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ok there we go - i'm caught

ok there we go - i'm caught up now on the days events

now to go look at pm's and contemplate solos and wonder where my time went... actually no - i know that one

building up to gencon => Crunch Season for the company


My Booberry was born

My Booberry was born yesterday! And this is what my baby is going to look like when she's all done. :D


lemme get caught up on

lemme get caught up on everyting today - looks like you guys got busy and i missed all the fun (i'm taking a half day tomorrow i think)


Pfffft, not your fault. I've

Pfffft, not your fault. I've told people that I live at least 2000 miles from the closest Vaxian and they didn't believe me, until I told them to go look it up. Then they believed me. LOL

Besides, I chose to live up here. I always did say though, that if anyone came up here, they'd have to stop in Skagway, Alaska. It's a 2 hour drive from where I live and I have my passport.... Though at the time I didn't need it back on the old site. Stupid governments. Kicks the government in the junk... which there is a lot of. XD


I've been feeling under the

I've been feeling under the weather for the last week and a half. So I'm a prime candidate to sit out for someone else tomorrow. :) After all, then I can sneak in a nap. My deviousness knows no limits! Muah ha ha hah ;)

Also, we often have AWAS or Anon over here too. Sometimes I'm cooking for all of us. (I am not up to that task)


Bast and Maddy live in the

Bast and Maddy live in the same house and LadyK and Chord live in the same house and I live the farthest away from anyone!!!!!!! :D


Actually, I'm probably going

Actually, I'm probably going to wait a bit anyways until closer to winter at least because then hopefully life will have calmed down some.