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A man of the south, Aleyx bears the familiar traits of his people. Black hair and green eyes show him to have a little Clanspeople heritage in his distant history, yet his family has always been from South Ridge. There he spent most of his life, and would have died there had the city not been destroyed.

By all accounts, Aleyx is just a regular soldier. He's got a muscular build, stands roughly six feet tall, and is in excellent physical shape. He's been inside and out of combat for several decades now, and knows what's expected of him there. He has a natural sort of charisma that he uses to execute orders he's given from his commanders.

Aleyx is known to be good friends of Corvan Harris and Fiorentina as well as part of the circle of military officers who managed to fight their way out of South Ridge during the destruction. To his credit he stands out among that group as a retrieval expert and has led more recovery missions then any other officer in the south.

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