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Balcazar Three Times

Public information

Emperor of the Vaxian Empire Had been in a coma which lead to the reign of Razzine of the Vaxian Empire
Has long family ties with some of the highest nobles of the Vaxian Empire Court


Even Balcazar's appearance is rather plain, which is perhaps unsurprising after so many years in bed. He is neither tall nor short, and the dark, exquisite robe that he wears obscures his form and physique. He does have long grey-black hair, though, and his dark eyes are rather dull and listless. When you look into them, however, you can tell he's thinking, thinking, thinking, always thinking; it makes him a bit distant from the world. Balcazar moves with a certain apathy, neither overly confident nor unbefittingly for an emperor. He has taken to moving around with a beautiful ebony-and-pearl walking cane he had crafted early into his return as Emperor, which at the time was needed due to the severe muscular atrophy he suffered after years in bed. He has since recovered from that, but old habits die hard.

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