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Known for listening very well and being an excellent bartender (but that's mostly from his regulars which are a very small group indeed). He will mix you a drink to help cure what ails you even if that's heartbreak. If you have questions about botany and especially it's applications in regards to the cocktails he's serving he's pleased to answer it.


Declan stands right around six feet tall. He has short dark hair that is always combed. He has piercing light blue eyes. And his face shows his age rather effectively. He looks as though he was once handsome but time and life experience has definitely affixed itself to him. Although he has a kind look much of the time there's something about him that causes him to have a certain sharp edge. It's impossible say exactly why though as he never seems to hint at anything but being a normal bartender and botany enthusiast. But he looks vaguely like the sort of man who can get things done. Even if those are the sorts of things that involve a few broken bones.

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Late 40's Early 50's
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100.00% intelligent
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