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Despite how much he'd like if it were the contrary, a quick search for Adrian Crowley using the station's Internet will bring up a few results about him being awarded a Red Shield medal for exceptional valor in defense of a citizen populace along with a group of others. As well as various other hits referencing his involvement in helping with dangerous or otherwise difficult to handle circumstances. There is little information to be found about him besides this. An almost suspiciously small amount in fact. One of the major things that the records comment on is the fact that he was apparently uncooperative when it comes to telling much about himself upon arrival to the station when confronted about it by TB personnel.

Recipient of the Red Shield medal
Killed the Rocket Cake Final Boss

Adrian is just under five foot six inches tall with a slightly more athletic than average build. He is a bit [ale, though not incredibly so. His hair was recently dyed black. Though other than the color change his hair still looks just as messy and slightly uneven as it has since he made it to the station. He has light blue-green eyes and tends to wear multiple layers. His clothing normally looks secondhand, and of varying degrees of actually fitting him, but the clothing isn't too damaged at least. He is nearly always seen with a gauntlet on his right hand, and is often seen with a pair of large noise cancelling headphones either on his ears, or hanging around his neck. He has also recently begun wearing a metallic mask over his face, which in turn causes his voice to be a bit muffled.

Apparent Gender: 
Apparent Age: 
Late teens
Personal room: 

1.96% charismatic
10.78% good
32.35% intelligent
28.43% physical
26.47% support
Banked XP Roleplayed XP Spent XP Transfer XP Site Award XP Flavor XP
63 0 82 0 0 102