Public information

Jakob Grassborn has a pretty clean online record. He's listed as a member of the Extravia's crew - a civilian contractor in the engineering department. His current equivalent rank is Third Class Specialist, Systems Administration.

Online postings under his account tend towards network, database and programing questions. There is also a locked thread on the Extravia's public forum that he started with the title "Change. Your goddamn. Passwords.", in which he is (only mildly) abusive towards a redacted list of crew-members whose passwords failed a security check. The thread was locked within three response posts by administrators.

Slaid the beast of Blackmire Keep (Game)
Recipient of the Red Shield medal
Killer King of the Hill!

Jake is as pale as anyone who spends most of his time in front of a monitor, topping out around five foot four. But he makes up for it with his mouth. His short black hair is kept spiked, the tips dyed a cobalt blue to match eyes. He has three piercings in the left ear, one in the lobe, two in the rim of the ear. He dresses in dark clothing for the most part, boots heavy enough to be safe for use in rubble and damaged compartments. When called to fight, he's likely to have a go-bag of computer tech, connectors, and wire cutters and an 'old' fashioned sniper rifle slung over his shoulder.

Apparent Gender: 
Apparent Age: 
early to mid 20's
Personal room: 

12.82% charismatic
1.47% evil
7.33% good
34.80% intelligent
18.68% physical
24.91% support
Banked XP Roleplayed XP Spent XP Transfer XP Site Award XP Flavor XP
168 2 611 0 0 273