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@GE - the waiting would rock

@GE - the waiting would rock - all of us are pretty swamped at the moment and there's balls starting to get dropped cause we're getting so much tossed at at so quickly...


Ah, Thanks, Just trying to

Ah, Thanks, Just trying to figure out how to do the training for the healing skill I asked about. Still not sure on how to do the third part but I am almost finished with the first part.

Guess it can wait until people aren't busy as heck so that I can get some help with stuff. Which'll give me time to get the XP I'll need to put into said skill.


Count Chocula is kinda

Count Chocula is kinda familiar, but I don't know the rest. Never heard of them. But I was naming my car blueberry by saying it funny so it sounds like I'm saying booberry instead of blueberry. ;)

Yay! Welcome back Maddy!


Back, had to eval a C.

Back, had to eval a C.

Poison damage is...interesting. Under the current rules, when the poison is applied, it has a set difficulty for the target to resist and a set per-round damage value. Both are dependent on the crafting.

If the target fails to resist, and it's a damaging poison, it deals its damage each round until purified. The target can continue trying to resist poison once around, so it likely won't be infinite, but it can easily do a few rounds of damage in most cases.


Not much is happening because

Not much is happening because everyone is leaving because not much is happening.

Ok seriously I'll be back.


Have a good night Dan.

Have a good night Dan.

I'm gonna go find some food. Actually hungry for once.