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Okay, so bare with me here:

Okay, so bare with me here:

The plan was when Orival was in woe, or felt emotional pain, his healing spell would work more often, right? I had him fail and fail and fail and when he contemplated his own mortality and if he should remain in ramsalon and thought he was losing his magical ability he tried once more and I healed 16 POINTS OF DAMAGE.



Wayward seems like a bad

Wayward seems like a bad place to get naked. There's a lot higher chance you'll run into somebody.


I feel like if someone was

I feel like if someone was wandering through the woods and saw Ralean they probably would have been really confused.

Naked elf man standing in a hole just stabbed himself in the chest.


Last night I had 1.8 damage

Last night I had 1.8 damage remaining. Then got a success with 0 points. Almost decided to leave it there. Rolled again and healed for 16 points.