Public information

Not much is yet known about Sephtis, as she has just arrived in the city. But just from the near constant presence of her shield, mace, and armor, it seems quite clear that the relative safety of a large city is lost on her. Likely leading many to the correct assumption that she had yet to witness such an expansive city until now.


Sephtis stands at around 5 foot 10 inches tall and has the lithe somewhat frail build one might expect from a Nethar. Though the armor that she is constantly seen wearing makes her look larger. Her skin (of which the main thing visible even when outside her armor is her face) is a pale grey color with just a hint of a greenish tint to it. Which tends to contrast heavily with the dark black armor On the rare occasion that she is seen out of her armor, her clothing tends to be all black as well. All of this meaning that the most color one would see from her is her blue medium length hair.

Apparent Gender: 
Apparent Age: 
Personal room: 

12.50% good
12.50% intelligent
50.00% magical
25.00% physical
Banked XP Roleplayed XP Spent XP Transfer XP Site Award XP Flavor XP
8 0 0 0 0 8