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Slaid the beast of Blackmire Keep (Game)

Elena is slightly taller than average. She has dark skin and hair, and she keeps it cropped close to her head for comfort and cleanliness in the ER. She is very beautiful. Elena has a curvy physique that is athletic due to all the running around she does, and a lucky genetic draw. She is usually dressed practically for her job, but she occasionally pulls out a beautiful outfit for when she's on stage.

Around her neck she always wears a delicate silver locket, no matter where she is. On the back is a date, and inside there is a picture of a painfully handsome man with bright blue eyes and light brown hair. A recent inscription was made on the inside of the locket with a single name.

There is a pinterest page for her that shows a lot of her personal style and the gowns she performs in. Please use caution as some more personal information is also included amongst the fluff of perfomance clothes and such. http://www.pinterest.com/SprinklesFrog/elena-dale/

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22.92% charismatic
16.67% good
18.75% intelligent
41.67% support
Banked XP Roleplayed XP Spent XP Transfer XP Site Award XP Flavor XP
11 0 70 0 0 48