorable. One of the times I'm down at Sweet Eats, I'll have to snag some to send with you." She gushed. "Like paying it forward so hopefully they never decide to snag any of my shinies without me noticing."

She laughed. "Oh no!" She said, trying to cover her mouth to stifle the giggles but not being able to manage it. "Poor Rowan! I imagine Scaramouche was quite proud of himself for that one."


"Well evil is relative.

"Well evil is relative. Devious is perhaps a much better way to put it. Though some would call it down right good business sense." she said with a wink.

It was certainly a bit different then the more stationary life she had here. And she did miss it terribly so, though some things she didn't miss as much.

She chuckled a little. "Well the one down side to that is if they get a wee bit excited in the endeavor. Just may end up with a wee bit more then one bargained for." her grin softened a little. "Much a do like many other things, there are all kinds of wonder. After all one could take a look at some of your dresses and swear a bit of magic was used."

"There was no complaints."

"Aye, you can only image that fun should it happen. Mostly find them in the summers when it finally gets warm enough to melt and get a bit sticky."

"With the forest and farm there are a bit of nut trees about, so thankfully many of the bakeries and such do carry a bit of variety of nut biscuits even pastries. Which is a bit lovely. Though between the two of them they do demolish a box of them should I ever bring some home."
"One time Scaramouche had tricked poor Rowan into hopping into the box and then shut him in after they ate all the biscuits. I mean really." she laughed


"It can never be said that I

"It can never be said that I don't have an evil streak." Catherine said with a giggle. "Or at the very nicest one could say it was a devious one."

She nodded. Life in a caravan sounded very exciting. Just like any living situation there were so many things to learn. There seemed to be so many differences between a more stationary abode that adapting seemed like it would require quite a bit of trial and error. But it did sound really interesting.

"Oh goodness. That sounds very nice. I bet that the fairy could make something rather fancy. If the trend takes off, she may be at the forefront." She said with a smile. "I'd always wished that I would have been able to use magic. I think that's why I still get so excited when I see it. Candy magic though... That would be something quite impressive."

"It is, and you should." Catherine said with a giggle. She snickered even harder at the mention of a performance piece. "I imagine it was quite the show."

"Ah, that makes sense." Catherine said with a nod. "There are some that are very shiny like gems, so I would think those would be extremely tempting for looks rather than taste." She couldn't help but make a little "awwww" sound. "Oh that sounds so cute! They should make little nut based cookies just for birds."


"How positively devious." she

"How positively devious." she snickered out. "Capitalize on both sides of the whole situation, crafty."

"Aye, especially as some wagons are older, and protections and such do wear. So its best to handle it when its just the one. "

"Well a bit if ingenuity and cleverness makes nearly anything possible. Though, even if more mundane ways would have made it difficult, I am sure perhaps a more magical one could have assisted. I have ran into one particular fairy that did have a talent with candy manipulation." she said with a wink

"I have been told that my rear is a work of art, may as well imprint it upon a canvas for all time." she said with a rather wicked grin upon her face. "Could even say that perhaps it was a performance piece."

"Some types, like the more fruit based ones and softer ones. Rowan wouldn't do very well with the harder candies. Scaramouche it depends on his mood really. Though they would be more likely to try and take a piece to stash among the other shines they have all over rather then to eat. However biscuits they adore to eat. Especially any made with just nuts."


"Oh my. I'd have to cut back

"Oh my. I'd have to cut back on my job here and start working on potions for the rest of the time." She said with a giggle. "Then I'd get them coming and going. Business would positively boom."

"Ooh, yikes. I hadn't even considered that." Catherine admitted. Even though wagons were somewhat self contained, there was likely a lot of sharing and living in close enough quarters for things to spread. "Far better to err on the side of caution in that case for sure."

"I have to admit, I figured it was all just a fever dream." She said with a giggle. "But it turns out that candy craftsmen are ever so clever and they can make just about anything work."

Catherine started to giggle as she (only sorta realizing quite how that might work) put two and two together. "Purely hypothetical that you know that..." She said with a wink. "Just extrapolating from other unrelated known things."

She couldn't help but giggle. "I will have to send along some treats for Scaramouche and Rowan so they don't see you two having a whole dress to yourselves and try to sneak a few bits themselves." She paused. "Actually, can they eat candy?"


She laughed a little. "And

She laughed a little. "And heavens know all the coin that would go in for potions that could alter smells. For either relief or sabotage."

"Well that, or what could have gotten trapped, be it plant or critter. Thats perhaps the biggest risk when you have a wagon dive, is if it gets infested or not. For it could spread to other wagons and get a bit out of hand before anyone would notice. At best it just means everyone gets a new wagon, at worse. well some sickness isn't just a bit of ill feeling."

She nodded her head. "That is true, it would keep the weight more to where you would sew them on which means it would be a bit easier to work with and less likely to fall off when moving. Who knew it would work out so well."

"Or well, if you decided to wear the paint and having a roll about a canvas." *she said with a little grin. not that she would know anything about that at all.... with Seryi's art and all.."

She laughed a little. "I will certainly try and hold it to that."


"Oh, the intrigue would be

"Oh, the intrigue would be absolutely amazing, wouldn't it?" She said with a giggle. "There'd be so much backstabbing and catty scent marking. In that land, the person with no sense of smell would have a huge leg up on being socially unflappable." She couldn't help but picture bejeweled nose guards and how crazy it could all be if they enchanted things to hide scents or enhance others to avoid social faux pas.

Catherine couldn't help but squish up her nose as she nodded. "It can have a strong planty smell that just seems to really be decayed." She agreed. "Yeah. I think there would be a firm point where it wouldn't be worth it to try to keep scrubbing."

"They have sturdy petals on many of them too. So I think it'll really be structurally sound as well." She said. "They are just the most beautiful flowers. I think they're going to look so pretty in candy form if this one is any indication." She said, pointing to the orchid. It was cute, but the lilies were going to blow it out of the water.

Catherine chuckled. "It'd just get more and more abstract as the pieces shifted." She smirked. "Like a painting that got rolled up before it was fully dry."

She nodded. "The only time it gets to break is when you're back at home with Seryi afterward giving it a taste test." She said with a cheeky grin.


"It would be something to

"It would be something to perhaps reshape a few decorum of social interactions. Though also would make for a good bit of petty vengeance, for if you happen to know a smell to make some of your rival's stomach's turn. Talk about a sabotage in an unwanted time." she said with a chuckle

"Well not only that but there tends to be a bit more to mud then just wet dirty. I think the hardest part is if you get a bad spill airing out that musty smell even though ever little nook you can think of and reach is clear and clean." she wrinkled her nose as well that invoked some long and ill memories.
"Sometimes may be better off with just scraping it for repairs and repurpose and getting a new one built."

She nodded her head with a smile as Catherine seemed keen on the lilies as well. "They are quite a versatile flower really. Good spread of colors, a kind of simple elegance, good flare but not overwhelming."

She waved a hand "Oh posh,even if you did I bet you would find a way to still make it work. You are a clever one after all."

"Hrm, laces should work, they also have more give then some other closers, so should there be a bit more then anticipated movement then it can account for that. After all make it too rigid and it can still break at an ill time."


"Oh gods, yes." Catherine

"Oh gods, yes." Catherine said as her eyes widened. "Instead of there being certain trends in fabrics, there would need to be trends in smells. Otherwise it would get incredibly chaotic in there." She said with a chuckle. "I'm imagining everyone spinning and dancing but instead of being overwhelmed by flashes of color, it's bursts of smell of far too many conflicting things."

"Oh definitely. When the mud is that bad, that usually means there's a lot of moisture and then nothing wants to dry." She said with a little sad sigh. Laundry was definitely one of her least favorite things.

"I think lilies would be perfect. They have the most gorgeous shades and shapes. I think that'll work perfectly." Catherine said happily. "And I definitely agree we want to avoid clashing. Some flowers could be beautiful in candy, but the overall color scheme is even more important than the shape, I think. So the lilies will be just divine.

"Indeed. I honestly can't wait to see it all together." Catherine said. "I'm just hoping I don't butter finger it too much and end up with a whole bunch of pieces." she paused as she thought. "I'll probably try to give myself about a week to sew things on so that if I break anything, I can have them make an extra and still have time to put it all together."

"I am thinking there should be the standard laces in the back of the corset to bring it all together and hold everything without making it difficult to get into." Catherine said. "What do you think?"


"Unleash a whole new rivalry

"Unleash a whole new rivalry of trying to get patrons to their establishment. Well it may be a step up from some hawkers out there just yelling. But heavens think of the balls and such where it could truly get a bit outlandish."

Moreaaiwe just nodded her head, sadly it was said out of a bit of experience as well, some bad weather, unkept paths and a bit of bad luck. Thankfully nothing really gets broken, but the clean up. "Oh yes, and the whole time to make sure everything is dry and just. utterly exhausting."

"Well on a personal level I am partial to lilies, which may still work as a few of them have quite the range of color that could be workable with the autumn theme. Best to try and at least get it to compliment to some degree as to avoid any potential clashing."

She laughed a little. "Ah yes, that temptation will be ever present, but I have no doubt once you are done with it well worth every effort and resistance."


"That would be good. Smelling

"That would be good. Smelling sugary and fruity is already in some perfumes." Catherine agreed. She couldn't help but giggle. "Restaurants may try to bribe us to infuse certain scents. Walking around smelling a specific food would certainly make me hungry for some once I was off work. So that could become a sponsorship thing as well."

Catherine let out a little gasp. She could just imagine all the mud on all the pretty clothes. "Nooooooo!" She said wincing (although it was also half through a laugh). "That would take so long to clean! Oh my goodness, it would be a week of laundry at least."

"I think so. Are there any flowers or colors you particularly want for the bodice? The skirt could be some fall colors, so we could stick with that theme, but the flowers could be just about anything you'd prefer." Catherine asked. "I imagine that by the time of the festival they could probably make most types and play around with it to make it work before I pick it up."

She nodded happily. "Absolutely! They had this really cute little candy bear sculpture in the window display. So I know they're capable of some really elaborate and impressive shapes." She started giggling. "Oh, I'm hoping to get at least an extra bag. So when I delve into the "one for the cook" I won't get carried away and eat them all." She said, doing little air quotes around the cook part as she spoke.

"That is very good. After a busy day, it's always such a relief to have that time to decompress and relax." She said with a happy smile.


"I don't know, many a people

"I don't know, many a people would likely love such scented options, start a whole new trend. Though the gravy bit may get tiresome, should start with the desserts first." she said with a grin.

She laughed a little at Catherine's smirk. "There would be that as well. Oh the nightmare of managing all of that, and oh the dilemma should one of the wardrobe caravan's topple on over. The mud seeps into all kinds of nooks and corners."

"Aye a well enough foundation for some of the larger pieces should also give you a bit of room to be a bit more creative."

"I am pretty should they could make arrangements for such things. After all look at some of the sculpting that they can do with the sugar and such." she laughed a little. "Oh I know that will be the temptation even when wearing it. Maybe should order extra, just in case." she said with a wink.

"Aye, he does. It helps my place is still in the Beth Bow which is near the portal to and from there, so it makes it easier for him to come by."


"Ooh, I would like to visit a

"Ooh, I would like to visit a library like that. I can only imagine how the shop would smell with me constantly cooking upstairs though." Catherine said with a giggle. "Mrs Assina would evict me in a heartbeat if every fabric in the shop started to smell like gravy."

"Then there'd be a second caravan for the families of the people driving yours, and eventually it'd stretch so long, it'd be a whole mile of the road with wagon to wagon." Catherine siad with a smirk.

"That's what I'm hoping." She said with a nod. "That sturdy base should really really work for the glass pieces and the flowers and leaves..."

Catherine grinned brightly. She was very excited. "I'm so glad!" She gushed. "I think it's going to turn out beautifully. I'll head over tomorrow and place the order for the different candies. That way they have time to make them and I'll have time to get the base of the dress before everything needs to get put together. I think if they can make little loops and holes, things should really be pretty simple. It's just down to me not fat fingering anything or eating as I go." She said with a giggle.

"I like the sound of that." She said happily. Even though she loved making beautiful things, she especially did when it was for someone she liked. So knowing someone had the Seryi seal of approval would be actually pretty nice. She smiled. "Ah good. I'm glad to hear it. Hopefully he's not so busy that he's there all the time. I hope he has time to come home to you and snuggle up now that the weather is starting to turn cooler."


"I would not be surprised if

"I would not be surprised if there was a whole library of them really."

She chuckled "Aye but then you run into the problem of where you would put those wagons, heavens know if I went rampant with my fondess of good clothing I would have a whole caravan just of that."

She nodded a little to the corset idea. "Corset styles in general don't leave much room to flex so there would be less risk of breaking it from even just normal movement, as it would already have the support frame there."

She peered over to watch as Catherine began to sketch down her idea, watching it as the general idea came into being, nodding a long as Catherine spoke.
Once Catherine was done and asked her what she thought, Moreaaiwe simple beamed a little smile. "I think that would be more then alright, simply marvelous. A lovely little homage to the sweet treats that makes it up, and the changing of the seasons."

"Well needless to say your fashion would never fall into the wrong hands, and well there might be some people that end up with a bit of a breeze between their knees." she said with a chuckle and wink.
She nodded a little as Catherine asked if he was keeping his nose clean. "Aye, mostly busy. Rather entrenched in what is going one with Victory City, trying to make sure everyone is getting a fair deal and all."


"It'd fill a whole shelf in a

"It'd fill a whole shelf in a library, that's for sure." She said grinning.

"It's a good way to always stay with the trends and make sure that no season ever completely breaks the bank." She said with a nod. "Though perhaps someday there will be dedicated wagons." Catherine said with a grin. "It's good for business and morale when we always have the most beautiful performance outfits.

"Hrmmm. That gives me an idea. Perhaps if we did a corset style at the top, we could use longer pieces in certain spots that would be less likely to flex, but could still benefit from support. They could be like boning, but we could make them see through or sparkling so that they'd be extra special." She mused.

Catherine nodded as Moreaaiwe spoke, almost absently picking up a piece of paper and a pen from the table. "What if we covered the skirt in a sort of colored gradient or pattern made of the little sparkily gems?" She suggested. "They're pretty sturdy, and easy to work with, so it should be easy enough to achieve that." She sketched out a basic skirt. "We could use lots of fall colors, and then make the bodice with the sheer glasslike pieces... and attach some beautiful blooms and maybe even a few trailing candy leaves down the back and sides." She momentarily got a bit lost in thought as her mind jumped between logistics and dreams.

She snapped out of it and looked over at Moreaaiwe. "What do you think? Would that be alright?"

"Oh, of course." She said with a nod. "After all, the more incentive people have to be decent to one another, the better it is for everyone." She said. "Although the idea of him hatching a plan is simultaneously exciting, and a tiny bit nerve wracking." She said with a chuckle. "He's keeping his nose clean, I hope."