Skill Guide

Before you read any further, please understand: these are skill examples. "Examples" here means "one possibility," "one version," "one way to word it." NEVER think these are the only versions of these skills. Every skill can be written differently, come from a different source, have a different focus or flavor. Just because you see fire magic on one person and metamagic on the other, doesn't mean some strange C out there can't find a skill that combines elements of both, and still fit the rules.

These are examples. Not standards, or markers, and certainly not laws or rules by any stretch. Some are more rigid than others, but in the end, every evaller decides with each skill they eval whether or not it fits the basic, founding rules for skills. If it does, it doesn't matter what else is out there. If it doesn't, it gets rejected, no matter what it claims to be like.

Skill examples are suggestions, they're idea springboards for you to write your own. If you know what chronomancy is, but don't know how to write it, look here. If you're unfamiliar with a magic and want to be sure it's ok, it might be in here. This place is to get you started. The C itself is up to you.

Also, please do know that our system does not have automated racial abilities, or bonuses or random immunities, whatever a given player may imply. All of Vaxia/Sirian's abilities require a skill and the points put into it to give it strength, and must be rolled to have any effect. Also, this makes any "immunity" skill more like a resistance.

Vaxian Skill Examples