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Limbo is our primary OOC location. It's the break-room of the site, and a good location to get to know your fellow players. It is considered a strictly OOC location - so you area allowed to post on your personal account in this room. This room is a great location to ask for casual RP, or coordinate more complicated plans between players. During a session it may also be used by the A/SH to coordinate players or answer OOC questions during play.

Otherwise, the same Site Policies apply in Limbo that apply elsewhere: Be nice.


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Scar, is very sardonic to

Scar, is very sardonic to begin with, lessening to sarcastic. It is his personality. A biting wit. Most operate ala voice better than ala text, cuz they lose all the undertones

I've just learned over 15 years you have to exaggerate, add non talky bits like smiles, and sometimes preamble otherwise it gets read in the wrong context. Experience


Well according to what ive

Well according to what ive been told that the eval team thinks - im less than a person so I wouldnt count as a person.

I also had 'i dont think' thus it was an opinion not a fact xD

You could easily prove me wrong in that case.

But yes, you are imposing.

You are like Brig only zebraish...


So, in other words, Boblet

So, in other words, Boblet would be the perfect mediator xD

Because he tells EXACTLY what he thinks and has no connection to people that would make him favor one over the other just because.


To me all that fond,

To me don't think all that fond, indicates a dislike, and this would translate to me not liking you. Last I check you was a person, thus you would count as people, so my sentence still stands.

It kind of amuses me. Even online I have managed to keep my imposing presence XD


I didnt say you dont like

I didnt say you dont like people.

I said "I dont think Zxe is all that fond of me either."

You see! People keep reading what I say completely out of context. xD


I'm just stating what I'm

I'm just stating what I'm seeing, and what I'm seeing is that it's sounding like you're getting upset about all this that's going on. And just from what you've told me, it sounds like the bridges to the SH's are getting burned pretty fast too. :\

As for this, I still think everyone should take some time away from the issue, no one bring it up, no one accusing anyone else of anything. Just go take a breather. Relax, clear your mind of being upset and then come back to the issue. But there's that key in there, clear your head and not be upset. XD

Boblet is the King of giving verbal blunt force trauma to the head. :D hee hee

Perches on Zxe! I like you! :D Though I've never met you in person either. hee hee


See xD

See xD

Thats still better than what ive been dealing with lately.


Me, private? Sin, um no I

Me, private? Sin, um no I probably wouldn't. I've been likened to a jackhammer. My tact and subtlety has been equated to "a punch to the face". You have to really do something I deem stupid or frustrate the hell outta me to get me to insulting though


The only people I have

The only people I have problems with are people who took a direct and pointed approach to insult me or accuse me of things that I didnt do.

If you have to resort to blatantly attacking me or lying about me - yes I will have an issue about it and there will be confrontation.


In my view I have not had any

In my view I have not had any issue at all with you, Boblet. You have never once attacked, insulted, or accused me of things I didnt even do or say.

You are a good guy and im sure if YOU had problems with someone you would confront them in private and let them know your view without attacks or insults or accusations.


If I was in Bast's shoes I

If I was in Bast's shoes I would think "This guy has alot of characters who are being sent to help Zxe!" which was the post.

There was nothing posted by me nor pointed out by me in regards to the characters in eval - the only red marks on the picture were notes "Pending Change" because I was changing that character to something else and "Kobolds not permitted" because they arent with lines on "PUBLISHED" for the characters I hadnt posted as before.

Im not looking for any fight - I told someone not to get me started on their hypocricy.

It was advice to someone who has a problem with causing issues in limbo frequently and purposely and then calling it a joke because of a personal disorder that doesnt let them know when they are upsetting people.


I don't know what's being

I don't know what's being said and what not in the mediation as I am not part of it. So honestly, I couldn't begin to comment on it. For me, it's just a 'he said, she said' thing right now. And I'm not asking you to send me everything that was said, because that would be a huge file! XD

Maybe it was the wording that you used that didn't make it sound neutral. In text, that's a huge deal. Use the wrong word and it can take the whole thing out of context.

As for LadyK and Scar having spent time in the same place, then there's all kinds of conflict of interests here on Vaxia and nothing would ever get done if that was the case. Maddy and Bast are married and living in the same house. Boblet, Maddy and Bast all live in the same town and hang out with each other on occasion. Maddy and Zxe used to live with each other, though now she lives in the desert and Maddy is on the east coast. LadyK and Chord are married and live in the same house. I've been part of this site for 13 years now, and Maddy, Boblet and Zxe have been here just as long, if not longer. So really, there's lots that could be considered a conflict of interest.

But what you did that got Bast upset was that you posted a screen shot of your character list with all but 3 of them listed as approved. If you were in Bast's shoes and saw that picture, what would you think about that?

Bast works her ass off for this site. She is a SH, she is Admin which means that she does all the coding for this website and she's Setting Co-Head. She volunteers her time to this site and cares a great deal for this site. As do all of us here otherwise, we wouldn't be here, we wouldn't spend hours upon hours of our time doing the role playing, or the running of sessions, or the wiki entries that need to be done, or the setting up of a new department.

As for GE, he has his moments and he has his issues. Just like we all do, but that "Don't get me started on your TGE." ... That just screams that you're looking for a fight. Unfortunately, there's no mistaking the tone in that phrase at all. :(


I love roleplaying - and I

I love roleplaying - and I love what Vaxia stands for.

I never once said 'everyone has it out for me'.

I was very distinct in pointing out my problems to someone who questioned me about them.


I asked a question in limbo.

I asked a question in limbo. There is a difference.

Dont get me started on you TGE.

You are a fine one to instruct other people how to use limbo with your 'im just joking!' or 'I guess I cant joke here' while simultaneously insulting people events.


Complaining about it in limbo

Complaining about it in limbo isn't going to help anyone.

If everyone truly has it out for you like you claim then why stick around?


I wasnt being at all

I wasnt being at all combative - LadyK is always accusing me of being wrong and combattive and being the cause with every issue.

I answered his questions on the mediation honestly, neutrally, and with an open mind and she accused me of the exact opposite.

Im the one who requested mediation in the first place because I -WANT- to fix the problems.

I asked for another mediator because the mediator in question has had AWAS sleep in her home before and it is in my view a conflict of interests - and also because the mediator in question shows no capacity for neutrality in the mediation. One post into the mediation and she is instantly all "its all your fault and you are being aggressive."

Just like my problem with Bast the other day - I asked LadyK about it and her answer was "Its all your fault, you said this." when my post was 'sends his characters to help Zxe with her work' not 'the eval department are lazy assholes who never do shit' - which is what I was told the eval department were saying I said.

I have no idea how one translates to the other but thats what people claimed I said.


OK, first off, I just want to

OK, first off, I just want to say that I don't have anything against you Sin and am reading your post with a completely different point of view than those that you have listed.

Having said that though, this is what I'm getting out of your request for someone else to mediate your case with Scar is that it has a combative tone because you apparently don't like what's being said. That's just the tone that I'm getting. Now someone else could come along and read that and get something completely different. That's the horrors of text. There's no body language to read, nor is there really any tone of voice. Actual tone of voice. I have no idea what you sound like. I only know a few people's voices on Vaxia and that's because of other mediums that I've heard them speaking.

Maybe it's time to take a time out from the whole thing and just calm down from it and come back when you can look at it when you're not upset. Even if it takes days or weeks. It's like the take a deep breath and count to 10. :) Never said what that count to 10 part was though. heh


LadyK is personally vested in

LadyK is personally vested in the problem and in my effort for mediation for a problem she pointed out it was my fault and accused me of being combattive when I wasnt.

Bast appears to hate me and thinks the worst of me on things I didnt say or imply.

I dont think Zxe is all that fond of me either.

That only leaves Maddy and he is busy.

@ Tanya, Safe drive!


Hope you two enjoy...my

Hope you two enjoy...my appetite just went out the window...as did my mood...though I would like to ask:

Is it possible to talk to an SH about problems who ISNT personally vested in the problem and instantly of a view during mediation to say everything is my fault right off the bat?