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Eh... I'm not going to get

Eh... I'm not going to get into 9/11 here because we'd end up arguing or offending each others, so ... let's talk about Honeybadgers!!!!


'early terrorists' such as

'early terrorists' such as bob talked about could also be the previous WTC bombing attempts like the two guys with the rental van from Canada that was filled with poorly planned explosives xD

9/11 isnt the first time they tried to hit New was just the first full on success.

Spoilers: They DIED.


Thats because Florida is the

Thats because Florida is the masculine sexual device of the US just hanging out there whipping itself in the ocean while California is on the other side mooning everyone..


Since when did they come in

Since when did they come in through Canada?

We don't have the body scanners in Whitehorse, and from May to September do we have a direct flight to Frankfurt. :P But my job, I don't have to deal with screening bags or passengers. :P