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Yes, he made a blatant rip

Yes, he made a blatant rip off of the security guard in the spoof, "Mall Cop". Good thing most security guards aren't that pathetic. Emphasis on "most"


downloads a few pdf articles

downloads a few pdf articles to start studying to get the required info to build appropriate npc's. Probably should talk to Zxe first and see which model she is building off of before making npc's.


Mrrr knights, justices of the

Mrrr knights, justices of the peace, coroners, shire courts, mrrrr so many levels of law enforcement npc's, yet so few in comparison to modern times. And those are just medieval English standards, not even including other nations or later time periods like the Renaissance.


Yeah I was just looking at

Yeah I was just looking at mall cop Barry and was all... Donut eating... Had to back and read it and actually lol'd at it. Heh




Im glad someone enjoyed it.


ponders...since Jacob is IC

ponders...since Jacob is IC teaching Ysmy...Hadrian arrived to Station Prime via forums and Celeste announced herself to the guard in forums...maybe SAMI should go IC to solo...


My grandfather was Army

My grandfather was Army Airborne (WWII / Korea)
My uncle was Navy Gunner (Vietnam)
My dad was Airforce Gunner (Vietnam)
My mom was Airforce Civil Engineering (Gulf)
I was a glorified truck driver (Iraq / Afghanistan)