Public information
Slaid the beast of Blackmire Keep (Game)

Height : 5'5" / 165cm
Weight : 140 lbs. / 63.5 kg
Build : Lean, athletic
Eyes : Emerald green
Hair : Dark red, shoulder-length when not tied back

Quiet and tough, Jesira displays typical Dalhan traits and soldierly qualities. In most cases, she is seen around fleet spaces sporting her CID uniform; black and red trim jacket, black or dark blue undershirt, black cargo pants, and dull-shined black, steel-toed combat boots. Off duty, she prefers darker colors, mostly black, blue, or green tops with black slacks (or her military cargos) and... her boots. She grew up in a family of service in South Ridge, and it shows in her preferred dress, demeanor, and survivable attitude no matter the situation.

At all times, Jesira keeps two combat knives on her, one strapped to each leg. Her common work kit includes a utility belt with a sleeve to hold her datapad. On missions or patrols, the above is joined by her sniper rifle and CID body armor.

Her demeanor is often focused, hardened, and professional when on the job. During down time, she is generally reclusive, preferring to constantly keep up her combat readiness through maintenance and training. Otherwise, she generally can be seen at the usual food spots for food and drink, studying, or talking to team and crew members quietly.

Her current duties include CID agent and Treatise Body military and security.

Apparent Gender: 
Apparent Age: 
Personal room: 

2.64% charismatic
0.38% evil
16.98% good
33.21% intelligent
41.13% physical
0.75% rogue
4.91% support
Banked XP Roleplayed XP Spent XP Transfer XP Site Award XP Flavor XP
43 0 438 0 0 265