Public information

She is an entertainer at The Orchid - both performing upon the stage and other services they offer.
She sang the closing of the 3014 (2014) Annual Tournament.
She is often seen with a raven, whom is sometimes dressed like a bunny.
When seen at the right angle, the statue in The Marble Goddess looks like her.
She often smells like lilies, as she favors perfumes made with them.


Her height is around 5 foot 10 inches, an average body frame that is well proportioned. She has long black hair with some curl to it, that seems to have a blue or purple tinge to it (pending on the way the light reflects on it). Pale eyes that appear to be a violet or blue (they are actually a silver - gray, but the lighting usually makes them look a different color). Her skin is on the pale side with a slight blueish hue to it, if one can get her to blush it is a kind of violet-pinkish kind of color bringing out the bluish hue a bit more. She loves wearing ornately decorated clothing as well.

Moreaaiwe also has a little friend. A Raven by the name of Scaramouche. He is just a normal raven that has decided to befriend Moreaaiwe and be a pampered pet.

Pintrest Gallery of outfits that inspire Moreaaiwe's

On her left side, around mid torso, she has a slight scar, barely noticeable, but looks like a faint lightning strike, left after she healed herself after being struck by the Blaze's jagged axe.

Moreaaiwe also has a small tattoo that is located on her back. Though it is usually covered by her clothing unless she wears something that is open backed, or someone happens to see her naked.

It is a stylized tattoo of a raven.
Apparent Gender: 
Apparent Age: 
Late 20's to early 30's
Personal room: 

3.18% artist
22.26% charismatic
13.43% good
10.25% intelligent
42.05% magical
0.35% physical
0.35% rogue
8.13% support
Banked XP Roleplayed XP Spent XP Transfer XP Site Award XP Flavor XP
144 31 1156 0 0 283