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Limbo is our primary OOC location. It's the break-room of the site, and a good location to get to know your fellow players. It is considered a strictly OOC location - so you area allowed to post on your personal account in this room. This room is a great location to ask for casual RP, or coordinate more complicated plans between players. During a session it may also be used by the A/SH to coordinate players or answer OOC questions during play.

Otherwise, the same Site Policies apply in Limbo that apply elsewhere: Be nice.


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Also, has anyone seen my

Also, has anyone seen my marbles? Their in a pink leather baggy tied with pretty sparkly ribbon and do some pretty neat tricks! :D


Ok, but for now, no more

Ok, but for now, no more talking of the mediation issue or any other issue that you're having right now. Because like I said, emotions are running high and everyone needs to step back and take a breather and calm down and come back when emotions are NOT running high. So please stop.

I miss you Boblet!!! Pounces! Gently of course. hee hee


Angra is hardly on. I have

Angra is hardly on. I have been semi vacation mode. probably deserved it. Jill, she's on at weird times and misses a lot


LadyK told me that thats what

LadyK told me that thats what the eval staff thought of me when I posted that screenshot of my character list - which never even once said anything about the evallers. But according to LadyK they all hated me because of it.

Tanya, Scar in the mediation admitted he only apologized because he thinks im wrong.

I dont say I know everyone. But in the two weeks ive been around how often have any of you attacked me? xD

Tanya - None.
Boblet - None.
Zxe - She bit me because I petted her i think she was hungry.
Madius - None
Angra - None.


idly contemplates being a

idly contemplates being a smartass back and acting like he doesn't know what xD means. As amusing as it'd be, opts not to....mostly.


Also if you feel like you

Also if you feel like you have really been done wrong by the SH's we do have the Anon-mailer where you can file a former grievance and request an investigation into the SH's and attach any logs of the conversations of which said grievances were to have occured.

I also on occasion tend to talk in the royal we, but hearing voices is also viable in certain moments.


Scar did apologize in the

Scar did apologize in the forums a couple of times. To me it sounded like he meant it and not apologizing to you for the sake of apologizing. :\

But right now, with what you said about knowing people. You've been here 2 and a half weeks, you can't say that you know all of us. It takes much longer than that to get to know people, even those that aren't around all of the time either. Scar is one of those people that isn't around all of the time like most of the rest of us.

Yeah, me and Boblet have had our fair share of arguments. hee hee Sometimes I need that Boblet bluntness and more stubbornness than me. XD It's quite amusing sometimes. hee hee

I still think everyone needs to take a breather from the issue. And I mean EVERYONE!!!! Anyone in Limbo, anyone on PM's or IM's. Let everyone calm down because obviously emotions are running extremely high right now. So let's drop the subject and hear LadyN sing Marry Poppins!!! :D


This would be the second time

This would be the second time you have said that I think something negative of you.

Which I don't. To be clear, if I do not like you. You will know.

For yes, I am an evaller as well -all- the SH's are evallers.


So im sure the whole site

So im sure the whole site probably does know especially since everyone has connections in one way or another to Bast.

Im surprised there isnt a sign on the welcome page to Vaxia saying something like 'SINSATIONAL, GTFO!'


Translation: Zxe doesnt do

Translation: Zxe doesnt do well in communicating with people. So A. She comes off as direct and sergeant like or B. forgets to communicate, even like "we are aware, working on it". A.k.a. it is her, not you


Bast stormed offline and

Bast stormed offline and refused to talk to me after and still hasnt.

And according to ladyk there is no doubts that the evallers think im an asshole so I dunno.

Im by no means racist tho.

Sure Ysmy, go ahead.


laughs if Bast hates you, the

laughs if Bast hates you, the whole site will know it and NO ONE will have any doubts. snickers, she, when mad at someone, can actually be blunter than me (and level headed...I go stab trees)


The only people I know Bast

The only people I know Bast hates is racist assholes. Generally she is very good about voicing her hate of someone.

Actually I would try and argue with the boblet clones. I rather enjoy arguing with boblet.


No video on the Bob Wall

No video on the Bob Wall debate?

You wouldnt have to socialize with me, Zxe.

Just be "Yes you are here, yes we can work together."

We wouldnt have to hold hands and skip sunshine and rainbows down a hallway together singing a mary poppins song.


Only two people I can semi

Only two people I can semi mediate for. Jill, when she's being a knucklehead (she's also quite vocal and stubborn) and Maelstrom (same thing). Like bloody bighorm sheep. Grrr KLONK. My head is harder ythan yours