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We should just clone Boblet

We should just clone Boblet entirely and put him in charge of the US Government. NOONE would attack us and noone would try to argue within the senate, house, or UN.


I was a goth in a redneck

I was a goth in a redneck school. Columbine - I was locked in a closet by a teacher to make sure I wasn't about to go on some murderous rampage.

I don't socialize well, again back to notable exceptions.

and yes, Boblet will argue with a wall, I have watched him do it, and have encouraged it.


An appology that was actually

An appology that was actually MEANT would be nice - not an appology where the person admits they only appologized because they think im an idiot.

I would like to work the problems out and have them understand where im coming from without the SH blaming everything on me after the first post into the mediation.

If I know people better I dont take their personality as abrasively than I would as a stranger.

I dont LIKE having problems with stresses me out which only makes me sick...I dont like being sick...

When Bast started hating me for something I never even said - I started crying so hard I puked.


stares at Jev, I'm not sure

stares at Jev, I'm not sure if that's a compliment or a threat (and to who)....

Seriously, though, they are right. I know most of my limits. I will never be a part of Social department. I tend to be harsh, pass judgement easily and can be quite callous. (couple steps shy of just saying "I don't care"). I'm also quite stubborn I will argue with a wall


Oh yeah! I've got a couple of

Oh yeah! I've got a couple of slow posts to post at! bounces

Oh hey! Zxe, I left another post for you, if you think you can get another one out tonight. :D

@Sin: Ok... So how do you want to fix your problems then? Like, what do you want the end result to be? Problems fixed by both parties doing what? What would it take to fix the problems that you're having with these people? That's what I'm asking.


I probably woulda, Zxe. I was

I probably woulda, Zxe. I was so shy in school that I would totally avoid most any group because groups meant I would be bullied more for being a nerd. Now I have ptsd so its even worse - I utterly hate crowds.


I ask for mediation for the

I ask for mediation for the same reason I take my car to a mechanic or go to the hospital when im sick. Because someone who knows what they are doing might have better success at helping problems be worked out versus me doing the army answer and drinking water to fix everything.

Bleeding from an artery? Put a tampon on it and drink water.

Break your arm? Take a tylonel and drink water.

Car exploded in a massive boblet fireball? Drink water then crap your pants. (not necessarily in that order)


Actually no one was my

Actually no one was my partner for 5 months. One group begged to be a team of 3 to avoid me.


I probably woulda been the

I probably woulda been the shy guy that woulda been the last one picked for partners and been stuck with you Zxe.

Tanya, I want to FIX problems. Its why I asked for mediation with AWAS, its why I asked for mediation with Bast and the eval team who LadyK said were accusing me of things I never said. My issue with Scar isnt JUST involving the forum issue it also includes his actions in limbo days before.


But Sin, I have to ask, what

But Sin, I have to ask, what are you hoping to get out of this mediation? If it's what I think it is and about the whole thing on the forums with Scar?

Falls over laughing at Angra!


@ Bob, Which ive tried to

@ Bob, Which ive tried to point out to AWAS and LadyK both - I dont know AWAS - I dont know his personality.

While his friends that know him would shrug things off and laugh it off - all I see is that in the two weeks that ive been here ive witnessed him personally attacking two people in less than one week.

I would rather hear a verbal blunt force trauma to the head no bull assessment than have someone who is close to someone tell me everything is my fault and im being in a way im not in order to stroke the ego of their buddy and make them feel they are faultless.


Should have seen the one year

Should have seen the one year where in chemistry class, we had to pair ourselves off. I walked solo to a lab station and began working and everyone fought to -not- be my lab partner.

I can be blunt, curt, direct, as I think more in terms of scientific writing due to the fact of my academic career thus far.

TBH I am just not a big talker. Notable exceptions - boblet, we dated for a fair amount of time, and have known each other for like what 12 years? So I am comfortable around him. I have known maddy for 14 years.

So unless asked a question, I tend to remain quiet, unless I happen to think I have a good on liner.

All SH's are evallers, so technically I guess we are a team shrugs


Do you have any idea how

Do you have any idea how efficient government would be if all our politicians were as blunt as Boblet... god we'd be colonizing pluto by now.


I doubt Bob would want the

I doubt Bob would want the job of mediator and I don't think that there would be people that would want Bob as a Mediator. Mediation tends to require someone that isn't the King of verbal blunt force trauma to the head. XD

No offense Bob! :) I still love you! :D


Scar, is very sardonic to

Scar, is very sardonic to begin with, lessening to sarcastic. It is his personality. A biting wit. Most operate ala voice better than ala text, cuz they lose all the undertones

I've just learned over 15 years you have to exaggerate, add non talky bits like smiles, and sometimes preamble otherwise it gets read in the wrong context. Experience


Well according to what ive

Well according to what ive been told that the eval team thinks - im less than a person so I wouldnt count as a person.

I also had 'i dont think' thus it was an opinion not a fact xD

You could easily prove me wrong in that case.

But yes, you are imposing.

You are like Brig only zebraish...


So, in other words, Boblet

So, in other words, Boblet would be the perfect mediator xD

Because he tells EXACTLY what he thinks and has no connection to people that would make him favor one over the other just because.


To me all that fond,

To me don't think all that fond, indicates a dislike, and this would translate to me not liking you. Last I check you was a person, thus you would count as people, so my sentence still stands.

It kind of amuses me. Even online I have managed to keep my imposing presence XD


I didnt say you dont like

I didnt say you dont like people.

I said "I dont think Zxe is all that fond of me either."

You see! People keep reading what I say completely out of context. xD


I'm just stating what I'm

I'm just stating what I'm seeing, and what I'm seeing is that it's sounding like you're getting upset about all this that's going on. And just from what you've told me, it sounds like the bridges to the SH's are getting burned pretty fast too. :\

As for this, I still think everyone should take some time away from the issue, no one bring it up, no one accusing anyone else of anything. Just go take a breather. Relax, clear your mind of being upset and then come back to the issue. But there's that key in there, clear your head and not be upset. XD

Boblet is the King of giving verbal blunt force trauma to the head. :D hee hee

Perches on Zxe! I like you! :D Though I've never met you in person either. hee hee


See xD

See xD

Thats still better than what ive been dealing with lately.


Me, private? Sin, um no I

Me, private? Sin, um no I probably wouldn't. I've been likened to a jackhammer. My tact and subtlety has been equated to "a punch to the face". You have to really do something I deem stupid or frustrate the hell outta me to get me to insulting though


The only people I have

The only people I have problems with are people who took a direct and pointed approach to insult me or accuse me of things that I didnt do.

If you have to resort to blatantly attacking me or lying about me - yes I will have an issue about it and there will be confrontation.


In my view I have not had any

In my view I have not had any issue at all with you, Boblet. You have never once attacked, insulted, or accused me of things I didnt even do or say.

You are a good guy and im sure if YOU had problems with someone you would confront them in private and let them know your view without attacks or insults or accusations.


If I was in Bast's shoes I

If I was in Bast's shoes I would think "This guy has alot of characters who are being sent to help Zxe!" which was the post.

There was nothing posted by me nor pointed out by me in regards to the characters in eval - the only red marks on the picture were notes "Pending Change" because I was changing that character to something else and "Kobolds not permitted" because they arent with lines on "PUBLISHED" for the characters I hadnt posted as before.

Im not looking for any fight - I told someone not to get me started on their hypocricy.

It was advice to someone who has a problem with causing issues in limbo frequently and purposely and then calling it a joke because of a personal disorder that doesnt let them know when they are upsetting people.